Two weeks to go…

so if i’m nervous now, will i be a basket case two weeks from now? On the evening of the 1st, John, Hannanh and I will leave to go to San Antonio and prepare to meet the rest of my siblings i never knew. Michael and his partner, Tom will come from California. David and his daughter Kelly will drive in from North Texas. David’s other daughter, Shirley, her husband and kids are coming in from New Jersey. I have not met any of them yet. Jonny and his wife, Yvonne, along with their daughter and grandaughter come in from North Florida, while Dodo and her husband, Butch come in from South Florida. Randell and his girlfriend are coming up Saturday morning with Meg and Tori. Rachel and Brice are coming up Friday night. All in all, I think there is about 25 of us that are going to converge on the Riverwalk for four days. We are going to show them the new family website that John and I have been secretly working on ( I think there is still room in the car – any one else want to go?

EIDI controller?

So I want to build my own kick-as* PC and I have no clue what to do… has been kind of helpful, but I’m still a total newb when it comes to hardware. Oh well…

If anyone hasn’t seen “Samurai Champloo” on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim block, I HIGHLY recommend it. Even if you aren’t an anime lover, it’s got good story. I meant to mention it when they aired the first episode again two Saturday’s ago, but I forgot. The show basically follows the adventures of two samurai named Mugen and Jinn as they help a girl named Fuu find a wandering samurai. You can catch the “new” episodes Saturday at 10:30 Central or the rerun on Thursday. Check for confirmed showtimes.

Have you ever wanted to say “Ni” to an old lady?

Oh, what sad times are there when passing ruffians can say “Ni!” at will to old ladies! There is a pestilence in this land! Nothing is sacred! Even those who arrange and design shrubberies are under considerable economic stress at this period in history! Or when people’s magnetic ribbons are not longer safe left on cars. Some fool stole my ribbon. And it was cool ribbon at that. So just to spite them i’m going to start stocking these things.

It’s been a busy week….

Sorry its been so long since I wrote something, but its been kinda busy..let see..first when I went to pay the rent, the landlord said that he wanted to thank us for being great tenants, and wanted to give us new carpet in our bedrooms, so Thursday we moved ALL our furniture out and got the new carpet, then moved everything back, boy was I sore that day…I think he really wanted to give us carpet because he was afraid we were gonna get mold when the AC unit flooded Ashlee’s closet..its cool though..They STILL haven’t fixed the Scott Studios yet, so I have to schedule people 24-7..including myself doing a split shift (6am-10am then 7pm-12mid) ..we asked and asked the engineers to fix it but they were taking there time…So Big Al went and told Larry because He was finally got tired of it, well Larry yelled at the engineers and so they said HOPEFULLY it will be fixed by Monday or Tuesday, but they have been saying stuff like that for two weeks now…I just can’t wait til Payday…maybe one of these days we can do lunch..I gotta see those highlights!!!

new haircut

Went to the mall to cut my hair. Patti and Hannah came and got there’s cut too. There’s came out really nice. I had gotten my hair highlighted once before.. so i got it highlighted again and cut kind of short. I like the way it came out. But i found out someting, that the gay men cut hair with alot less abuse than straight old women do. And when she said she was going to use a razor to cut my hair i thought she meant an eletric razor. Not quiet. But none-the-less i’m happy with it. Yesterday ended up being a busy day. We went shopping for Maya’s birthday while we were at the mall. Went to the party, than after that i came by church to work on a few things out here. After that Johnny O’s wife had a birthday party so i went by there for a while. That was fun. Danny was there.. we talked for a while. Then the Mariachi’s showed up. I stuck around a little while longer and then made a quiet exit.

Up and adam?

I got up early this morning to come to work to fix a problem but i woke up feeling really refreshed and awake. Yeah, really suprised me. I could do this more often. I’ve been working on updating my family tree. Now i just need to start putting together all the data. I may just need to go to the ranch one of these days, take my computer and work on it from there. If any of my family members are actually looking at this leave a note and i’ll send you the info for just adding the information yourself. Here is the current tree. If you have anything to add/change etc.. let me know and i’ll give you the info.

tv will rot your brain

remember back when the london terroist bombings happened? I was noticing how the tv coverage wasn’t showing the gore and people stumbling out of the tunnel all beaten and brusied clinging on to life. The people who the BBC caught on tv were calm citizens… in there cheerful and proper british accent talking about what had just happened. If that had been in the states you would have some hysterical black woman waving her hands shaking franticly with half of her face bleeding.

one year when i was working at cornerstone, they put us up in the one of the same hotels the artist were staying at. I woke up and went down to the lobby waiting for the shuttle to come by and take us out to the grounds, one of the bands was also down there waiting for the same ride. It was some brittish techno band.. can’t even remember their name now. The tv in the lobby was on some hunting show and they were all struck aback with this show on broadcast television showing the hunting and killing of innocent deer. They even took photo’s with them watching the tv to take back home.

The sand in my sandels

This weekend was just what i needed. Patti and I took Jimmy and Carla along with Hannah, Tori, Heather and Amber. We left right after work, got to the island i guess around 7 or 8 and went to the oyster bar for dinner. Last time i was there i had some cajun plate thing.. this time i had a cheese burger. And oysters too of course. Then we got back to the hotel and i spent the rest of the evening in the hot tub. that was relaxing. woke up early.. had breakfast and then we went out the the beach. I hadn’t gone swimming in the beach in ages. probably since i was like in school. Even tori got in with her messed up ankle. Next time remind me to take a shovel and pail. It started to thunder so we went back to the hotel.. washed off and headed home. We stoped at some shell shop and it started to rain… and i didn’t stop untill we got home. It go so bad patti pulled over in san benito and we had lunch there waiting for the storm to pass.. it never seamed to. But rain and all.. i had a really good time. It was fun to just rest without anything to do. Jimmy and Carla have done so much for us already.. i’m glad we got to take them along. I think the kids had a good time too. Today we’re going to try and visit paula and the new baby. Probably take some dinner for them too.
On the beach

It’s a Boy

Paula called, it’s a boy 9 lbs 9 oz. She’s at regional so we may swing by on our way out of town. Wanted to take Carla and Jimmy out of town so we’re going to the beach for the day.. just to rest with the kids. And i’ve been craving oysters and rovans lately too.
It's a boy!