Milking the Cow

Why in the world would the picture of Tori milking the plastic cow be the most popular image?????? All that came out of that cow was water to begin with. It’s not even a real fake cow.

Argh, I’m turning 30!

eventually. I was watching some comercial and they were all suprised that they were turning thirty.. and i was like Ha ha… and then i stopped and realized that i’m just 3 years away from turning the big 3-0. It was really a shock. so i thought i could either hate it.. or live my life like i was turning thirty. Anyway…. everyone has been asking.. what do you want for your birthday.. i dunno.. i don’t like asking for stuff.. i have everything i need… but if you feel like being persistant i made this for you.

round and round i go

yesterday was a busy day. got home.. helped patti with a computer, dropped off tory at band pratice, went to megan’s chior concert (they did really well by the way), patti megan and myself went to kumori’s for a 2nd dinner, picked up tori, worked on the computer some more.. came home around 11:45, a power outtage took out this website so i got that back up and running. (i haven’t run backups in a while.. i need to do that) then this morning i was driving to work like i always do.. up 10th street to trenton, across to 281 and then up to expressway 83, well my onramp was closed.. so i got off on owasa and went back to freddy…. that on ramp was closed.. so went up to iroad, that was closed.. doubled back to spraque.. that was closed.. iowa was closed.. i must have gone around in circled at leaset 4 times.. finally it was like heck with this.. i just stayed on the frontage road, detoured on to bussiness 281, then along the frontage again all the way up to the nolana onramp… i think i’m just goign to go straight up nolana next time. so how long is this going to be going on you may ask?

what a day…

So for the past couple of days, Big Al has been asking us to get rid of what he calls “stiffs” (music) which when I defended as much as I can, the one thing different this time…it didn’t really bother me, not like it use to..I mean I got mad, but I got over it rather quickly…I’ve learned that even larry is on my side, because I am doing the best I can with what i got…I hear all these rumors going around about several stations, and it makes me wonder is the wheel starting to turn again, and this time I think I’m the spectator…well no matter what I will support all my friends whatever happens..they were here for me and I will be there for them…Something funny happened the other day, Alex came up to me and said, “Are you mad at me?” I was like why? and he was telling me about how everyone was passing judgement on his soon to be divorce, and I basically said..look offense..I don’t care what goes on in your life, I am trying to get the Rock station to #1 …get over it! and he just smirked and left…that felt good…

De ja Vouz?

RE: I’d like to see a movie where a guy is going to die when the sand runs out of an hourglass, but then at the last minute an ant stops the sand from running out. Then the rest of the movie is about the ant.

wasn’t that called Antz?

bussiness as usual…

Well.. time warner still hasn’t showed up. This is what… 3 weeks now.. i wonder what they have to say about it.. let’s find out…. ha.. they say yes.. it shows that they needed to come back with some equiptment but also shows that it hasn’t been delivered. Don’t you just love great customer service. Sunday we had a birthday party for Jimmy. Went to valley bowl and played two games with them. It was fun.. i hadn’t been bowling in a long time. I didn’t do to bad. That place brings back memories. I remember hanging out with Thelma and that other girl.. there were other people with us too. we used to always go on some day of the week.. don’t quite remember which. *sigh* some things never leave you.

365 days! (closely)

In celebration of our 365th day.. is celebrating a new addition to our family. Several people have mentioned that they mailed me at and wondering why i never got it… well now i will.
Also to celebrate i’m offering you the chance to enjoy these stamps as much as I have. Each stamp comes complete with a red ink pad. ThinkGeek nor myself is not responsible should you lose your employment by utilizing these fine stamps on the wrong document, in the wrong place, or with the wrong person. You must choose your circumstances to stamp wisely young padawans.