i was talkikng with valerie th

i was talkikng with valerie the other day, yesterday i think.? She was saying, you know you never write about your feelings.? And i was like, yes i do, but thinking about it, she’s write most of the time i just write about my agenda for the day.? So what am i thinking?? I guess i’ve been tossing around insdide my head the news that she gave me not to long ago.? I think i’ve spent so long making myself not like Raul, that i’ve never been able to consider that they may actually end up together forever.? And what’s so bad about Raul anyway?? I don’t like the way he treats her sometimes.? I don’t like that he makes her cry and upset and how hurtfull he can be.? How he can be manulitpive and use guilt to get what he wants.? But then there are alot of things that she does like about him.? And for her to maket this decision she must obviosly be in love with him.? Who am i to decide if she does or doesn’t.? She is happy around him and sad when she’s away from him.? And if she’s as much of a friend to me as i say she is.. then i should be happy for her that hse’s found the person she loves.? And i shouldn’t be making such an effort to break them up if this is what she wants.? I should be supportive, i should be there to listen, i shouldn’t disaprove.? In my mind i think there is someone out there better for her but right now her life is focused on him.?? It’s kind of wierd though because i know valerie thinks that there is someone out there better for me than Patti.? Not that she necessarly disaproves of her, but that she thinks i should be with someone else.? So if i want for her to be acceping of my choices and want her to support me … i should do the same for her.

Hey dude, I appreciate the link on your site!! If

Hey dude, I appreciate the link on your site!! If you need anything let me know. Its a cluster*&^% right now at the station. I just keep saying breathe…breathe…breathe…I say it all the time and I say it again I miss the old days..can’t seem to let it go….cya

So yesterday i had to get to church early to fi

So yesterday i had to get to church early to finish the comercial for the youth, and rendered it to MPEG2, went home, patti was there with the kids and i got to eat, went to amy’s to move the 2nd load, called romeo to come get the books, when i got there church called that the player coudln’t decode mpeg2 so i needed to render as AVI, so i drove around the neighboor hood and found an unsecured WEP, Terminal Serviced in to the editor (which i thankfuly left on) and re rendenered, got back, the lights had been cut off already so they were doing all of this in the dark.? i loaded up my car, then we loaded up pattis and romeo’s suburban.? Then on the way to the storage i listened to KTEX and found the lia was sounding really bad.? She was having audio dropouts like 3 times a minute.? So called jones, they said call starguide, called them they said, yup your reciever is screwed up, call us in the morning and we’ll ship you a new one.? so i was thinking.. that means i have to go the rest of this show sounding like this and all of tommrow?? so i called them up again, how about i get my spare authorized?? so they said that might work, i went to the station, setup the new reciever moved cables over and it worked.? Then while i was there,?i thought, you know i’ve been meaning to fix the Digital Reel to Reel so that it will automaticaly mark the spot block and liners.? so i wired that up.? Anyhow.. ended up going home around 2:30am, then around 8 the phone started ringing.? KHKZ was screwing up, then pastor called, and ken called.. it was like.. forget it.. i’ll just get up and go to work.?

I will lie down and sleep in peace, for you alone

I will lie down and sleep in peace, for you alone, Lord makes me dwell in safety – Palsm 4:8.

– get some rest. You’ve earned it. We’ll get Amy’s done tomorrow and we can go on to other things. Dont forget Jeff Walker… Eric… stollen “y”s…. Meg’s birthday is Friday…. you have the Board Sunday morning, and Childrens Church is having United Session (Is the Building ready for them or do we need to change anything since the Youth were in there Sunday night??? ) I’ll take care of the CD”s for Lori before the weekend is over.