Sleep? what’s Sleep?

It’s been a long day. and it just started. Yesterday was my first day back at work after a week and a few days of vacation. Getting back into the swing of things was wierd. I was at getting ready for the Radiothon most of the days setting up phone lines and stuff here at the Ronald Mcdonald house. Went back to the station around 10 worked on some more stuff out there getting ready.. did some wiring in the ktex control room.. finished around 11.. went into ktex to making sure everything was cool.. and it was silent. Lia was completly dead. Checked the sat.. rebooted it.. no change. Checked with Jones and they said they were completely off the air. So called Jojo and woke him up.. got some music on the air to finish off the rest of the hour. Got home around midnight. woke up at 4 and got back here around 5 at the mcdonald house. So far so good.. one slight problem but no one should notice yet. Trying to wake up someone at SBC.. like that will ever happen.

Ok.. SBC problem solved.. now i’m just sitting around. things seam to be calm. A big change from last year. With all the food they keep bringing us and the mid day slump.. i’m ready to just lie down and take a nap. It’s going to get busy when school lets out in an hour. I might even get to meet ronald mcdonald.. again..

Friday already?

Wow.. where did this week go. I mean i got alot done. And i got to rest alot. I think all this time i spent at home thew ozzie for a loop. Romeo helped me get this project at church finished. I couldn’t have done it without all of his help. I don’t think i’ve ever giving him a project that he hasn’t been able to do. Thanks for everything Romeo. It’s going to be strang getting back into the swing of things. Patti woke up sick this morning.. check on her this am.. i’ll swing by again later today after getting some stuff done here.


This past weekend was fun. Patti and I and the kids went up to meet her birth family. That was alot of f un. Her family is great. They are all very.. um.. colorfull. I really had a good time spending time with all of them. By Monday though i was ready to get back home. Yesterday I think i got more done during my vacation than what i would normaly get to do. I finally figured out what was wrong over at DBK, that took a while but i felt really acomplished after that got done. I went by church.. went through some reports and found someone using Lenora’s pc in the middle of the night to use the internet for some.. um.. very .. strange things. I began working on a build out project in the office. Had a lunch meeting.. fixed pastor’s tv… Began working on Patti’s family website. Visited with the Leals. Watched dodgeball at Patti’s. Had a late dinner wtih Manuel. And going to get up and do it all again today.

Aaron’s All-time Top 5 Villains

Number 5:
Darth Vader (from the Star Wars saga)

*just in case: MINOR SPOILERS*

Now that Episode 3 is firmly behind us and the Star Wars cash machine has lost some steam, I finally feel comfortable naming my final villain. Yes, we all saw how Anakin turned to the dark side in Ep. 3, but even without that, Vader is a compelling bad guy. He’s not as pure evil as he seems (though anyone who abuses their spouse and murders children would probably have a hard time coming back to the good side), and he’s also very complex in his motivations. He’s also got that awesome red lightsabre. Sure, it’s not as fancy as Darth Maul’s light staff from Ep.1, but he still knows how to use it (see the novel Shadows of the Empire). Besides, I grew up on the original Star Wars trilogy. It would be shameful if a fanboy like myself didn’t name him as one of my top five. Anyway, that’s that and I’m out. I wonder what I should do for my next countdown.

PS: John, could you *please* make and viewable from the church? I’m attempting to make my own blog-thingy and I’m using xanga. In case anyone is interested (though there’s not much), you can check out the little there is at