SANTA ELENA ? Apolinar V. Garza passed away at the age of 88 in Rio Grande City.
She is survived by her husband of 69 years, Felix S. Garza of Santa Elena, Texas; children, Nilda (Adolfo) Garcia of Santa Elena, Texas, Yolanda (Alfredo) Gutierrez of Bryan, Texas, Martin (Minerva) Garza of Corpus Christi, Leonor (Neal) Alvarado of Delmita, Texas; 23 grandchildren; 18 great-grandchildren; brother, Eutemio F. Villarreal of Delmita, Texas; sister, Anita V. Garza of Santa Elena, Texas; and a sister-in-law, Alma Villarreal.
She was preceded in death by daughters, Hilda Garza and Olga Mu

Yesterday, my parents came and had lunch with m

Yesterday, my parents came and had lunch with myself and the ladies from work..? it was nice to see them.? My dad got a phone call while we were there from my sister.? My grandma had been in the hospital because she was having trouble breathing.? Last night my sister called and said she was doing better.. ok.. so all was well.? Than late last night, my other sister called that she had died.
I guess what suprised me.. and all of us really was that we are kind of used to her being sick but she always got better.? it was just a shock.? she died.? that’s it.? finale.? I still remember when my parents were alive, we used to make a trip to come down to the “country”.? We’d come and visit them.. they had the kind of carpet i could play with my toy cars on and the carpet would leave tracks behind.? (you could rub the carpet the other way and the tracks would go away)? or when they lived in the old house and my grandma and my mom and aunt and everyone was working on my blanket.? yeah.. it just all came as a shock.? anyway.? i’m going to call my sister tonight and see what we need to do.?

So we finished the outreach on saturday, sunday

So we finished the outreach on saturday, sunday i was already pretty tired.? Got to church early to set things back up for service that morning.? than I just kinda took things easy.? I wanted to rest.? It had been a long week? Only to find out that amy and her friends had made a cake (which i never got to try)? oh well.? It’s the thought that counts right?? It was nice to be thought of.? I thought.?? Ok .. my suprise for the day.? It was nice.? Now i can go to bed in piece.? I went to nap.
That afternoon we were celebrating Tracy’s birthday.? (her’s was on saturday)? So i was trying to plan things with marshall and patti to do something special for her.? Patti said she’d come over to my house and pick me up. that kinda made me wonder why i couldnt’ take my car.. so i said no.. we are taking my car.? She was like. fine.? hum.. that went over to easy.? maybe i was just being parinoid.? so we get to church and we are driving??to there house and there’s a bunch of people at the corner with the bbq pits and stuff.? Patti was like.. stop here.. this is your party.? I was like um.. ok?? So sure enough.. everyone was there.? Paula was there.. all of tracy’s friends where there (apperently she had con’ed her too) it was really a suprise.? I had a nice time.?And i was quite suprised at the turnout too.?
So today is monday, my mom and dad are comming to take me to lunch today.? Tonight we are going to do some decorating in the office for the halloween contest.? tommrow we are doing Art Escape?(note to self, write up qoute for boss panaormic system) wed church, thursday pratice, friday game at san benito, saturday, um.. i’m not sure what’s next.. someone help me out here.

the game was good last night, the score was 0/0

the game was good last night, the score was 0/0 in the 1st half.? then pi came back and ended up .. um.. um..i forget but they won.
then we had 5th quarter at this church in PI, that turned out really well.? we did creation.? stayed at the island last night… today we have an outreach somewhere in the boonies.. so i have to go take a nap so i can be up for that… anyway.. just letting you know what’s up..

Got up early, packed up stuff for tonight,

Got up early, packed up stuff for tonight, had to go to church and load up to take stuff to the outreach tonight at PI.? Met up with pastor and had some really neat ideas about filming his sermon.? I think this may actually work out really well.?

So i get the office and find…

Yeah, it’s early i know but it was nice of them.?? So now i’m waiting for everyone to go to lunch so i can get something to eat before having to go to PI to setup both the outreach and the game.? Anyway…

Ok.. so this is my first entry in this thing.

Ok.. so this is my first entry in this thing.  Don’t expect to see many entries on here yet.  i want to setup a sql database first so that i can move these around from program to program.  Right now it’s running on Access which i guess works with the same purpose but i don’t know access.  come to think of it. i don’t know sql either but Jonny does and i could probably hire him to do the coding. Anyway..

So Ivan tait is gone. This year he seamed alot more.. calm than previous years. He also brought with him is political agenda. go figure.

I have several different websites running on my server in the laundry room of my house. One of which is for a friend of mine. She was able to reach her site with the www.valeriebentley.com website but not without the www in front. I checked the A records, checked the header entry of IIS. Even rebooted the server.� Endedup being my stupid PC here.. cleared my cache and volla!I gota basket here in the office for my Birthday. It’s not until Sunday but it’s all good. I was hungry!