Yesterday was our BBQ…we had about 750 people sh

Yesterday was our BBQ…we had about 750 people show up…it was a decent crowd, not great but decent…had a live band outside, plus we all the food, I was going around giving people food, just so it wont go to waste…and boy was it hot! I’m all sore today, but its another day…tonight I have to be at Hooters for a remote..what a struggle…beautiful women and all the wings I can eat…ha ha ha..I’m feeling alot better and I have a better aspect on everything…it will get better…..

I ate at Furr’s today.  I must admit it wasn’

I ate at Furr’s today.? I must admit it wasn’t as bad as everyone had led me to believe.? Although, toward the end of the meal, my girlfriend, her mother, and I all heard a screaming child somewhere near the kitchen area.? I could have sworn I heard feet dragging (shifty eyes).? Infer what you will from that.? And now for:

Aaron’s Personal Top?Five Villains (no special order):

Part 1:
The Joker (from Batman)

Is there a villain more sadistically twisted than the Joker?? I pick him because of Batman: The Animated Series and Mark Hamill’s brilliant interpretation of him.? There’s just something disturbing about dying with a smile on your face.? That’s the other thing.? The Joker kills people solely for his own twisted pleasure.? It’s frightening because he’s so blasted unpredictable.? Even Fox’s animated series couldn’t sugar coat the sheer malevolence that is The Joker.

Stay tuned for villain #2.