I’m sending this graphic picture of an overdose

I’m sending this graphic picture of an overdose victim.
Not for shock value, but rather in the hope that you
will have a frank discussion with friends and family
about respecting moderation, understanding limits,
and knowing when to just walk away.

Remember… This did NOT have to happen.

Ok, today is like crazy cold. I had some really wierd dreams last night. Must have been the weather. I got some really cool gifts from work so far. The GM here gave me a really cool toy Lori got me a sweater that i really like. That will come in handy next week. Then i walked in this morning and found all these other presents on my desk that i haven’t opened yet. Something from Jay, Claudia and Pat. There are Tamales in the lounge, we’re getting a Ham before we leave at lunch today. Yeah.. it’s starting to feel like Christmas.

Ok, check out Homestarrunner.com today since you have nothing better to do than read my blog.

That was silly of me, for some reason i thought to

That was silly of me, for some reason i thought today was the last day of work. Come to find out today is wednesday. oh well. i already delivered some of the gifts for today.

nt_snow Thursday Night
Cloudy. A mixture of rain…snow or light sleet likely after midnight.
Little or no accumulation expected. Windy. Lows in the lower 30s. North
winds 20 to 30 mph. Chance of precipitation 50 percent.

Last night we worked on the wedding song for Carlo

Last night we worked on the wedding song for Carlos and Melissa. Their wedding is thursday at 2. He did this rap song thing with some other guy. His part was reall easy but the other guy had to do about 10 takes before he got it the way he wanted. Afterwards, i combined some Christmas shopping along with coffee with Romeo together. Than came home, helped wrapping a little and then crashed out. I wanted to make dinner but it came out really funny. Oh well. Sandy is out of the office all this week so we probably aren’t going to be going to luby’s all week. And at the gift exchange sunday i got a gift certificate to lubys from the Todd’s. That was pretty cool. Next week i’m taking my vacation, so is Lori and Tim and i think Mr. Meek is going to be out too. We get out early this wednesday, off thursday and friday. then next monday we’re off and that friday too.. so i only have to take 3 days vacation.

Yesterday was the children’s christmas program. I

Yesterday was the children’s christmas program. It was really cool. I think i enjoyed that one the most this year. What else is going on this week? Wednesday we have a night of worship. I’m going to need to work on some lighting programing. Sunday Patti is doing creation for the Sunday AM service so i’ll carry that set over into that skit. Tonight i also have to record Carlos, he’s doing some sining for his wedding comming up some time as well. And i STILL haven’t finished shopping yet. Yesterday we had a gift exchange at Tracy and Marshall’s. That was really fun. I didn’t expect to get everything that we go. It was a pleasent supprise though.

This month has been super busy, monday we had prat

This month has been super busy, monday we had pratice for the chior, tuesday i rebuilt the video control room, wednesday was the christmas program, thursday i went christmas shopping, friday we had rehersal for anthony and esmers wedding, saturday morning was angelfood and saturday afternoon was the wedding and saturday evening was danny’s party. today we have the christmas party and still have a little bit of shopping to finish up.

The wedding was so nice. Arroon was in the booth so i got to get on the roving camera and did alot of shots from the stage. It turned out really nice. As a matter of fact, i don’t think i’ve been to a wedding quite as nice. Tim and Ruben played sax and piano. Some girl sang a song, they had a video clip just before the cermony with pictures of them and a part of when he proposed to her. It was really nice. There was a part where i was on the stage with them, just behind them actually. They had just lit the unity candle. They were standing together, holding hands.. i was up close on her and just when my camera came on tally you could see a tear drop from her cheek, then anthony still holding her hands with one hand, took a free hand and got a hankie from his coat pocket and wiped the tears from her eyes. It was really sweet, of course i’m all teary eyed at this time and trying to keep the camera steady. I’m telling Patti on the intercom who is doing the camera switching that i can’t see what i’m doing so i’m just going to stand still till she tells me to move.

After the wedding I had to put everything back on the stage to get ready for sunday morning. Joe and Nellie came to help (thank goodness) Did a little rearanging. I think it’ll work out really well.

Danny’s party was fun. Of course Monica and Belinda were the life of the party. It was entertaining watching everyone kariokie.

The program turned out really well yesterday. I w

The program turned out really well yesterday. I was impressed. Now i need to work on getting a composite imput into the Echolab control switcher. (It only takes component YRB) Looked on ebay.. found some that i liked. Also found a device that will let me attach any firewire drive to it and put a video input on it. that way we can record directly into the PC without need of a PC just for recording/playback. Tonight, rehersal for the wedding, saturday we have angelfood at 5am, than the wedding #1 at 11 than wedding #2 at 3? than we have to put the stage back together for service on sunday. and i STILL havent’ gone christmas shopping

Yesterday worked on a problem i was getting wit

Yesterday worked on a problem i was getting with Hum-bars on the channel 7
broadcast at AGCC. I started taking apart the video equiptment over in the
control studio and ended up dismanteling EVERYTHING. Next thing i knew i had
everything unplugged and found the problem to be a faulty Modulator. So now that
everything is unplugged i decided to rebuild the production suite the way i’ve
always wanted it to be. I actually got the idea from the control suite at
Channel 5, KRGV. Their control room is laid out really neat, when you walk in,
master control is facing the entrance. They are all laid out in a wall of racks.
you can then walk behind the rack wall and have access to the rear pannel of all
the equiptment. then in front of that is audio/dubbing/feeds, vtr’s etc. again
on a wall of rack, you can walk behind that to the news control room, again with
space for rear access than the next room is the actuall news room. the key to
all of this is controll access in front for operation and rear access for
modification and repair. so i took switching control in our studio and put that
in the front, with camera control againts the wall next to switching on the left
hand side. On the right hand side of switching is CCUs, scopes, audio control,
modulators, vtrs, dubbing on a desk. you can walk behind that and have access to
all the pannels. In that same area is production/editing bays. I still need to
put all that back together but i’ll get to that later. I just wanted to get the
system back up and running for the program tonight.

this morning we had
tim’s remote at RGV foot clinic. I had to get up at 4:30 this morning to be
there at 5:30 to setup. The show did have a few problems, some of which im not
to sure why it happened but i’ll be recreating the remote here to find the
problem. Did some initial test and can’t make the system repeat the problem.
It’s almost like the system looped back itself. anyway. tonight is the christmas
program. i’m actually kind of excited about this. putting alot of work into it.
hope it turns out well. At 5:30 it was very cold this morning, a whoping 35

Pratice last night went really really well. Well,

Pratice last night went really really well. Well, it had it’s hitches but i left there feeling really good about the turn out. Once i got the video switcher in line with the screens and my layout figured out things went smoothly. Now i can cue my video’s off the screens, i can output to black or closed circut broadcast. Moved the video controls to the left of me, put lighting in front of that and of course audio in front of me. I want to put a different CD player inline just to have easier access but that should be about it. Oh yeah, i need to call allen avionics too. just a sec.


Ok, i think i found what i need but i’m probably not going to have it in place by wednesday. I’ll probably just take a bunch of iron ferrite and try that in the mean time. I got an email from Danny, he’s throwing his Christmas/Kar-e-okie party/blowout this saturday. I always look forward to his parties. Just a bunch of people hanging out, being stupid, having fun. I hope I can go. Saturday we have Angelfood starting at 5am, then a wedding the chapel at 11, another at 2:30 in the big building, after that we have to put the stage back together.