wow, alot has been going on.  let me start with the most recent and work backwards.

  • Tuesday Morning – Pastor Jim called.  Richard Brumley past away early this morning around 3am.  His father had been i’ll and they went up to Colorado to go see him.  While up there, Richard had a stroke and left him with partial paralisys.  Shortly after that, his dad past away.  Yesterday the word was Richard had gotten worse, and was on a respirator and in a coma.  Now he’s finaly at peace.

Richard was one of those persons who was always there early and always there late.  One of the hard working behind the scene kind of person you never really realize, but you see what they do.  He took care of the security and ushers.  He held classes and headed up the prison ministry.  You could always recongize his laugh.  He would always tell Patti and I what a good couple we made, even before we knew it.  They are going to have the service here on saturday at 3.

  • Monday evening- We had the staff dinner for church last night.  It was nice to hang out with everyone.  Pastor even had me announce to everyone the engagment.  I figured everyone already knew, but now it was from the horses mouth.  Although much of the night i was in a daze, all these numbers kept running through my head.  BIG numbers, lots of years, and i just needed some time to let it all soak in.  I’m not the kind of person to make decisions in haste or quickly for that matter.  I mean, it took me two years to finally get the exact camera that i wanted.  Seriously, i can remember telling people two years ago about the rebel.  ok, well- patti said that when this thing would happen, God would just lay everything out at once.  That apperently is the way He does thing with her.  My encounters are not always as obvious.  Acutally usualy i need a huge neon sign to convince me.  Just give me some time to come to realization of all of this.  I never would have though this time a week ago i would have even found a house. 
  • Monday Morning we got approved for the loan.  It was a bit shocking at first.  When i first got the call i was thinking, what are you talking about.  but then it all started to come together.  Then it all started to hit me.  After i saw the truth in lending thing.  It’s funny how people who deal with this numbers all the time make it seam like such a small deal.  Oh it’s only a downpayment of 11, or other small factors like this and a quarter, it all seams so miniscual.  We both had been real excited about the house, but the possibility of not getting approved would have been pretty discourging.  Especially how everything ended up comming to gether.
  • Saturday Afternoon- we were running some errands getting some final christmas shopping done and patti had mentioned that the realator would be able to show the house if we wanted to see it.  Well, i hadn’t seen the inside of it yet so sure!  So we setup a time and brought the kids along.  I had already seen the website so i had a good idea of what i was looking at, but i spent more time paying attention to the kids and there take on it.  We had already chosen in our heads the rooms best suited for them, and as soon as they walked in and thru the house, they picked those exact same rooms, and everyone got what they wanted.  They also feel in love with the house at that moment.  This place is amazing.  Everything we could have asked for.  It’s in great condition and getting to see in in person complelty sold me on this house.  If we don’t get the financing for this, any other house we look at won’t be a nice as this place. 
  • Saturday AM- Patti took me to drive by the house.  We drove up two the huge carport.  It had a room attached to it as well that would be perfect for storage or tori’s drums.  I knew all this was here, but it didn’t really strike me untill i got to see it for myself.  Then we peered over the fence into the enormus back yard.  And the trees, ah the oaks were amazing.  The front even had some landscaping to it.  It’s not just he normal front lawn, but actaully multi leveled.  And so much grass, we are going to need a riding lawn mower for it all.  NO JOKE!
  • Friday Afternoon – The mortage company called, they need some more info for me.  I guess they are working on it. Probably wont be till monday untill we hear whats up. 
  • Friday-  Things just keep comming together with this house.  We are going to see if it’s even a posibilty.  No sense getting all worked up if we can’t afford it.  Patti’s goign to talk to the mortage company and see if we can get approved. 
  • Thursday Afternoon – Oh wow, this place is amazing.  Patti said it best when she said it’s everything we have been asking God for.  We needed a circular drive, it has it, we needed 5 bed rooms, it has it, we need two baths, it has it.  We need a room for tori’s drums, it has it, we need storage room for pattis’ drama stuff, it has it.  We wanted to keep Tori and Hannah in the same schools, we can.  I wanted trees and a big yard, oh wow.. it has it.  I wanted to wake up and step my feet into carpet, (wierd fetish of mine) and I can!, I wanted to have a view with lots of windows, the master bedroom has a wall of windows facing the back yard.  It’s like God took our wish list and said, “sure” what color. 
  • Thurday, Dec 7 11:26AM – Just got a voice message from Patti, she wants me to check out this realitors website to see a house.  I wonder what all this is about.



