ok guys, sorry i’m not on my laptop and this thing doesn’t have livewritter so your just going to have to put up with my horrible spelling

this past week we spent sunday through yesterday transforming the youth building from what you know it as you know it to a totally new place…  (insert room pic before/after)<wpg2id>4444</wpg2id>
ok.. backing up.. saturday was the wedding, and the only way i was able to keep myself calm was to just look at it as any other program patti and i have thrown together.  Remember the magnatude of “words from the cross?” all the video prep work, lighting design, script writting.. ok.. well take that and the publicity of “Carmen” and that’s close to what this program ended up being.  only it wasn’t just another program.  I think that’s what has finally hit me the most today is that wasn’t just a program i was producing… it was my wedding.  ok.. i have to say that again, MY WEDDING. 

 i was to excited and knew there was a lot todo.  I began moving the video control room over to the equiptment room in the youth building.  Just kind of on my own.. at my own pace.  starting making a mental check list of what i need to get done and how to get it done.  Later that night, Patti and i were talking and since we threw the Guidebook to Wedding out the window, we decided it would be better if we controled the thing together.  Rather than have her in the green room and me in the control room. 

so the next day i went and moved the control and combined it in the green room.  that way we could use the VIP entrance to go in and out and still have a hand on everything going on.  Brougt over the Panasonic composite switcher over.  Brought the betacam deck and dvd recorder.  all the combo cables and the intelegent lighting was already in place.

patti and i pretty much used the rest of this day as we had been most evenings for the past two weeks to work on finalizing the videos.  They were all stuck in our heads and on film, just needed to get them in the can.  There were several that we put together.
 Patti’s Intro: who she is and her life in 7 minutes
 John’s Intro: who I am, and my life in about 10.  Not quite as entertaining as hers
 Together: This was the past ten years of us knowing eachother.  how we met, what we’ve done and why we do it.  This was almost 30 minutes but not borning as i would normaly think for a video of this size.
 we ended up scrubbing two videos inbetween here, but it was for the best.  it would have shifed the reason we were doing this whole thing.  not for us but for the message.
 The last Painting:  this one can’t really be described, you just have to see it.
 Todds and Kellers:  they sent video from NY and we got to edit and put it together to let them be a part of the ceremony.  It was not the same as if they were with us, but it was still special.  *i miss them*
 Slate: this was actually one of the hardest to do but one of the simplest to watch… it was a running loop of the wedding logo rerendered in alpha-3d for the sole purpose of cutaways and leadins.  i was even going to add it to the CG’s but ended up scrubbing the entire CG project. 

Came by the church and got to start working on the youth building.  Last time i was in there.. the audio was really bad.  not any fault of there own, but i just had neglected my responbility to that venue for too long.  so i brought in the DBX DriveRack loaded it in place of the Graphic eq’s and crossovers.  Removed the house speakers, drilled into the walls and moved both clusters to the sides.  got them out from the middle.  also moved the amp rack from the front of the stage to the equitpment room.  got the left house up and going that night.  Simion and gideon have been showing up helping me get alot of this done.  i thought i was going to be suck doing all th is alone.  they have been great helps.

had to get the other half of the building up before service that night so ran another set of cable for the 3way split on the right and then drilled some more.  descovered a great crawl space on that half of the building that help to conceal alot of our swiss cheese effect.  wired up the amps.. all is well so far.

some special speaker was in the chapel in the pm, and pastor jim decided to change the confession slides he’s been using for who knows how many years so i got all that squared away, then after youth we took apart the entire buidling.  i thought it was going to take days, but these guys pulled it off in a matter of two hours.  loaded all the tables, stripped the stage. 
thursday: my first offical day of vacation (yeah all that time i was still at the radio station getting as much as i could after work)  We began working on the conventional lighting, i went to red point to pick up par bulbs, and picked up my tux.  this room in the rental place was smaller than Guy’s closet.. abotu the size of a really small pantry.  my elbows kept banging the walls tring to get dressed in this cubby hole.  good thing i wasn’t feeling clostrophobic.
Setup the sound for the group, moved over the older mackie.  moved the cameras over, ran cables, ran the snake and got ready for pratice that evening.  joe cancelled main pratice and got the group together to pratice for our wedding instead.  we got them squared away and they did an awesome job.  we were so amazed.  (insert video of pratice) Guy even got some footage.. Oh.. and you have to see this (insert video of wall falling down) yeah, i decided to take down that part of the wall.. and well… you see how that ended up… and what eneded up of the wall.  Just after these few changes.. a down wall.. the tables, the moved speakers the cleaned up monitor control.. how much of a transmforation this place is already taking (picture of room thursday or take clip from videos) The guys even took down the jacobs ladder and out of the buidling into the famliy life center. 

