men of few words

think of all the time we can save if we limited our converstaions to nods, grunts, and nope.  some people just love to hear themselves talk.  or see themselves type.  i don’t have time to sit and read all this fluff.  just tell me what i need to know, where i need to be or how much it’s going to cost.  that’s it.  men don’t need all those girl words.  they say men use less words than women but i bet we can communicate so much more with just those three phrases.

Psycho kitty terrorizes Connecticut neighbors


Town orders house arrest on ‘Lewis’ after he ambushed the Avon lady


Updated: 9:43 a.m. ET March 29, 2006

FAIRFIELD, Conn. – Residents of the neighborhood of Sunset Circle say they have been terrorized by a crazy cat named Lewis. Lewis for his part has been uniquely cited, personally issued a restraining order by the town’s animal control officer.

“He looks like Felix the Cat and has six toes on each foot, each with a long claw,” Janet Kettman, a neighbor said Monday. “They are formidable weapons.”

The neighbors said those weapons, along with catlike stealth, have allowed Lewis to attack at least a half dozen people and ambush the Avon lady as she was getting out of her car.

Some of those who were bitten and scratched ended up seeking treatment at area hospitals.

Animal Control Officer Rachel Solveira placed a restraining order on him. It was the first time such an action was taken against a cat in Fairfield.

In effect, Lewis is under house arrest, forbidden to leave his home.

Solveira also arrested the cat’s owner, Ruth Cisero, charging her with failing to comply with the restraining order and reckless endangerment.

Here’s the answer!!!!!!!!!!!

Josh answered my email from last night: 

Hello 🙂

It comes from

a book by him, and I trascribed his name wrong it
seems 🙂

It has become too easy to see that the luckless men of
the past lived by mistakes, even absurd beliefs, so we
may well fail in a decent respect for them, and forget
that historians of the future will point out that we
too lived by myths.  ~Herbert J. Muller, Freedom in
the Western World

Is the proper quote, it seems. Silly fingers….

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

So, that’s that!  Mystery solved!

The oddest thing….

I’m surfing the net, looking for various things, and I come across this website.  It appears to be a website dedicate to quotes, some famous, some not, of all kinds of thougths and ideas.

Then something catches my eye:  

It has become too easy to see that the luckless men of the past lived by mistaken, even absurd beliefs; so we may fail in a decent respect for them, and forget that the historians of the future will point out that we too lived by myths.  – Herbert Huller
I find it odd only because my dad’s name was Herbert Huller (the one that disappeared when I was 10 only to be found dead five years ago).  So I am going to email this guy who has this website and ask him about this quote.  What is the possibilty?  Could this guy have met and known my dad in the life he was leading after he left us? Or is there someone that was an “original” Herbert Huller, and my dad copied his name when he came here from Austria?   It seems really wierd that you learn more about the people that shaped you and molded you AFTER they are gone, then when they are here.  Tune in for the answer… assuming this guy even knows where it came from.

Microsoft Redoes the iPod Box

I’m sure most of you have seen this and I’m sorry for the junk mail – but this is just too good to pass up.

Apparently this video was done by a Microsoft Marketing director attempting to show the department what is wrong with its packaging by using the Apple box as their building block.
If you have a minute or two to waste – check it out.

Microsoft Redoes the iPod Box

Last Night

Another long evening.  After work i got to have dinner at the Leal’s.  Then it was off to KVMV for a meeting on EAS.  EAS is the system that broadcasters use to alert the public of an emergegncy.  You may recongize the “duck farts” that are typically heard once a week on radio stations.  So during the meeting the first few hours were just about what EAS is.. how it’s sopoused to work and what was wrong about the design and what was wrong here in the valley.  The last 30 minutes of the actuall meeting were probably the most productive.  I was suprised that being the new guy at the meeting, i got addressed a few times and chosen to help with a few projects.  One is taking on the website for the group.  So last night i created a site real quick with wordpress.  today i’m going to work on making it functional.  Another thing, they decided to make KTEX the LP1 and KKPS the LP2 which means that we would share the responsibility of listening to messages from the primary entry points and sending out those messages to the local tv and radio stations here in the valley.

And I also got asked by the station here to help with sales on our websites.  So that’s going to be a new project of mine.. with some possibilty of some extra spending money.  Speaking of spending money.. i really need a new bed.  i’m going to make that a priority this comming vacation.  vacation?  i think i’m scheduled to work through it already but oh well.


The generator here at work is having a bad day.  the battery charger isn’t working or the battery itself is dead.. either way.  the alarm that keeps an eye on all the critical parts of the generator has this high piched continous beep that sounds to alert us of the problem.  We’re trying to manually charge the battery but no luck yet.  meanwhile, everyone in the building is having to put up with this annoying sound until the problem can be corrected.