Hurt – Johnny Cash

I was reading back on what i was doing this time last year, and i remember writing that post.  I don’t think i was all that mad.. as i was hurt.  But it’s been a year and i obviously got over it.  

I hurt myself today
To see if I still feel
I focus on the pain
The only thing that’s real
The needle tears a hole
The old familar sting
Try to kill it all away
But I remember everything

What have I become?
My sweetest friend
Everyone I know, goes away
In the end
You could have it all
My empire of dirt
I will let you down
I will make you hurt

I wear this crown of thorns
Upon my liars chair
Full of broken thoughts
I cannot repair
Beneath the stains of time
The feelings disappear
You are someone else
I am still right here


If I could start again
A million miles away
I would keep myself
I would find a way

2006 has been postponed

2006 has been postponed. But not for long. A leap second will be inserted in the world’s clocks just before midnight — Greenwich mean time — on New Year’s Eve, the U.S. Naval Observatory reported Friday.
That means 7 p.m. ET, Dec. 31, will occur one second later than it would have otherwise.

Leap seconds are needed occasionally because modern atomic clocks measure time with great accuracy, while the rotation of the Earth can be inconsistent.

The rotation of the Earth has been slowing down, so leap seconds keep the clocks and the Earth from getting out of synch with one another.

This will be the 23rd leap second that has been inserted since 1972 when an international timekeeping agreement was signed, according to the Observatory. The last one was inserted seven years ago.

Merry 30 minutes before Christmas

We got to open our gifts this afternoon after we had christmas dinner (at noon) It was really alot of fun. We made the kids wait until after we opened all of ours. I ended up with some AWESOME gifts. The kids got me a bucket of ties. I meant neckties but i also got some wireties, bungie ties, bag ties, etc. I got an eletric shaver, some matching kitchen decorations, and a 19 inch LCD flat screen. Very cool. For years i’ve had this 20 inch crt with a screwed up brightness control. even with it turned all the way down it was like super bright, you could get a tan from it. but i just learned to deal with it. Patti noticed and planned this whole scheme to get me a new one. and they did. it was great. Thank you very much! I think we did really well with the gifts this year too. Megan got a digital camera and a bed sheets, comomforter, pillow casses, etc. and a photo printer. Tori got a new pc, a MIDI interface, a really cool jacket and a bucket of school supplies. Hannah got a sewing machine, a build-a-bear and a much of clothes for it and the one she already has, also a jacket, and a digital camera too. I got Patti a necklace and earing set from Portillo and a HD radio reciever for her car.
We went to my parents for dinner and opened more gifts there. That was fun too. I enjoyed getting to see the family again and this time without having someone die. It was such a nice night out there. the sky was clear and you could see for miles. there were so many stars. kind of makes you wonder what the sheperds saw that night so many years ago…

Christmas Eve Eve

I decided to go visit H&H Music this morning. Took me a while to find it. I was thinking it was in the old Best Buy spot.. it wasn’t. But i finally found it.. and when i did. .there was like NOTHING there. at least nothing good. so then i thought.. i might find it at Bestbuy. While i was there i decided to check the knowledge of the Staff. So i walked up to the clerk in the car audio section and asked for there HD radios. He just stood there with a blank look on his face. So i asked for Digital Radio. He tried to sell me XM. Oh the shame. So i was like.. ok this is pointless. They didn’t have any. I’ll have to work on changing that. Eventhough we have 4 stations in the valley now broadcasting HD for over a year now.. and 3 (fixing to be 4 as soon as i get of my butt) multi-cast stations. GASP. yup.. all this time we’ve been broadcasting 4 other stations and you probably never even knew it. I guess you’ll just have to get yourself a reciever to see for yourself.
So anyway.. i went to the computer section and asked the computer guys for a MIDI interface. and he was like.. a multlimedia interface.. in a broken english tone. I was like.. no.. not media interface.. MIDI (mee-dee) he was like.. what does it plug into USB? I was like.. well.. um.. some do. Some are PCI.. some are PMCIA, some are actuall disk-drive sizes. again with the dumb blank looks. so i thanked him for his dumb look and walked away.. walking out of the store i thought.. what if they have a keyboard section. Not a computer keyboard section but a music keyboard section. So i walk around and see gutairs. (who would by an eletric gutair at best by but anyway) gutairs! they must have keyboards too.. sure enough there it was.. next to the clock radios. So i asked the guy if he had any MIDI interfaces and crossed my fingers waiting for a look. no dumb looks.. instead he walked me over to a MIDI cable. I was like.. well.. your on the right track.. but i need the part that connects to the computer.. he thought and then walked over to the software section.. and sure enough.. he found some software that came with the interface! Thank you again kind sir. you were a great help. Just wanted to let you know that not all the staff at best buy are complete nincompoops.

twas the afternoon 4 days before christmas

everyone’s out of the office… i’m still around waiting for my last UPS shipment. This year’s christmas has been a good one so far. I did most of my shopping online and found some pretty neat gifts if i have to say so myself. Patti helped me alot though. The one’s she picked out for JoJo and Patches was pretty cool. And all the help she provided with the gift was for the Leal’s was amazing. I can’t wait to give it to them. We’re running a special show tommrow evening at 6 so i may need to be around just in case something goes bump… but everything should be ok. SHOULD. What do i have left to do.. oh yeah.. brb..
Ok.. done. Now but i’m still waiting on UPS.
This year has been better than most. I actually feel in the christmas spirit. Unlike other years where its like “it’s christmas again?”

