I did that remote at Club Fantasy the other night.

I did that remote at Club Fantasy the other night…and now I know why they had 5 dollar table dances…the girls are UGLY!!! I spent the entire remote drinking water, and staying out of everyones way…Hooters was cool, all the girls love me there..ha ha ha…I have AK’s tonight, it will probably be slow tonight…I feel so much better now, and can’t even tell you how much better I feel, I can smile again…I joke with everyone here, and the new guy Kain at night is super cool…Don’t get me wrong, I still miss you guys, and one of these days we all need to get together and remember the old days and laugh…..I will do the Veloser Raptor someday for you guys again…

Dude, don’t let them overwork you, look what happe

Dude, don’t let them overwork you, look what happened to me…that was one of my problems, sometimes if you have to work more than often, you need to rest, I’ve learned that now. I have a better aspect of life now, and you need to have some “you” time every so often. So if you can take a personal day off sometimes take it ..and relax…I’m there for you bud…

My choices were either

My choices were either:
1) Stay at home and wait for my mother to get home and yell at me
2) Head over to church early

Seems like a no brainer…anyway, here’s something for ya:

Villain 2: Agent Smith (The Matrix)

Maybe it’s because Hugo Weaving is such a good actor, even when the script deteriorates into the mediocrity that was Matrix: Revolutions.? Whatever the case, Agent Smith was a hardcore villain who’s ultimate goal was to destroy the human race, just so he could get out of his grunt duty.? Somehow, he returns by becoming a rogue program and wreaking havoc across the Matrix.? Any bad guy who can find a way to work outside of a control system like the Matrix (cough…cough…plothole), surely deserves mention, at least on my list.

Happy, Patti?

In order for nano to make any money from that conc

In order for nano to make any money from that concert, he had to get 1500, so he still lost out…oh well, Hooters was fun, I didnt know Hot Kiss was doing something across the expressway, some of the promo guys came over later…I said Hi to them, plus Monica wanted a tickets to Saturdays AC/DC Tribute show at Pepes, so I gave it to the promotions director to give to her, hopefully she will get it….tell everyone hi…