For John

I could write for hours, use the finest words in Webster’s, fill pages upon pages with verse. But only two words are needed. Two words are everything I want to say:

Thank you.

Two words, two syllables. So tiny. In these words I say so many things. You are very special, holding my hand when the world is too much, hugging me when I can not bear life:

Thank you.

I have shown you my heart of hearts, the person inside I am afraid to reveal.
Your sweet words and sweet face, bringing me back from the edge. All I can do is say: 

Thank you, John, and I love you.


I feel so exhausted yet so acomplished

We’ve been working on getting these dishes sighted for some new shows… hold up upon hold ups kept comming up.  Missing parts, wrong parts sent, etc etc.. So finally this morning we got all the parts in and we ventured up on the roof to get the dish pointed to the right satelite up in the sky.  It was super hot today and even though we weren’t up there but a few hours yet it felt like the sun sucked of my very will to live.  After all that work we still didn’t have the dish pointing right.  imagine trying to focus a laster pointer on one star in the sky.. in the middle of the heat of the day.  We took a break.. around 3 we tried again.. this time with patience adrian and i sat down with water bottles, umbrella’s and the time to move centemeter by centimeter .. sweeping the sky in one direction.. raising a half turn.. then slowly sweeping the other direction.. my meter kepts hitting birds out there.. but none were the one i was looking for.. so i was chatting with adrian as we’re doing this… no actually i think someone from san antonio called… and as i was on the phone with them.. i was moving the dish and the normal . beep…. beep.. beep.. changed to a burp…and my display showed the majic word “FOUND” 

It just took slow and small movements but it finally came in.  funny how life is like that sometimes.  We rush and rush to get things done.. sometimes the only way to actually get something done right is just to stop, give your mind a rest.. and then take small motions to get your problem fixed.

this week…

On my yellow post it note for this week.
-Setup trafficlink between tapscan and verio
-Check spot closures for Bobby Likis
-Cable new satelites with RG6 (5 runs)
-Check termination at ZaZoo’s
-Wire up 23pin connectors for Delay
-RKS One Day sale thursday
-Toll Free redirect for TTN
-Install 2nd com port TTN
-Finish EPIF
-Ship off Goldeneagle.

do us a favor, don’t die

i’m so ready for this family stuff to be over with.  i always thought that the days of name calling, backbiting and just flat out whining were over after childhood.  That doesn’t always to be be the case though.  They are finally going to court, this time tommrow things should be underway.  I’m just so ready for this stuff to be over with.  I even offered my share to the bickering party.  It seams to be the contention that this will not end until every life inbetween has been disturbed.


1 : showing or suggesting a lofty and courageous spirit

magnanimous sufferings of their followers — Joseph Addison>
2 : showing or suggesting nobility of feeling and generosity of mind magnanimous for resentment — Ellen Glasgow

Happy Birthday Hannah

12 years old today. Wow. I remember when i first came here from San Isidro, she was still in a stroller. Now look at these kids. When i turned 12 i thought it was the coolest thing. I couldn’t eat off the childrens menu anymore. i could go to pool by myself (still coudln’t drive thier though) and i had made it through 4 presidents already.
I hope you have a great day
and may someone smash cake in your face 🙂

Two men jailed in Gutierrez slaying

Eagle Staff Writer

Two Houston men have been charged in connection with the shooting death last month of a Bryan High School graduate and House of Tires heir.

Joseph Dennis Lewis, 25, was charged Saturday with the slaying of 25-year-old Micheal Gutierrez, according to Houston police reports. Shelton Dewayne Strawder, 21, was charged with tampering with evidence for his actions following the Feb. 22 slaying, the reports state.

Gutierrez was in Houston scouting locations for a new House of Tires store, family members said. He had gone to meet a friend for dinner and drinks at the Marq*E Entertainment Center in the 7600 block of Katy Freeway when he was shot in the parking lot.

Witnesses told police they heard a single gunshot and then saw a dark-colored sedan drive away. Gutierrez ran a short distance before collapsing in the parking lot, according to police.

Investigators think the shooting was drug related, but a press release issued over the weekend didn’t elaborate. It was not clear late Tuesday how the shooting might have been drug related or whether Gutierrez had any involvement with drugs.

A Houston police spokesman referred questions to homicide division Sgt. G. Gonzales, one of the investigators on the case. Gonzales could not be reached Tuesday, and a message on his voice mail said he would be out of the office until next week.

Lewis and Strawder remained jailed Tuesday in Harris County, according to Harris County Sheriff’s Department online records. Lewis was being held on $100,000 bond, the records state. A bond amount had not been set for Strawder.

Gutierrez’s family has owned House of Tires on South Texas Avenue in Bryan for nearly four decades.

I need to quit wearing black

The past few days, each time i wear black i end up working in the cieling or cralwing on the roof or tossing bricks around. I think i’m going to start wearing white. Today’s Sandy’s birthday. Everyone wish her a happy birthday. Tommrow is Hannah’s. Saturday is angelfood, and the Browsville Childrens Measuem is having an Astronomy thing going on.
Sunday is a work day at church. And i’m sure something else will come up between then and now. Oh and we need to finish Marshall and Tracy’s video.
Yup.. another boring weekend.

It was an easier weekend than last

I really didn’t do to much. Saturday something wierd was going on screwing up our satelite feeds at 1.15gigahertz. it would go and come. really wierd. went to the races that night. Tori came in 2nd. They ended up getting her her own thunder car. I have to admit i’m slightly nervous about it.. but they are safer in those cars than we are in our own.

Six Strange Facts

1. Most stories from my child hood began, One day, my brother, my cousin and I….

2. One day we were playing chase in the back yard, with a bb-gun, and i got shot.

3. When i was just crawling, my sister used to take my favorite toy, (a stuff rabbit) and put it at the top of the stairs that of which i was not allowed to climb. So i would go after it and get in trouble for climbing the stairs.

4. I used to have a huge stuttering problem when I was younger. Everyone used to tease me about it. Up until highschool.

5. I had a birthmark under my thigh. A few years ago i noticed that i lost it. Never was able to find it again.

6. I hate talking on the phone, yet i feel detached and anxious when i’m away from my phone.