0 going on 50

I was at Rio Radio this morning getting some supplies for Saturday and guess who i ran into?  Mr. Blue aka, Mr. Rodriguez.  He used to be the business manager at the school i attended back at the ranch.  He is most well known for his height.  Always super nice.  Or was the the superintendent?  I forget.. but anyway- He was dropping off a self supporting reflective projection screen.  Said he just celebrated his 50th anniversary.  One of his grandkids made a powerpoint presentation for them.  Standing there talking to him made me realize that in 50 years i’m going to get to be doing that.  Standing in some video rental store dropping off a screen used to show a presentation that our grandkids will make about us. 

This morning Patti and i went to pick up the marriage licence.  I started setting some of the video equipment in the youth building, going to get out of here a little early to move some more stuff and get things setup properly.  I don’t want to be rushing Thursday and Friday.  tonight Marshall’s got something planned, and then we’re doing that dsp upgrade at oldies around midnight.