Troy got me a ticket to see Pillar last night at a

Troy got me a ticket to see Pillar last night at a local venue which shall remain nameless. Other bands that played were Project 86 and Falling Up. I enjoyed the performance but the room was too small to rock. It was nice to be back in the “Cornerstone atmosphere” again.

My sister called yesterday, today they are having the “Reading of the Will” for my grandparents. I don’t want to be there. They left me alot more than money or possesions. They left me with a legacy of love and commitment. They were together for over 65 years. Can you belive that! How many do you know that have made it past there 50th? or 20th for that matter. I only hope and pray that i can last that long. They already left us our inhertiance about a year ago. I ended up using about half of that to help a friend with some medical bills and the rest i stuck away in invenstments never to be seen again for years to come. It’s really not about the money. (sigh)

So anyway the rest of my day will be finished at our last play off football game in San Benito. It will be nice to have a friday evening again. I was even thinking of taking Jojo and Patches out to Santa Fe. I haven’t been there in a long while. ok.. i’m getting hungry now.

Big and Rich, Gretchen wilson, etc

href=”” mce_href=””>
alt=”top story photo” src=”” mce_src=””
width=210 border=0 align=”left”>Last night’s concert was so awesome.� I was hanging
out with Chris Micheals before the event doing his airshift from the
arena.� He got to interview John Rich and Cowboy Joe.� We got to have
dinner on the floor with some of the jocks from KTEX.� Then we got to go
backstage for a meet and greet with Gretchen Wilson, John Rich, Big, Cowboy Joe,
and 2foot Fred.� The show started with Musik Mafia doing an acoustic
set.� That in itself was really cool.� Gretchen then rocked the place
with her music that sounded anything other than coutry.� She was really
entergetic and neat.� One of the things i liked the most about her was her
apperence.� She doesn’t look like your oridnary star.� This wasn’t a
Cher concert with 7 costume changes, she just came out with a shirt and jeans
that read “whitegirl”�
Big and Rich than took off with there country
but not country sound.� I could have thought i was in a rock show.
Than Musik Mafia closed everything off with a huge jam session.� Felt like
cornerstone all over again.� (sigh)� i really had a good

I was thinking.. for no particular reason, I can r

I was thinking.. for no particular reason, I can remember the day my mom was asking my sister and i where we would want to live after she died. I don’t know why that stuck out in my head. I wasn’t like.. devistiated that she was asking this. Of course, being the young navie brat that i was, i probably didn’t give much mind to it. Almost as a reflex, i said i wanted to live with my cousins, Isaac, Delma, homer, etc. I didn’t even have to think twice about it. I knew i loved my aunt and uncle. My cousins were cool too. I would have felt completley comfortable being there. As a second choice i think i chose my aunt Loni. I remember she used to teach our sunday school class. We were in an itsy bitsy white room with a short table that had been painted white too many times that you could flake off layers and layers of thick paint as well as a shelf nailed to the wall (also white) and a pencil sharpner fastend to the wall. Jessica was there, Isaac was there, Lee and myself, probably others too but i dont think many could have fit in that tiny room. I think i remember even asking once, something about God, the Father and the Holy Spirit. Who were these three guys and why do people call them the same person. I didn’t get it. I coudln’t see three people were only one person. I think Loni asked Pastor John Kirpatric to talk to me about it. So i got sent to his office (yeah, i was freaking out, what did i do?) so he talked to me.. and i remember destintivly that i had no idea what he was talking about but i liked him anyway. He was actaully really cool. I wonder what he’s doing now. Him and Mary. Mary used to play the organ. *sigh* ok.. i better get back to work.


Friday, November 12, 2004
Our own FirstWarn 5
Accuweather Forecast

Hi: 68
Lo: 54
Mostly cloudy and breezy
Hi: 62
Lo: 56
Cloudy with a bit of rain
Hi: 66
Lo: 58

I love this weather!!!

I was logging in my web server at home, it’s the new machine that all this is running on with Server 2003.? After i logged in, a dialog box came up reading…
“Why did the computer shut down unexpectedly?”? So i had to explain to it that we had a power outtage a few days ago and promise that i would buy a bigger battery to keep it happy.?