we started off the morning.  patti needed to go look at a wedding dress so lori r. came with us and we all went to corpus.  while they girls were doing what ever it is girls do in a wedding dess shop, i got to walk around the mall, check out some ridding lawn mowers, check out a model train shop, and get two suits.  and of course i can’t be that close to a winersnitzel and not get a few.  there is just something intoxicating about the smell of a windernitzell. it’s just amazing.  mostly because of the memories.  we always used to get them in bryan.  i guess it’s kind of a good thing they don’t have one here in mcallen.  it would just lose it’s sentimate.


yesterday hannah and i went to the measueum in edinburg.  i hadn’t been there since i was in jr high.  they really fixed up the place.  I was really amazed and recomended it to all of my friends.

Today we went to the one in brownsville.  They have a childrens measuem.  Damian and Dante came with us.  After wards we spent some time at the park and then at the zoo.  I’m really tuckerd out now.

zoo etc 106

Christmas 2006

Christmas Eve has been busy.  Started off the morning at church.  We loaded up some great matertial to compliment the worship service and Patti worked her magic to make it all happen.  We had lunch at her house.  Randy made a turkey and all the fixings.  Then we let the kids open there presents.  A quick trip back to the church, a visit to Olga and Homer Soto’s, a quick tamale meal, and we were on our way to the ranch to eat all over again.  Seams to be a running theme here. 

christmas06 059

Here are the photo’s I took.  They are all low quality for space reasons but if you’d like any of them in the original high quality format, let me know which one(s) and i’ll make those sizes avaiable.  You can also order prints straight from here from shutterfly.

merry christmas eve

you know, most of this christmas season, it hasn’t felt like christmas yet.  weather in the 80’s, lots of and bussel.  a funeral.  loads of work.  just not the normal christmas season.  so yesterday morning i decided, you know, it’s the eve before christmas eve and i’m not even in the spirit yet.  i mean we had pleanty of christmas music running on all of our stations, we had a tree up, i had decorations all over, but i just didn’t feel christmasey.

 so i broke out my music collection and made a compilation of some of my favorite christmas music. 


put it on the car on my way to the office.   yeah, i’m on vacation but i had work to do there anyway so i got there around 10 and started working on a project.  mr meek wanted to get together on wednesday to install this new EAS equitpment on our HD2 channels that needs to be in place before 07.  The equiptment finally got here and i figured i’d get a head start on it so i dont’ have to spend more time in the office than i have to.  So after i installed the 1st one, i thought- you know Ken is going to wonder how i hooked it up let me put together some instructions and while i’m at it.. i can share it with the other engineers in the company.  So while i was hooking all those up, we had a show start at 3pm on KHKZ.  A christmas special from Disney.  Well the audio was there but we were not getting the network commands like, comercial break, and legal id and stuff.  so i started scratching my head, ended up i never finished the installation.  Well i did, but i had left the wiring open so that i woudln’t accidently make something go on the air that wasn’t sopoused to while i was setting up and testing.  So i plugged the final connectors in and vola!  I got in my car and headed to chruch to work on a video for  The weather was a crisp 49 degrees, the rain was falling, my christmas music was playing.  NOW it feels like christmas.  We got the video done and i headed to HEB to get some stuff.  Just some last minute things for christmas lunch and some stuff for the house.  I also neede some supplies to finish off my proposal.  I know this relationship timeline has been a bit backwards but it’s getting done. 

I’m not going to go into details about the proposal.  I wanted it to be special for her and all for her, but in the end she said Yes!!!

christmas06 025

vacation cont.

it’s been a busy vacation.  i’ve done alot of driving aroung, errands, getting things done around church, the new house, running kids around, etc.  wed made two trips to the court house, fixed the law office, thursday got the house inspected, picked up hannah, went to the office, delivered presents, walked around downtown mcallen for a bit.  oh- we were in this store and some lady came up to me and asked me something, i think it was something like “can i help you with something?” but in spanish.  so i replied “i beg your pardon?” and she kind of looked shocked at me.. look around shyly and walked away.  i thought it was kind of funny.  i mean, i know we are downtown but last i check, it was still in THIS part of the border.. but anyway.. after that we went to the mcallen measuem.  we were there at least three hours playing around checking out the exhibts and playing outside.  i think i had as much fun as Hannah did.  it was fun to put aside all the duties of being an adult for a while and get to run around playing hide-and-seek.  came home to try and restore my servers here at home, they got sick with someone trying to FTP in to them.  so i just closed the entire ftp port.  then Patti and i went to the steve holy concert. 


Richard Darrell Brumley, devoted husband, father, grand-father, loving son and brother, passed away on December 12, 2006. He was born February 28, 1947 in Fort Worth Texas, the son of Lucile and Darrell Brumley.

A graduate of Edinburg High School in 1965, he went on to earn his BBA at Pan American College. He grew up working alongside his father at Brumley’s Store for Men and later took over the business. Richard married Sandra Frederick in 1974 and they had four beautiful daughters. He then enjoyed working with people as a manager in the printing and office supply industry. His journey led to the fulfillment of his passion in full-time ministry as a counselor, prison minister, and Divorce Care teacher for Abundant Grace Community Church.

Richard was an active member of the community. He was a member of Phi Sigma Kappa, Edinburg Chamber, and Lions Club. He earned the rank of Eagle Scout and served in the United States Army Reserves. He served as a deacon, usher, Board of Trustees, and an ordained minister. He was a dedicated blood and plasma donor for United Blood Services. He continued his giving spirit even at death as an organ donor.

Richard enjoyed golf, baseball, and loved to attend his grandchildren’s activities. Richard was a gentle and generous man. He will be remembered as a man who was steadfast, loyal, and dedicated to sharing the Word of God. His legacy lives on in the many people whose lives he touched and helped to change. .”

Richard was preceded in death by his parents, Lucille and Darrell Brumley. He is survived by his wife, Sandra Brumley, of Edinburg,Texas; a sister, Catherine Brumley, of West Stockbridge, MA.; four daughters Gretchen Brumley, Erinn (Charles) Youngblood, Dawn Brumley Flores, and Bethany Brumley, all of McAllen, Tx; nine grandchildren, Preston, Jordan, Trenton, Makenzie, Madison, Caleb, Nicolas, Zoe, & Rylie; and an aunt, Elizabeth Compere, of McAllen, TX.

A memorial service will be held December 16 at 3 p.m. at Abundant Grace Community Church. In lieu of flowers, contributions can be made in his name to United Blood Services, Ivan Tait Ministries(children orphanages), and Oscar Roan Ministries (prison outreach).

“Well done thy good and faithful servant, and enter into your rest”.