Don’t know yet, but when it happens, it will happe

Don’t know yet, but when it happens, it will happen soon and I will let you know. I didn’t get any sleep last night ..I really hope I do well in the book. I was so tired on Sunday I barely got out of bed. I was suppose to clean house, but I just couldn’t do it…oh well…hope your doing okay, and if you need someone to talk to, give me a call bud….

Today what am i doing? We have to record

Today what am i doing?? We have to record the youth after service for there annoucments, hopefully this one won’t take 5 hours.? i need to take patti’s girls to get a birthday gift for her.? I need to try and fix Eric’s computer.? Marshall and tracy’s tonight, i think that’s it for now.?

Ah, but the problem with that idea, Hitman, is tha

Ah, but the problem with that idea, Hitman, is that you and John have the same type of a heart – and that is a heart of a servant.? You two could no more say “no” to someone that has a need than I can to a bag of plain M&Ms calling my name. Your energy is that of kindness and compassion and a desire to see others made happy.

Face it guys…. you were put on this earth to help others and be a blessing to them- and you do a good job at it!

Galvanic corrosion, often misnamed “electrolysis,”

Galvanic corrosion, often misnamed “electrolysis,” is one common form of corrosion in marine environments. It occurs when two (or more) dissimilar metals are brought into electrical contact under water. When a galvanic couple forms, one of the metals in the couple becomes the anode and corrodes faster than it would all by itself, while the other becomes the cathode and corrodes slower than it would alone. Either (or both) metals in the couple may or may not corrode by itself (themselves) in seawater. When contact with a dissimilar metal is made, however, the self-corrosion rates will change: corrosion of the anode will accelerate; corrosion of the cathode will decelerate or even stop.

Crab fishermen know this fact and employ the use of sacrificial zinc anodes on their zinc-galvanized metal crabpots. With the sacrificial anode attached, the crabpot becomes the cathode. The result is that the anode will corrode (hence “sacrificial”) and the crabpot won’t. This effectively doubles the life of the crabpot.

Do you ever feel like your life is a sacrificial anode? Like your put out there to absorb the pain from other people and extend there lifespan while yours errodes away. No? oh.. ok.. nevermind then.

I was sopoused to be in Rio today to this this Wil

I was sopoused to be in Rio today to this this Will thing of my grandparents. This whole things kinda stinks. Remember back in october when my granparents past away, well they opened the will later on, i didn’t want to be there. and of course there was a fuss. now they are contesting the new will and trying to have an old one probabted.. anyway. you’d think everyone could get along. This is my family we are talking about though. The funny thing about this is that i didn’t really expect to get anything. I was under the impression that they had already distributed everything already.

Supriseses, courtsettlements, checks in the mail…

I remember when Jonny and Melissa first went up

I remember when Jonny and Melissa first went up and told everyone about Maya.
Melissa was still pregnant. I think that was the first time i ever heard johnny
talk in public. I remember going with them once to the doctor in corpus, i
remember being in corpus when she was born. Remington was in the hospital at the
same time Maya was. Now here we are, almost 2 and half years latter and she’s
still around. The doctors didn’t think she’d be born, they didn’t think she’d
cry, or live much past a few days,
and look at
her now. Recently there has seam to be an influx of activity on her
recovery, or healing actually. Dick Mills had something to say, James had something to say, Marshall even has something. Vanessa had something, people are having dreams about this, there are visions going around. Something is being stirred up and now it’s just a wait and see what’s next type of thing.