It’s a dry heat

What does this phrase mean anyway?  I mean.. i was in Phoenix for about a week.. and the temprature was hot according to the weather man but.. it didn’t feel hot.  It felt COOLER actually there than it does at home.  I could so live there.  But- the lack of rain kind of bothers me.  I mean.. i like rain.  I’l miss rain



Rio Grande Wannabe Valley

that’s what i’m giong to start calling it now. 

Wikipeidia says: A valley is a landform, which can range from a few square miles (square kilometers) to hundreds or even thousands of square kilometers in area. It is typically a low-lying area of land, surrounded by higher areas such as mountains or hills.

There is NOT any mountians of hills of any type here.  Now phoenix, that’s another story…

It was so nice up there.  It wasn’t hot.  well the temprature was hot.. but not hot like here.  it didn’t feel hot at all.  Clearc Channel just moved into a new building there so everything was new.  Some of the studios were not even completed yet.  They really got there act together.  I went out there to put 4 new HD2 radio stations on the air there.  It wasn’t as bad as i was expecting it to be.  It all came together very nicely. I’m happy.. but happy to be home too.  I missed Patti and the kids, and ozzie and manuel.  it’s nice to be home finally

honest simon

I believe that Simon Cowell is the most honest man in America.  Perhaps even more so than Honest Abe.  Except where Abe walked a mile to bring back a penny, Simon might walk 10 miles for say . . . 3 million dollars.  But when it comes to actually speaking his mind, Simon Cowell might be the most honest man in America.  The money thing, I can’t vouch for.

What I do know is that as another season of American Idol comes to a close with this week’s finale, through it all Simon has been the one judge you can count on to tell it like it is. While Paula has been the judge we can count on for new comedy material each week, and Randy has taught us how to be more street, and for that I just gotta say – “Thanks dawg!”

much better

I’m feeling so much better today. Yesterday was extremely productive. Built 4 audio servers, setup the new stations within the software, delivered the equiptment to all the transmitters and setup two transmitter sites. Had some audio card problems at one site but by the time the day was over, i had one HD2 station already on the air. I’m at at 4 am right now and ready to take on the last two stations. I may be done early here assuming things go well.

I got to meet steve davis. His card reads, Senior Vice President; Engineering and capital Managment. He’s shorter than i expected. All and all things have been going well. Today i have just a few things left on my list. Thursday, my last full day, will just be training and showing them how to make the final transfer. Two of the stations aren’t even at this location yet which will probably mean taking the servers to the transmitter directly. Anyway.. i’m off to get my day started. I’ll try and take some photo’s for you guys today.

a bad start

Well.. at least the worst part is over.  I flew in to Phoenix today.  I have this head cold so every time we landed i felt like my head was going to explode.  I have never felt so much pain in my head like that.  then i got here and i got lost right off the back.  But i found my problem.  I got my directions from the airport… the car rental place is on the other side of town.  so i was really lost. but i got to do some sight seeing.  so i’m here at the facilities, very impressive by the way.  i got my access card and my login for their system but i forgot to test my login before the engineers left.  So this means i get to go home early.  or to the hotel room at least

just another day..

i got an email from the prod company for carmen, after i’ve been trying to get them to give us some information regarding the tech stuff, he came saying..

From: []
Sent: Wednesday, May 17, 2006 11:34 PM
To: Munoz, John
Subject: Re: “Carmen” in Edinburg, TX


I’m sorry but I don’t know who you are.

Sometimes i just want to hit people.
Like this past week we moved one of the traffic people to a new computer. She uses a special scanning program to send invoices and stuff to corporate. i couldn’t get it to work using there instructions. this took up most of my day. i called the helpdesk.. they couldn’t figure it out.. they called in the big guys.. they couldn’t figure it out. finally i was getting frustrated with calls, does it work yet, does it work yet, so i fiddled around finally made it work myself.
sometimes i just want to hit people.
so then wild has this contest they want to run. they should have thought it through and had them use the built in rate-a-pic system that our websites have for just this purpose.. but no.. they had people email them.. then we have to repost them back on the site. it’s a pain. a big pain. i’ve reuploaded them at least 3 times now.
sometimes i just want to hit people.
i am just hoping for a quite thursday and friday. next week i’m getting sent off to phoenix to get those station on the air with HD2. i hope and pray it doesn’t take all week.

A Thought Occurs

With so much grumbling about the church lately, a thought occurs.