FCC to do Christmas Day Inspections!

Something I have found fun to read around this time of the year ….. as many have said, “May your pagers be silent …..”

Merry Christmas ALL !

The Engineer’s Night Before Christmas …

Twas the night before Christmas and I had finally gotten home When my Wife met me at the door and handed me the phone.

“It’s that darn remote control thing” she said in great dismay And the Burk doesn’t call simply to say Happy Holiday.

So while my children were hanging the stockings by the chimney with care I’m preoccupied trying to get the transmitter back on the air.

“ON filaments, ON plate, NO output? You stupid ____” “Recycle, RESET, Overload? I’m fixen —-!!”

Regaining my composure to notice my Daughter’s staring face Asking “Daddy – do you HAVE to go to that transmitter place??”

“Yes Honey”, I said “But it won’t be for long” Hoping deep down inside that I wasn’t wrong.

So out I trudged into the cold winter’s night To the world’s most remote tower site.

Driving past all the houses, lit up with holiday glee Feeling sorry for myself — and asking why me ??

But as I got closer my heart was feeling some lighter when all of a sudden — I started hearing the EXCITER!

“Powr Supply”! I thought … “surely it’s not the final” My heart’s racing now, anticipating my arrival.

With schematic after schematic dancing in my head “what if the plate transformer’s shorted dead”??

Throwing open the gate and running into the shack I start to tackle the problem and race around the back

Where much to my amazement what did I see ?? A half open back door door — apparently not shut good — BY ME !!

So as I return to my cottage after a night so tiring, I’m wondering if perhaps McDonald’s is hiring !

Then I think “What a profession — I could never leave” After all, I’ve got maintenance scheduled for NEW YEARS’S EVE !!

(Author unknown)

life goes on?

interesting weekend. saturday patti and i had angelfood distribution. This load was so large the only way they were able to make it all fit was to load the semi without the palets. so most of it had to offloaded without the forklifts and handtrucks. then that afternoon we went to the ranch for a funeral. My grand fathers brother, Tio Fello. I got to see alot of famliy members i hadnt’ seen since.. well.. the last funeral. Yesterday Lori’s car was giving her trouble so Jimmy, Guy and myself went over to her house to check out the car. They had tried towing it but when they did they tried towing it from the front bumper.. and well.. yeah. so we get there. it would crank.. so the battery was ok. sounded like a fuel problem. Jimmy checked the fuses making sure none were blown.. all were ok. the gas gauge didn’t work so we put in about a gallon.. then volia.. it started.
that evening we had our christmas party at tracy and marshall’s house. that was fun. I got a tshirt, slippers, m&m refils. Ozzie got a toy and for the white elephant i got some christmas decorations. Tonight got another long night. i’m probably going to be at the station for a while. i just want to get all this work done before the christmas break.
There was a post on Arroonns blog today. I guess it was from earlier, but he mentioned that he was going to step down from the team. not just the adults but from the youth too. that was kind of shocking, but i think he’s realized alot and ultimatly want’s what’s best for the team. but now the question lies.. what’s going to happen in that building. Seams like alot in there has changed and not necessiarly for the best. What now.. will mark take over the team? John walker? he’s already at VF. I don’t know.


This coming from a man who yesterday, gave up the first time in two and a half weeks to rest, to drive out to the middle of Egypt, in the freezing cold rain and wind to help Lori, who had car problems and had run out of gas?

This coming from a man who stayed up and did Jason’s laundry in the middle of the night, because the kid had been traveling for weeks and had not had time to find a laundromat, even though you had worked all day, set up at the Church all evening, and would still have to be at work the next morning?

This coming from a man who gave up two afternoons in a row Thursday and Friday, again in the weather, to help someone else with a project that would help spread the real meaning of Christmas to those who might otherwise have not been reached out to?

This coming from a man whose constituants over-whelmingly, demanded that a new award category be made, just for him, because they could not vote him in as Employee of the Year for the second year in a row?

This coming from the man that was up at 5:00am, once again, to unload a semi-truck so food could be gotten to the needy?

This coming from a man who would go without, just so someone else would be blessed?

No, Sir. I just merely follow your example.

i love you patti

Some people wonder if one person can really make a difference in the world, but I think it’s possible, because I’ve seen the difference you make in the lives of those around you. You don’t just talk about making the world a better place- you do something about it by reaching out and giving your time when others need you. You’re a wonderful example of what a caring person should be, and in a world that sometimes seems a bit cold and impersonal, your warmth and compassion really shine through.