Happy Birthday Risa

I can still remember the day she was born.  It was a sunday morning.  We had just gotten out of church and headed straight for the hospital.  I even got to hold her and she was just hours old.  She had a full head of hair and weighed less than ozzie.  In the years that have passed, my heart has to love her more and more.  She’s taught me alot about myself and being loved, just for being around.  not for what i do or what i bring, but just for being there.  I look forward to each tuesday i get to spend with all of the Leal’s.  I find it enjoyable to just sit on the carpet and play.  something i never get to do anymore.  if i thought i could get away with it, i would get myself a set of lincon logs for my bedroom.  I wanted to take this moment say thank you for showing me it’s ok to sit and have fun and play.  Ten years from now, i hope we all can still do that. 

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Happy Birthday Risa

more vacation..

well… i got told yesteday that i have two weeks of vacation i need to take before the year is over, so i’m going to take the last two weeks of december off.  I really want to get to take patti and the girls out sking or something.  just to get away.  but she doesn’t have any vacation time so we’ll just have to plan it for next time.

yesterday was a produtive day.  at the leals i got to help romeo install power to a ceiling fan in one of the bedrooms.  it was acutally a fairly straight forward job, unlike other tasks we’ve done around there.  now we just need to swap out another ceiling fan. 

pleanty of food this weekend

well, we got out early on wednesday.  so i got my hair cut.  thursday was thanksgiving.  patti, the girls and myself went to the ranch.  of course there was tons of food.  there seams like a whole lot more people.  well, gaberil has his group, we had ours, joe’s famliy was there, mostly.  just seams like it keeps getting bigger.

friday morning was sopoused to go to South Padre Island to setup some equiptment for the Cowboys Sports Network covering a tournament at the convention center.  Their engineere wasn’t going to be in in time to get them setup and ready so they called me.  Carey had offered his place previoiusly so it would all work out well.  So i’m in Laguna Vista and the engineer calls that he’ll be ontime.  so… i was that far already so i just went to the condo and spent the rest of the weekend just resting.  mostly because i didn’t want to have to drive back.  I got to get some good pictures out of it though.

sunday after church Patti, Hannah and myself went to the ranch to work on my dad’s pc.  ended up having to restore the entire pc.  It had a built in partition with the restore disks on it, but it required burning the partition onto two dvd’s.  ok fine.. after two hours we then had to reinstall the dvd’s back onto the pc.  so another two hours later reboot and find out the the restore didn’t create the boot loader.  ok.. fine.. i had my disk with me so i just nuked the partition and reinstalled it my way.  30 miniutes later that was done.  i then reinstalled the drivers and office 03 and we were finally done.  got to have a good lunch and dinner out of it though.�



well.. a mini one at least.  just some time to get away and relax, before i have to get back to reality.  Today is black friday.  for some reason people look forward to waking up at midnight to go shopping with hoardes of other people.  It’s insane i tell you.  I have never myself taken part of the festivities except for one year that we did a broadcast from walmart at 6 in the morning.  i was wondering, why in the world would we have to be there at 6am.  i’ll get there early at 5 and setup and have no problem.  HA!  the parking lot was beyond full.  i had never seen anything like it in my life.  I did find something out though.  Why they call it black friday.  apperently, this is the day that most retail stores go from being in the red to to actually being in the black.  all in one day.  and why do they open at such ungodly hours?  the outlet mall was open at midnight.  well.. for one- the longer the check outs are open, the more people they can run through there.  and also, you get someone up at 6am to get this awesome deal, they know that there is alimited supply and they can’t go out shopping for the best buy.  they will just go and get what they find and assume that will be there only choice.  the earlier the store is open, the better chance that store has of haveing all your busisness rather than splitting it amoungts others.  i don’t doubt that in the future the sales will start as soon as the turkey is eaten on thanksgiving.. but that’s just my opinion.

now where is that IHOP at?  i’m hungry.


Wii, PS3, 360

These terms seam to be comming up around here more and more.  Not wanting to be too far behind i decided to find out what these things are.  I turned to the best gaming guru i know for my answers.


