ok.. so yesterday was a really long day. Had tons

ok.. so yesterday was a really long day. Had tons of problems with the mail server. I think it turned out to be a faulty network card. The link was up to the switch but it wasn’t pinging out and i couldn’t ping in. I ended up swapping cards around 11:30 last night, and so far so good. I really need to work on putting in a decent machine out there. One of these days. So i’m at work now, got a really strange problem with one pc at the law office that isn’t passing port 110 or port 25. I think it might be the antivirus program catching these. But i’m still not sure yet. Amy called last night. I hadn’t spoken to her in a really long time. She said she comes home sunday? i think that’s when she said. I tried calling alex a few times, once some guy answered, and the other times no answer at all. Who else have i spoken with, oh yea, Melissa called. She wants to plan my wedding. Again with this wedding stuff! i’m starting to think that people may be trying to give me a hint but i’m not sure.

I woke up this morning and found that Manuel, my r

I woke up this morning and found that Manuel, my roomate had left me a breakfast on a bun and a coffee this morning. That was really cool. Thanks dude. He’s got to be my most favorite roomate i’ve had this far. Well Jonny was cool too. But then he had to go and get married and move out. Oh well. This weekend i’m going to try and rest. Tommrow we have food distribution and tonight i have a wedding. no not mine. Tonight i’m also going to be working on a new feature on my website. I used to have it on my old website but it kind of fizzled out. I’ve had some request to bring it back so the new and improved version of it will be on hopefully tonight when i can finally get time to write the code for it. Ever wondered what this looked like from behind the scenes?

Here is the source code for
the main page.

Ok, Thumbdrive worked long enough for me to pull t

Ok, Thumbdrive worked long enough for me to pull the stuff off of it. I’m not sure how much i can trust it but so far so good. Danny is having another Karaoke Party. I’m not sure if i’m going to make this one though. It’s been a busy few weeks and i’d like to have an evening to just relax. Tonight we have pratice, i have to setup for a remote too. Tommrow, friday we have a wedding rehearsal. Saturday we have food distribution in the morning and that wedding in the afternoon. Speaking of weddings, what was the best wedding you’ve been to Rachel?

This past weekend i spent it adding an Active Dire

This past weekend i spent it adding an Active Directory domain controller to the network at church and moving the pc’s over to the new domian. I was using my thumb drive all weekend long for this project. So i was putting all my stuff away put it all in my car and came home. I spent most of sunday and yesterday looking for the drive because i couldn’t find it anymore. Anyway.. last night did laundry and this morning move the laundry over from the washer to the dryer and found the thumbdrive in the bottom of the washer *sigh*

pssstttttt….. John…. Esmer didn’t marry Homer.

pssstttttt….. John…. Esmer didn’t marry Homer.? She married Anthony, but your right – it was a really beautiful wedding – and the tapes on are top of your TV stand waiting for you to edit them all together.? We really need to get that done soon.? It’s been a month since they got married.

i’m such a sap for weddings, i’m not sure. When L

i’m such a sap for weddings, i’m not sure. When Laura and Todd got married they had there cermony outside. That was kind of neat. Mostly because it was one of those really fancy weddings. Another favorite was when my cousin Felix got married. He had it in this victorian house (i love victorian houses) It was in the living room which wasn’t that big at all. Just a small private cermony for the family. Now that i think of it though, both of those couples are divorced. hum… David and Olya’s wedding, was um.. different. Fred lead the service. Enough said. But the cool thing was after the cermony we had a concert. I think Glu preformed. But off the top of my head, the most recent coolest wedding so far has got to be Homer and Esmer’s wedding. It was just really nice. You really felt like you were in a fairytell wedding. I bet Melissa and Carlos’ was nice too but i didnt’ got to that one. If i can find the tape i’ll put a piece of the video on here for you guys to see.