I think there is something wrong with my mouth.

I think there is something wrong with my mouth.� some time in the past few days i bit the back of my cheek, and then that got swollen.. not when ever i bite.. it bites on that part on my cheek and it never gets to heal.� Yeah. kinda hurts.� So i’m thinking about going to see the dentist.. but the last time i went to see the dentist he wanted to take my wise teeth.� Not because there was anything wrong with them.. or they weren’t crowding.. or comming in wrong.. he just wanted them.� dumb quack…

well yesterday We had our daughters communion/birt

well yesterday We had our daughters communion/birthday party, we were up until 2am…man am I?tired..its been a long weekend…Friday I was on the air till 6pm, then book it to the church for the ceremony, as soon as I got to take pictures with Father Roy, I had to leave to do a Barock remote…whew! made it on time, went really quick to..then I did the Star Wars screening on Saturday?at Cinemark in Harlingen, I’m glad Sabrina was there because nobody from the station helped out, they were all at the KVLY Screening in Edinburg…I still didnt see the movie but I saw the trailers..I cant wait for some of these movies to come out this summer..then book it to mom-in laws house for the party…I’m hoping to finally see the movie Today..we’ll see..I gotta finish this shift on air..why cant they voice track like over there…(sigh)…HA HA HA!! cya…

got up early for Angelfood this morning.

got up early for Angelfood this morning.? I got there around 6:30, was there till around 11.? Then i had to fix the road sign at church.? and billy switched from DSL to roadrunner so i had to go reprogram his router.. than went to patti’s and moved a bed, and met with Marty and reinstalled Windows on his pc, and i got to have dinner at the Leals.?
I didn’t order from angelfood this month but i will this comming month.? here is the menu…

from http://www.abundant-grace.com/afm

June Menu

(1) 3 lbs. Pork Spare Ribs
(4) 5 oz. Beef Shor Ribs
(1) 4 lbs. I.Q.F. Chicken Thighs
(1) 2 lbs. Corn Dogs
(1) 1 lb. Meatballs
(1) 1 lb. Chicken Tenders
(1) 17.5 oz. BBQ Sauce
(1) 16 oz. Baked Beans
(1) 7.5 oz. Mac & Cheese

(1) 18 oz. Sara Lee Bagels
(1) 8oz. Cream Cheese
(1) 16 oz. Apple Sauce
(1) 16 oz. Corn-on-the-Cob
(1) 3 lbs. Potatoes
(1) 1 lb. Carrots
(1) 16 oz. Green Peas
(1) Dozen Eggs
(1) Dessert

All This For The Low Cost of Only $25

“start without me”

start without me”

roll me over i wanna wave at the kids
i can’t say i prescribe cause i don’t know what it is
i’m down at the track i’m just calling to check in
if you start without me say my name as you begin
it’s not like it wasn’t all for you
but like evrything i do it’s misunderstood
take a message i’m on my way out of town
but the wording’s important so make sure you write it down
there’s money behind every picture in the place
sincerely your husband on my way to the next race
if it’s once i got it
if it’s twice i don’t



Darkness (2002/I)

Directed by
Jaume Balaguer