Wow, so that was 2006.  Carla and Jimmy got married, and then moved away.  Bobby Case died, Michael Gutierrez died, mortal peep fight, i bought a bed, we installed new sound at church, 14 gallons cost me $40, Big Love started, and finished, i actually watched some of american idol, went to phoenix, started planning my class reunion, Beto died, the Keller’s left, got 4 new tires, went fishing with jay, saw gretchen wilson again, saw the cheetah girls, saw the blue man group and the chinese acrobats, found balloons all over my room, Carmen had a concert, youtube got bought by google, i had a proposal, and a wedding date, found a new house, the bentleys are grandparents.

and this is 2007.  doesn’t taste any different.  i have to admit, i am anxious about all that 2007 has in store for patti and i.