this generation

  • The people who are starting college this year across the nation were born in 1985:
  • They have no meaningful recollection of the Reagan era, and did not know he had ever been shot.
  • Black Monday 1987 is as significant to them as the Great Depression.
  • There has only been one Pope.
  • They were 8 when the Soviet Union broke apart, and do not remember the Cold War.
  • “The Day After” is a pill to them, not a movie.
  • CCCP is just a bunch of letters.
  • They have only known one Germany.
  • They are too young to remember the Space shuttle blowing up, and Tianamin Square means nothing to them.
  • They do not know who Momadar Qadafi is.
  • Their lifetime has always included AIDS.
  • They never had a Polio shot, and likely, do not know what it is.
  • Bottle caps have not only always been screw off, but have always been plastic.
  • They have no idea what a pull top can looks like.
  • Atari pre-dates them, as do vinyl albums.
  • The expression “you sound like a broken record” means nothing to them. They have never owned a record Player.
  • They have likely never played Pac Man, and have never heard of Pong.
  • Star Wars looks very fake and the special effects are pathetic.
  • There have always been Red M&M’s, and Blue ones are not new. What do you mean there used to be beige ones?
  • They may have heard of an 8-track, but chances are they probably have never actually seen or heard one.
  • The Compact Disc was introduced when they were 1 year old.
  • As far as they know, stamps have always cost about 32 cents.
  • Zip codes have always had a dash in them.
  • They have always had an answering machine.
  • Most have never seen a TV set with only 13 channels, nor have they seen a black and white TV.
  • They have always had cable. There have always been VCR’s, but they have no idea what Beta is.
  • They cannot fathom not having a remote control.
  • They were born the year that Walkmen were introduced by Sony.
  • They have never heard of King Cola, Burger Chef, The Globe Democrat, Pan AM or Ozark Airlines.
  • The Tonight Show has always been with Jay Leno.
  • They have no idea when or why Jordache jeans were cool.
  • They have never seen and remember a game that included the St. Louis Football Cardinals, the Baltimore Colts, the Minnesota North Stars, the Kansas City Kings, the New Orleans Jazz, The Minnesota Lakers, The Atlanta Flames, or the Denver Rockies (NHL hockey, that is)
  • They do not consider the Colorado Rockies, the Florida Marlins, The Florida Panthers, The Ottawa Senators, the San Jose Sharks, or the Tampa Bay Lightning “expansion teams”.
  • They have never seen Larry Bird play, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is a Football player.
  • They never took a swim and thought about Jaws.
  • The Vietnam War is as ancient history to them as WWI, WWII or even the Civil War.
  • They have no idea that Americans were ever held hostage in Iran.
  • They can’t imagine what hard contact lenses are.
  • They don’t know who Mork was or where he was from.
  • They never heard the terms “Where’s the beef?”, “I’d Walk a mile for a Camel”,or “de plane, de plane!”.
  • They do not care who shot J.R. and have no idea who J.R. is.
  • The Cosby Show, The Facts of Life, Silver Spoons, The Love Boat, Miami Vice, WKRP in Cincinnati, and Taxi are shows they have likely never seen.
  • The Titanic was found? I thought we always knew where it was.
  • Michael Jackson has always been white.
  • They cannot remember the Cardinals ever winning a World Series, or even being in one.
  • Kansas, Chicago, Boston, America, and Alabama are places, not groups.
  • McDonalds never came in Styrofoam containers.
  • Do you feel old now?

bedrooms and weddings

This weekend we went to Lacks to get Tori some bedroom stuff.  I’m not even all that sure what we got now.  It was nice.. but i don’t remember what it was.  It wasn’t even all that expensive, as far as furnature goes.  But it seams like everytime i walk into that store i always leave spending at least $1000.  But they do have nice stuff. And Ria is always very helpfull.

Saturday Mari, my sister live-in nanny got married.  We all got to hang out at Paula’s.  I miss getting to do that.  You know, we’ve got all these plans.. once we’re all living under one roof:

  • We’ll start walking
  • We’ll read together more
  • We’ll have less split expenses
  • we’ll cook at home more
  • we’ll be able to entertain

One thing at a time…


i’ve spent all week, getting all of our sales computers up to the latest and greatest version of software.  9.5.  and it hasn’t been easy, some needed other components, some needed to be renamed, i bascially took each individual computer and nursed each one to perfect health.  today i was just finishing some last touches, ran out of the office for a minute, came back and what is on my desk?  A fedex envelope with a cd with 9.6 in it!  Argh.

And then, i upgraded this website to 2.0.6.  and there is a note that 2.1 will be ready for release next week.  It’s like as soon as you thing you are caught up, your already outdated.

Never sign anything, you’ll live longer.

I used to live by this creed.  Buying a house really puts a dent into that though.  I could almost swear i’ve seen some of these docs before.  it’s all starting to look the same.  buying a house should be like shopping for jeans.  I know the jeans i like, and i know where i like to get them at.  walk in the store, pick them out, try them out, check out the other ones, pay the lady and walk out with a new pear of jeans. 

dark night

last week i turned on the heater at the house.  hadn’t been on in a while and it was a cold night.  it ran for a while and then i heard a pop.  the breaker had tripped.  So i shut it off and just left it alone.  last night it was cold again so i turned on the breakers.  For some reason, there were two going to the same unit.  I turned the first on, than turned on the 2nd.  Wasn’t sure which one was on previously, we had only used one.  when i turned on the 2nd.  it tripped both breakers and then all the lights in the house went off.  ok.. so… i made sure those other two were off.. than checked the main.. that breaker was still on.  so i went outside to the pole.  that appeared to be on too.  so i packed up and spent the night somewhere else.   the next morning, pilo came by and found the problem.  disconnected one of those other breakers, reset the power at the pole and everything seamed to be working.  i’m glad it was something simple.