Whenever one mentions it, they refer to it as “[pastor’s] church”.  Whenever there is any complaint or whatnot, it’s always the same fallback answer: “it’s [pastor’s] church”.

What if it isn’t [pastor’s] church?

Bathroom Etiquette for Women

So you may have noticed something about the ICBE. And whether or not you have, we’re definitely going to tell you about it right now – the ICBE’s fulltime staff consists entirely of men. “AUGH!” you might say, but it’s really not as bad as it sounds. Because we all have our own offices, and naturally, we all practice very good bathroom etiquette. Thing is though, we really don’t know anything about women. Some of us are even married, some of us even have kids, but do you think we know a darn thing? Nada. So we’ve decided to start collecting reader tips* about bathroom etiquette for women, and posting them on this page.
*the ICBE accepts no responsibility if these tips suck!

“The (Toilet) Swan” Writes:  

Some General Tips:

  1. Flush Flush Flush until all your friends are gone!
  2. If you sprinkle when you tinkle, be a sweetie and wipe the seatie. (yeah, I stole it, but its still good)
  3. If you are the cause of a clog, and you KNOW if you are, kindly take it upon yourself to first, attempt to correct it; and secondly, report it!
  4. Wash your hands, that’s where disease comes from.
  5. It is polite to pull down paper towels for the other person in the restroom with you. This also invites them to wash their hands.
  6. Please inform your friends if they have tucked in their skirts, tissue hanging from their feet, or paratroopers hanging from their noses.

(Mike’s Note: These sound like good tips for you men out there too! Possibly minus the skirts thing.)

Nantarina writes:  

On Going to the Bathroom in Groups:


It is not only appropriate for women to go in groups (preferably holding hands and giggling), it is severely reprehensible for a girl to go alone. For men, perhaps, hanging around and chatting to other men in public lavatories is to frowned upon. For ladies, however, the “bathroom” is a centre for socialising excellence. On many occasions, the best part of my evening out has consisted of those minutes (or, when my lovely friend was very very sick, hours) spent near the mirrors chatting and complimenting and borrowing make-up. This space provides a valuable haven in which to be updated on everything as it happens, and voice a preferably bitchy opinion.

It is also a nice place to chat to obviously never-to-be-seen again people and characters and you can get quick sudden glimpses into the lives and usually-all-the-same dreams (- to find a rich handsome etc etc) of people who have lives a million miles from your own and who wear clothes you wouldn’t be seen dead in, but if you did, would look a whole lot fucking sexier on you. But to fully use these facilities, it is necessary to arrive accompanied, or you may create the wrong impression. Particularly if you’re in a gay bar.

What is wholly unacceptable, I think, is when a girl says she needs the loo and nobody claims to want to go too. SERIOUSLY POOR ETIQUETTE! Consider your sisters!!!

(Apart from anything else, there are often shockingly long and boring queues)

On Talking Acros Stall Walls:

It depends on the significance and brilliance of the topic. Will random strangers overhearing you be fascinated or bored? This is the golden rule.

On the lack of a Proper Receptacle for Feminine “Products”:

Urgh. Nasty topic. Not to be spoken about in public, darling. REALLY!

Well, if you insist… I always carry scented and sealable, disposable and discreet little bags in my handbag, with which to convey the said products to the nearest, to use your charming phrase (though with discreetly corrected spelling) appropriate receptacle. Sort of.

On Crouching vs. Sitting:

Why, quite obviously this depends on the location. Personally I avoid contact with any public seat, including those in student houses. Many years ago, I visited a lavatory where there were loo-seat-shaped-paper dispensers next to the tp dispensers. They didn’t really fit the seat perfectly, but I was nonetheless impressed. It can only have been in France, I am sure, that blessed centre of sophistication.

On the Matter of Email in the Bathroom

So before I say anything on the matter, I should probably make a confession – I have been known to do email while on the toilet. It’s not my favorite place to do email, but it has happened. Now I blame this mostly on the fact that I simply do not have enough magazine subscriptions to keep me occupied, since frankly I’d rather be reading a magazine, but I guess that’s somewhat beside the point. Turns out though, I’m not alone. A recent survey (I love surveys, you can make they say anything you want if you put your mind to it), showed that 15% of people check their email in the can. So let’s all just admit it’s happening, and come up with some guidelines for it.

