The ratings came out….

Well, we came in Third overall, but I went down in Afternoons, Big Al went WAY up, Keith did better, even Ric did good, This was a strange book…its the polar opposite of the last book….everybody says that maybe because I was so focused on getting everybody else up, I sacrificed my show, or maybe it was my breakdown, I wasn’t focused because of the breakdown, but I am not gonna use that as a excuse..I will do better newxt time, I’m just gonna become a little more conservative..a little more classic rock during my show..get rid of the six oclock rock block, and change the fourplay at four to the All Request hour (since the beat also has a fourpaly at four and maybe people got confused..) you know me, YEA! WE MADE THIRD..okay back to work…lol…I seriously thought Hot Kiss was gonna dominate..I never expected Reggaton (which I despise!) and WILD (which I HATE!!!!) to do good..I dont care what the numbers say..Hot Kiss sounds way better than Mix…they sound old and boring while hot kiss sounds Fresh….the morning show rocks (they sound like they are having a good time, and the music is right on…) I give big props to Jay Cantu, Jay Z. and punkass…your day will come I guarantee..

Some things are just not meant to be

All week i have been trying to cut out the unnecessary sugar. I’ve been avoiding desert at lubys, drinking sugar free tee.. no cokes.. etc. So monday we have an end of month meeting.. and of course they always bring food. Ok.. so day 1 is blown. Tuesday i went to taco bell.. and they didn’t have sugar free tee.. so i though diet pepsi.. nice try silly boy. so then wednesday i was like.. ok.. no sugar.. and it was Patch’es birthday. Ok so they brought cake. And then today.. it was Ariel (it’s a boys name) ‘s birthday so we had cake AND icecream. I’ll try again tommrow. I added some new pages. Just click on the pages section on the header. More will be comming when i get bored enough to make the pages.

Something borrowed

So do I save as draft or as private?

I know I’m short another villain, but I haven’t been able to access the net in a while.

I recently finished Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince. Now I have to wait at least another year for the final book to come out. Life is just so hard sometimes…

Looks like I won’t be going to school this semester (again). Not that I’m too choked up about it, but the circumstances surrounding it suck. Whatever, there’s bad crap that comes down all around. I’m grateful that I don’t have it worse. For example, I could be an unemployed loser who uses his friend’s blog to vent…oh, wait… 😉

dr’s office visit

i always dread these. my foot has still be hurting so i finally gave in and saw a podiatrisist (sp). he said that my foot was extremely flexiable. more than it should be. i had the option of getting fitted for an orthopediac or a small surgey to freeze the nerve. i opted for the shoe insert thingy. they taped up my foot and it seams to feel better… wierd but better. this thing they want to make is going to cost around $300 and not covered by insurance. oh well…