Had a lunch meeting with the LRGVDC Amber alert people.  They are putting together a corporation to handle the talks between alerts on this side of the border talking to the other side of the border.  it was short and simple.  and i got a free lunch out of it too.

one of my favorites

Of all the letters in the public file, this one has got to be one of my favorites.  Come take of look at some of them yourself.   

Mr. Santiago-
I want to add my plea to all the others concerning the  return of KVNS 1700 talk radio to the Valley. KVNS was very important to me because I looked forward to listening to Michael Savage every night while I exercised. Listening to Michael Savage was the high point in my day. It was by listening to Michael Savage that I stayed abreast of what was going on in the world. But now… now what do I get to listen to on 1700 AM? Music! And to make it worse, it is music emanating from Mexico! Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against music from Mexico, but there has to be a billion stations over there that pump out  a jillion gigawatts of AM radio 24 hours a day playing nothing other than Cumbias and Mexican love songs! Why do Valley listeners have to suffer by losing one of the only two talk radio venues in the valley and having to have another Mexican music channel thrust upon us? Sure, I could switch over to KTRH 740 out of Houston, or I could go to KURV 710 out of Edinburg. But why should I be limited to these two options? All KTRH broadcasts is traffic reports and as far as KURV is concerned, the sound of David Rankins voice makes me want to hurl everytime I hear it. As it stands now, I have lost all interest in exercising because I don’t have Michael Savage to keep me company. Now, all I do is sit in front of the television, watch reruns of Seinfeld and Frasier while attempting to commit gastronomic suicide with generic potato chips and 5 ounce bars of Hershy chocolate. Needless to say, I have gained an unsightly 8 pounds of pure lard since KVNS 1700 talk radio has gone off the air. My physical state is nothing compared to my state of mind. The melancholy that hangs over me makes the days and nights of my life an indistuishable blur of shades of grey. Life for me has become a huge ball of pre-chewed bubble gum of differeing colors all stuck together. I am pondering doing a Van Gogh act on one of my ears! What is a man to do? Please, have pity on me and my fellow KVNS 1700 talk radio listeners, bring back talk radio to the valley. We don’t need anymore Cumbias around here!
Thank you for listening to my pathetic plea.


Dumb Virus

didn’t i write something like that a while back?  anyway.. who ever writes these things should be drug out the the street and shot.  been working on cleaning up one of these nasty bugs that has made its way here to the valley.  Fortuantley many of our machines were patched and running the proper antivirus prior to the exploit… but other people were not as fortunate. 

yet at home, i don’t use any antivirus at all.  I hate them.. they slow things down and just cause more headache than they are worth.  And i’ve never had an infection i didn’t cause myself.  why would i want to infect myself, well.. that’s another story alltogether.

Goodbye KVNS Newstalk 1700

I never though that that one cable i switched would have caused such an uproar.  I don’t think anyone at the station did.

My instructions were really simple, swap the audio from the ACU on ASERVE3 to the Brownsville STL repeater.  I came in on my vacation, moved the cable and went home just a quick as came.  I came back from vacation to find that Jay the program director had been bombarded by over 200 calls (before his voicemail filled up and woudlnt accept any more (866-973-1041 x 143) And billy has been forwarding me emails from listeners who have voiced there feelings.  These letters are considered part of the station’s public file record and have to be kept for public viewing for at least 3 years.  Come check them out if your interested.  Here is just a random sample of the quickest email i can find to show you guys.

Dear Mr Santiago:

I guess you are the big Guru to write to about KVNS radio station 1700 AM.

Whatever were you thinking? I am 66 and from Chicago Illinois.

Been here four years and have a 2 station choice for intelligent mind stimulating radio listening. Bought a Bose radio for a good

sounding presentation. Enjoyed the conversation from Bill O’Reilly, Glenn Beck and some of the Rush Limbaugh shows.

These gave me a small variation of WGN radio from Chicago.

I cannot believe you thought these Winter Texans actually came down here to listen to Mexican or Spanish music. We did not. I do not purchase many CD’s (but probably will) and the music is not the focus here, it’s the companionship and conversation that was entertaining. I would pull out my recipe book and turn on the radio.

Together “we” created many meals. In the lonesome hours when I was alone, I was NOT alone. They were there to tell me something interesting.

Please reconsider your foolish move. There are many of us older Anglos that need to “:touch” home thru these guys.

The economy brought us but the ethnic culture shock will drive us away.

All we can do now is sit and scratch our heads thinking, ok where were all these people in the years prior.  Personaly i loved the station, even though it was the hardest to keep up with.  Techncialiy there was SO MUCH that goes into a newstalk station.  But it was fun.  I remember the early mornings at Tim Smith’s house making sure his show worked, i remember the football games, i remember spreading wiring maps and satelite charts all over the desk trying to figure out problems.  If only all these people would have gotten an Aribitron ratings book and expressed there passion THEN when it could have made a difference.  It’s sad really.  I will miss Glenn and oriely and savage, even the wierdo’s on coast to coast.  Dr laura, not so much.