Saturday Tori Hannah and I went to game stop for no reason associated with anyone’s possible present.  I’m not confirming or denying any gift or gifts that may or may not have been purchased there.  But while we were at this place, they had all these boxes of these things.  But that’s it.  just empty boxes.  Apperently they were all sold out or not released.  I mean, why put a box up of something you don’t have or wont’ have for a while?  i guess that’s why i the only pc game i play is solitare. 

Weekend Report

Saturday morning woke up early for food distribution.  Than patti made fajitas so i got to enjoy food there.  Then i took Tori and Hannah out for some early christmas shopping for thier mom and dad.  I think it will be easier to get my shopping done early instead of waiting for chistmas eve to go shopping.  I mean i love the excitment of pushing old mexican ladies out of the way with minutes to go before the stores close, but i’m just getting to old for that now.  After shopping we went to the races.  Hannah was doing really good until her chain broke.  I really thing she could have come out first or even second.  But that’s racing.  And tori was doing really well too until her engine starting puking up oil.  But still.  i had fun.

Sunday i needed to get to church early to get stuff ready, and as i’m turning on to mccol from freddy i see a city truck with a bunch of those road block things in the back of the truck.  and i drive forward and there are all these AEP trucks erecting a new light pole.  I guess some drunk decided it was in his way sometime during the night.  But they got it up and running before service.  The kids did this really cool puppet skit.  I’ll get some photos of it on the church website in a bit.  After church and a nap, we went to go see Happy Feet.


This movie on the surface looks cute and quite humeroius.  But the truth behind it, it’s another way for the evil liberals to reach our kids with there “Big Oil” message and false hopes of a nonfunctional UN.  But don’t let me spoil the movie for you. 

all i wanted was an icee.

It LOOKS like a real icee... but nothing could be futher from the truth... 

i thought it was a simple request.  we had pizza here at work but i was thirsty so i went to mcdonalds.  the lady on the speaker in the drive thru never came on.  ok. so i backed up and went inside.  the guy infront of me was waiting and then they let him know there credit card machine wasn’t working.  ok.. so i drive all the way across town to burger king who i know has frozen cokes.  i pull up to the speaker and order the biggest frozen coke they have.. there frozen coke doesn’t work.  so now i’m really feeling down.  i drive up the road to go back to work and at the intersection is a valero.  i pullin there and walk in.  i can almost here the melodic angels singing as i see there quad serve icee machine.  i walk up to the brown one and grab the biggest cup they have, a huge plastic 94oz.  filled it up, paid the lady 1.08 and got in my car.  i take a sip, wha… that can’t be right.  i took another sip.  it was an icee, but not a frozen coke icee.  it was cinemon.   who in there right mind puts a cinnomon icee machine in there store.  i made my way through a few sips but it was giving me a headache and now i’m just to sad to try again.  oh well.

Ozzie, work and weekend

Ozzie is doing much better.  Patti and I took him to the vet tuesday.  he behaved very well.  much better than Chloie.  He didn’t leave Patti’s side but he didn’t fuss either.  I stayed with him the rest of the day, and patti helped me straighen up my bedroom.  we must have thrown out about 4 bags of old clothes and 4 bags of garbage. 

Clear channel made two press releases this morning. 

This one and This one 

I doubt much will change for us here.  If anything maybe things will finally lossen up around here.  Instead of trying to make the books look as good as possible now we can get some real work done for a change.  Ok.. enough ranting.  you may now resume your day.

she cries

Won't you come away with me tonight? We can fly past the moon and the starlight. It doesn't matter where you've been before On a night like this It doesn't matter where you've been before I'll love you like this (And she cries, she cries, yeah)
Can't you see, I won't leave But you have to open your eyes Here I stand, take my hand Let go of the fear that you hold
Don't throw your pearls to the swine tonight Don't let them take your innocence Just remember the times that I held your hand and kept you close Remember the times I held you up and now (She cries, she cries, yeah)
Can't you see, that I won't leave But you have to open your eyes Here I stand, take my hand Let go of the fear you hold

ozzie’s better

went went this morning to the vet.  Ozzie was a really good boy.  Didn’t fuss or anything.  He got a shot and some medicine we have to give him three times a day.  But so far he’s been much better.  been eating and keeping it down.  i’m glad that was all it took.