Paradigm Shift

A friend of mine shared this with me.. i thought i would pass it along to you… 

The following story is from Reader’s Digest (attributed to Dan P. Greyling): A woman at Heathrow Airport in London was waiting for her flight.  She purchased a box of cookies and a book while waiting.  With the cookies sitting on the table next to her, she began reading her book.  Suddenly, a gentleman sitting on the other side of the table reached over, opened the box of cookies, took one out, and ate it.  He smiled at her as he did it.  The woman was horrified, but didn’t say anything.  She reached over and ate one herself.  The man smiled, reached over, took another cookie, and ate it.  The woman became very upset (but not speaking), took another cookie, and ate it.  Back and forth they went until all but one cookie had been eaten.  Then, as though to add insult to injury, the gentleman took the last cookie, broke it in two, and slid half over to the woman.  After eating his half, he got up, smiled again, bowed politely, and walked off.  By this time the woman was livid, but before she could confront the man or do anything else, her flight was called.  As she opened her carry-on bag to put the book away, she noticed her box of cookies inside.  She had been eating his cookies all along! How many times have we all made assumptions like the woman in the airport made?  It’s easy to do because we all see things in different ways.  We all have different paradigms that we operate from.  We see the world not as it is, but as we are – or sometimes as we are conditioned to see it.

relaxing weekend

Friday morning KTEX did there morning show from the mcdonalds on 107 and jackson in edinburg.  Just up the road from where i live, so i got to sleep in.  (5:30am)  After that i was thinking.. well they are closing the office early today why don’t i just stay home… so i did.  Patti and i decided to get some work done on the wedding.   We got a whole lot done and the weather was great.  It’s been cool and breezy.  We went to Harlingen later that evening to relax and get away.  We got to have dinner at the same restruant where we had dinner at at least 5 years ago.. maybe more.  I was working for the bank and they i was installing the computers for the new bank in brownsville.  I was there a whole week working on that.  She came up there on wednesday night to meet me in harlingen to have dinner together.  Even way back then it amazed me tha she would go that far out of her way just to spend a some time with me.  She even sent presents for me while i was gone.  I still have them on my bookshelf. 

I love her so much.  I can’t wait to get to marry her.  While we were having dinner we saw Sarah and Rob.  We were at there wedding back in january.  They look so happy together.  We got to talk to them for a while.  They said after all of that.. the best part is when the wedding is finally over.  As much as i’m looking forward to the wedding.. i’m also looking forward for the rest of my life.  Together with her.

sleep, or lack there of

this week my sleep has been all messed up.  tuesday night i had to swap batteries on two UPS’s one that ran our routers and switches, and the other which ran one or stations and our Music File Server.. yeah. .that was a fiasco.  didn’t get home till 4am

yesterday i had to come back and do updates for a new microsoft patch that just got released.  got home around 1:30

and tommrow we are doing the ktex morning show from mcdonalds, not as bad as last week this one is close to home.. but other ones won’t be.. like south padre island, san benito, brownsville.. *sigh*  next week will be better.  right?

it’s just a piece of paper

i was having lunch the other day.  she was talking about her and her boyfriend and how someone was telling them they should get married.  she has always said that she’s already been married.  to her marriage was just a piece of paper.

well.. i’ve sat here and chewed on that for a long time and finally come to the realization that that’s just a bunch of crap. 

marriage is not just a piece of paper.  if that’s all it was, i wouldn’t be going through all the effort i’m going though to see this through.  and not just through the wedding but through the rest of our lives.  I love patti with all my heart and soul.  i know that i will be happy with her for the rest of my life.  i know that she’s the other half of myself and i know that she’s the one God put on this earth for me.  this wedding and this marriage is a covenant i’m going to be making with patti and with God.  a friend shared with me something once…

The key to spiritual and emotional oneness in marriage is not what you might think. It is not cleaving to one another. It is cleaving first and foremost to God. First, being primary – most being the most significant, the most important. If you want to have an intimate relationship with a mate, you do not pursue your mate; you pursue intimacy with God. The result of pursuing intimacy with God is intimacy with your mate. Truth in relationship is found by pursuing God first. I want to show this in a diagram which was shown to me 30 years ago, way before I was married. Cleaving First and Most to God

For a man and woman to become closer to one another, they cannot pursue each other. There are no arrows there between the man and the woman. They each pursue God. By the definition of a triangle, the physics of this, as you get closer and closer to God, you see that you become closer and closer with your mate. You are co-worshipers together as you live your lives first spiritually-centered, then emotionally centered, and then finally in a physical context. It is
mutual worshipers pursuing God.
It is like trying to get the affection of a Siamese cat. You don’t pursue the cat. You try to get a Siamese cat to receive your affection. By your pursuing that cat, it will never happen. Doesn’t anyone here have a Siamese cat? These cats are playing hard to get all the time. If you pursue your mate, you will stagnate in your relationship with one another. But if you pursue a higher thing, God, intimacy with God through Christ, then you are able to have interaction with your
mate at a level you never could otherwise.

So in essence, i want to draw closer to God in this marriage, and in the process, i’ll be able to draw closer to patti as well.  Making God the center, and not ourselves it will help us to archive a closer relationship between all three of us.