Choice of Device

Think about this one for a minute. Not all email devices are the same, you’ve got your laptops, your Blackberry’s, your cell phones, your PDAs, and probably a few other things I’ve forgotten in my old age. Of all these, the laptop is the trickiest since it’s the biggest. You might be able to pull this one off in your own home, where you have a clean surface to put the laptop on, but for god’s sake leave it out of the public bathroom. At some point you’re going to have to put it down, and you do not want to be putting it on the floor. Nothing should ever touch the floor of a public bathroom besides the soles of your shoes. The rest are pretty much pocketable, so you should be able to get at them and stow them away with little difficulty.

Think About What You are Touching

I mean really think about it. Everything that you touch with your hands is a source of possible contamination – especially out in public where you have no idea what filthy bastards have been using the bathroom before you. So if you touch something, and then touch your Blackberry, you are pretty much coating that Blackberry with feces. Really. And that’s pretty gross when you think about it.

Think About if You Really Need to

How long are you really going to be on the crapper? Is the world really going to end if you don’t check your email in the next 4 minutes? Probably not, so you should probably just think about some nice things you could do for your wife or husband or mother instead. Spend some quality time with your brain, and remember how much you’ve missed it. Then again, there are those occasions where we hunker down for a good 15 minutes to get some serious evacuation done. This is the time you might want to whip out that PDA.

What will Others Think?

If you aren’t the boss, you might want to think about what the boss will think when he catches you checking your email in the can with the company’s hardware. Let’s face it, you aren’t being as quiet as you think you are, and any boss worth a damn can recognize all of his employees by his shoes. Okay, I just made that last bit up, but it’s still worth thinking about. Especially when you wonder why your boss puts on rubber gloves every time he comes over to your desk.

Some Final Thoughts

If you’ve made it this far, you’ve probably come to the same conclusions I have. Email in the bathroom can be okay once in awhile, but don’t make it a habit. And try to keep it to the home, where at least you have some idea of what you are getting yourself into

Going At Home

The ICBE focusses on etiquette for the public bathroom because the rules are the trickiest there, and frankly what you do in your own home is largely your own business. However, most of us don’t live alone and so there are some rules of etiquette that you should be following at home. Note that many of these rules will apply if you are a guest in someone else’s home as well.

If you live alone, and have no guests, do what you want
Yes, you read that right. If you live alone, and if you never have any guests at all (sorry to hear that), then go ahead and do whatever the heck you please. I mean really, etiquette isn’t about you, it’s about other people, so if there are no other people there is no etiquette!

Leave the seat down
Yes, you heard me correctly. Stop being lazy men, and put the darn seat back down. Really, is it so hard to do something thoughtful for the women in your life? How would you feel if you sat down directly into the toilet bowl one day? Not so hot eh? (End confrontational tone) There have been studies done which show that the most efficient thing to do is simply to leave the seat in whatever position it was when you finished up, but this is one of those cases where we think women need a break.

Learn to Aim
We realize that it’s not always easy to hit the toilet bowl (actually that’s not true, we just made that up to make you feel better). But just because you missed and peed all over the seat and floor, doesn’t mean you should leave your work on display for all to see. Wipe that pee up! This goes for public bathrooms too, there’s no excuse to leave a trail of piss behind anywhere.

Close the Door
Unless you and everybody else you live with agree that it’s okay to use the toilet with the door open, you should probably close it. Your husband or wife might not mind so much if you are doing a #1, but your roomates probably will. And nobody wants to watch you poop – trust me.

Don’t Pee in the Shower
Of course if the first rule applies you are free to pee anywhere you want, though we are always surprised that people enjoy standing in a pool of their own urine. Chances are though somebody else is going to use your shower sometime, and we really don’t think they are going to want to have anything to do with your pee. Go to the bathroom before you get in the shower, and save us all from being grossed out.

Use the Fan
Not all bathrooms have fans, and that’s too bad. But if the bathroom does have a fan, you should probably be using it – especially for #2. Not only is it going to help with the smell, but it’s going to cover up all those lovely noises that have a tendency to emanate from the bathroom under the most opportune of circumstances. Heck, it’s even good to help prevent mold and mildew, and I think everyone can agree that’s a good thing.

Replace the Toilet Paper
Go to the bathroom often enough, and sooner or later you are going to be the one that finishes the roll. Don’t just leave the empty roll dangling there, replace it! You don’t want to get halfway through a #2 only to spot an empty roll, and neither does anybody else. Oh, and don’t pretend that two squares left counts either. That’s just stupid.