In a field of yellow flowers
Undeneath the sun
Bluest eyes that spark with lightning
Boy with shoes undone

He is young so full of hope
Reveling in tiny dreams
Filling up his arms with flowers
Right for giving any queen

Running to her beaming bright
While cradeling his prize
A flickering of yellow light
Within his mothers eyes

She holds them to her heart
Keeping them where they’ll be safe
Clasped within her very marrow
Dandelions in a vase

She sees love where
Anyone else would see weeds
All hope is found
Here is everything he needs

Fathomless your endless mercy
Weight I could not lift
Where  do I fit in this puzzle
What good are these gifts

Not a martyr or a saint
Scarcely can I struggle through
All that I have ever wanted
Was to give my best to you

Lord search my heart
Create in me something clean
You see flowers in these weeds

Gently lifting hands to heaven
Softened by the sweetest hush
A father sings over his children
Loving them so very much

More than words could warrant
Deeper than the darkest blue
More than sacrifice could merit
Lord I give my heart to you

choices, choices, choices.

spent another morning at the storage closet cleaning old stuff out.  it’s my assumption that they never cleaned them out before, just kept stuffing more and more files in there and not taking out the old ones.  so that’s what we’ve been doing.  5 truck loads later, the guys at the recycling center have alot of work on there hands.  now we have to get rid of all the years and years of trash.

we went to lubys for lunch (no suprise there) and they had three of my all time favorite luby’s dishes there.  Teryaki chicken, chicken supreme and there was something else too.. i forget now.  but all these choices, and all on the same day!  argh.. what to do.  so i got the fish.

Patti talked to James K today.  told him about everything going on, he was excited.  so now that we have his blessings, it’s forward march from here.  Isaac called to.  said congrats, and a computer question.  it’s the thought that counts!

Interesting week thus far

I had been trying to get Paula to call me back all weekend.  I wanted to share with her the news that it was finally official.  We had been talking about it off and on for a while but without having anything official, we really couldn’t move forward with plans.  And i think she was even feeling discouraged because up to that point, it was just all talk.  well we got the date cleared with pastor, got the date reserved with the caterer, started picking out invitations, and the program is in the works.  it’s like a big layout of dominos.  once you push that first die over, it’s on it’s own after that. 

last night was tori’s christmas concert.  in her words it was lame, but i really enjoyed the symphonic and wind bands.  concert band was.. well.. ok.  tonight is going to be hannah’s concert.  wed is church, thursday is pratice and lonestar with josh gracin, friday is patti’s office party, saturday is a school thing at hannah’s school, and then a puppet thing, sunday church, and christmas variety show, monday staff dinner.  oh and today is shannon imholf’s birthday.�

Birthday Party, Cold Ozzie


The party last night was alot of fun.  Hard to belive it’s been 8 years.  I enjoyed myself and i think Risa did too. 


This morning was a little chilli and woke up with ozzie on the covers colds, so i lifted the covers and he crawled right under and there he stayed even after i left.

Growl Power

Last night Patti, Hannah and I went to see the Cheetah Girls perform.  As we were walking up to the arena, i couldn’t help but notice all the kids that were there.  I mean tons of them.. all over the place.  It was like being in junior high all over again.  I mean, i never really minded school all that much, just all the darn kids all over the place.  So anyway, we get there and didn’t have to wait very long for the first act.  I wasn’t to impressed with them, or there setup.  I know, i get a kick out of the stage configuration but that’s just me.  They played ok.  they sounded like a bunch of teenage girls actually.  But after them, then came the main act.  I actually enjoyed them.  I only knew like two of there songs, (yes i’m admitting i knew two of the cheetah girl’s songs)  Patti and Hannah enjoyed it too.  now i’m going to have those songs stuck in my head for a while.  120106A1

you know, as long as i’ve worked here, i’ve had the chance to see alot of acts that i normaly woudln’t even have given a 2nd thought of seeing.  Tracy Lawerence, brooks and dunn, gretchen wilson, rascal flats, trick pony, kiss, chinese acrobats, blue man, stomp and many more that i’m sure i’ve forgotten.  but it’s not just getting to see those shows that’s cool.  it’s getting to take someone with me to see them.  i don’t think i’ve ever gone to see a show alone.  even if it’s an act i’ve seen before, i love getting to watch those with me enjoy the show.  Like stomp.  I had seen them in New York, but then i got to take Patti, Tori and Hannah to see them at the Majestic in San Antonio.  And i got a bigger kick out of watching the girls and there amazment.  Anyway, i have a great time last night.  I’m glad they chose to take me.