“Secret Of The Easy Yoke”

i could hear the church bells ringing
they pealed aloud your praise
the members faces were smiling
with their hands out stretched to shake
it’s true they did not move me
my heart was hard and tired
their perfect fire annoyed me
i could not find you anywhere

could someone please tell me the story
of sinners ransomed from the fall
i still have never seen you
and some days i don’t love you at all

the devoted were wearing bracelets
to remind them why they came
some concrete motivation
when the abstract could not do the same
but if all that’s left is duty
i’m falling on my sword
at least then i would not serve
an unseen distant lord

if this is ony a test
i hope that i’m passing
cause i’m losing steam
and i still want to trust you

peace be still


Viva la france

it’s easy to take cheap shots at a country whose people wear berets with absolutely no sense of irony. really—google france and you’ll see people walking around with berets on and you’ll end up thinking, “no—they’re not really wearing berets,

relaxing weekend

It was a relaxing weekend. Saturday Patti and I went to the thrift stores with Clare and Richard, a coworker of her’s and her daughter. It was neat walking through some of these places and seeing the stuff that some people get rid of. And wondering why on earth someone would have bought this in the first place. Hannah found some neat hats, Patti got some shirts and sweaters, and i had a good time. Later that evening we went to the beach to get away for a while. It was nice to escape. It was fairly windy and got some nice waves out there. This weekend we have angelfood, and i think that’s it right?

Talk Like A Pirate Day

You’ve read about it in Dave Barry’s blog. Maybe you caught one of our radio or TV interviews. Or maybe you just stumbled on to our site while googling around for sites your mother probably wouldn’t approve of. Perhaps you’re one of the millions of people from South Africa to Australia, from New York to the Pacific Northwest, who party like pirates every September 19th.


Last night Patti, Hannah and I got to go see Gretchen Wilson. It was an awesome show. It ran a little late but it was still fun. Made for a long day. About noon i got word about a new club that needed to get setup for a broadcast that evening. (and they are just telling me about this the afternoon the day of) so i run out there and the club still has construction going on. Litterly the booth isnt’ even setup. so we find the isdn, do a test call but they don’t have a working wireless internet. So had no way to setup the station with the clubs info, so i leave the guys there waiting and i run around town looking for an open wap somewhere. I end up at burger king, bought a frozen coke and sat down and set them up. then i rushed over to the dodge arena and got that setup for the broadcast. We were on tmobile but the connection in there was really bad. hard doing wireless in a tin can. so i ran to my car to get a cable to wire up to a phone line. as i’m walking past the ticket booth i see a GFI outlet cover with the label ISDN on it. “Can i really do an ISDN shot from here? what would be awesome!” and i just happen to have a zepher in my car from the setup at the club earlier today. so i got the cable which just happen to be long enough to reach from the booth to where we were setup. got it all gaffed down and plugged it in (i also asked the tech at the arena if the line was up. he said yea. i asked what the spids where, he looked like deer at a new gate) ok.. never mind then. so i plugged it in “Inactive” my display said…. darn.. oh well. it was fun while it lasted. They said they would have an isdn for us next time. They’ve been saying that since oh.. i dunno.. ALAN JACKSON.

nature at it’s finest

i was watching a show on discovery i think.. about ants. i usually hate the little buggers but these ants were interesting. they were called Slavemaker ants. I learned alot.. like when some ants are attacked.. the guards at the front of the den release an acid could that keeps away the unwanted.. well.. it doesn’t affect these guys. So they invade and the queen then battles the slavemaker qween. The attacked queen bites the slavemaker qween over and over but the slavemaker will eventually kill the other one. But with all the scent of the original qween the other ants will assume that this is the original qween when in fact it’s an imposter. At that point the new qween will have them do her bidding instead. Also, they take the eggs from that colonly to there nest and raise them as there own. then these other ants must work as slave labors for the slavemaker ants. it was really interesting.
speaking of ants… we have all these wierd bugs dead outside. they have the color and wings of wasp.. and about that size but the body of a monster ant. and they are all dead or dying on the cement by the doors. really wierd.

early morning

my alarm clock went off at 3am this morning.  We have the Ronald McDonald radiothon going on today.  I had to finish hooking up the phone lines and all our broadcast equiptment, as well as finish setting up a sever back at the station.  so now it’s 10am and i’m all out of steam.  ready for a nap.  just 9 more hours.

5 years ago

i was working at church doing some editing or something.  i used to work mornings at church lunch with patti and afternoons with jeff at twin.  patti called me and said i heard what happened?  i hadn’t.. she said to turn on the tv.  what channel?  any channel.  so i turned on the first channel i found, nbc i think.. and there was the world trade center with one of the buildings on fire.  i though.. oh wow.. someone accidently few into the tower.  stuipd people. 

a few years ago i got to walk through new york.  amy and i were walking around the business district.. i dont’ think we had an agenda of where to go or what to do.. but in the midst of walking all of a sudden there was a change in the atmosphere.  the constant noise, cars, honking, whistles and every other noise you could imagine all seamed to fade away.  i noticed a big contruction area we were walking around and about that moment i realized where i was.  it was a very sombering moment.