Friday:  crunch time.. the decorators came and setup the tent, the red carpet, the round tables. 
moved over my home pc, the encoder from the office, got the streaming setup from Akamai.  got an audio feed in to the video control, setup the VTRs, picked up the rear projection screens.  Oh this was fun.  I took down that wall so i could put a rear projection screen on both ends of the buidling.  that alone was already looking way cool.. but it just wasn’t creating the effect and size i wanted.. so we brought the jacobs ladder BACK through the carpet and tent and speed bump (which claimed the life of a cart)  a trip to lowes and some chain later, we hung the screens from the primary electric.  then used the new platforms as a staging areas for the projectors, fliped them to invert, and vola.. it was perfect.  simion then tweaked and tweaked.. and then john said “that’s good”  Put the slate on one vtr in a loop, then made the first edition of the final dvd.  ran through that and immedialy found many data errors and lost frames,  on 2nd edition this time burned much slower, ran perfect, but… the one of the videos kept getting chopped off and it was mine! so we had the rehearsal with everyone.  Romeo and nancy brought the kids, paula brought the boys, and sandy and tom were there.  now reality is starting to sink in when i read my vows to patti for the first time.  they were all wrong.  i mean, the meaning was there, but i wasn’t what i was trying to say.  it was more of what i wanted to sound good.  so i made a note to myself to work on them.  patti read hers to me again.  she can’t get through them without crying.  and i see her cry and i start crying.  we’re patheic i know.  so we go through all the wedding stuff and then meet everyone next door and went through the mechanics of it all.  mic placement, tuning, AFS (automatic feedback supression)  all that cool stuff.  we even played my video for paula so she would know what she’s going to intro.  we played and AGAIN it CUT OFF! .. ok.. rerender.  3rd edition, burned.. slowly, and then played.. AGAIN it cut off.. so i’m looking at the source time line and come to find out.. I never finshed my own video.  Mind you it’s like 2AM on friday the day before.. i didn’t have TIME to be doing this.. so i took out the Canon XL2 in front of the music set, and just hit record.  in one take i layed down a track of what was missing.. more rambeling but i don’t care.. i needed this finished.  ok so that’s over.. i comipiled the videos that needed compiling and went to bed.  Guy showed up at church about this time and made sure i went to get SOME rest before the day of my own wedding. 

got up early for angel food, was able to load up a few small church at 6am.  im in a daze.. toally focused on what i needed to finish next door.  i even snuck away to being the build process for the 4th edition dvd.  met patti, got my “Groom” shirt she had on her “bride” shirt.  and i got to work back at angel food.  around 8 or 9 i realized she went to the office and never came back.. so i went over and she’s about in tears throwing a fit unable to get the program printed.  (waht.. the program wasn’t printed alreadY, the wedding in in a matter of hOURS!)  ok.. i see what her problem is with what she’s trying todo.  it’s my fault mostly for having her make that on publisher and print it on a single sided printer.  so in my best calm voice possible i had her go home.. email me the final publisher file while i went to have a master printed on a duplex printer.  After i had one duplex master any copy zone or kinkos could take it and just run the copies without any problem.  also if i had given her a duplex printer she could have seen much easier that there wasn’t not an even amount of pages for a booklet printing.  again… that was my fault.. but if this was the worse catosp.. what ever.. you know what i mean, if this was the worst problem we were going to have.. great.. we got the one problem of the event taken care of.  finish off angel food, back to the youth building and tested the final dvd..looks fine.. wait.. james’s video didn’t get the cutoff edited right.. forget it. i’m just going to have to cue the VTR operator to kill it before that part airs. nothing bad.. just not the look i was trying to portray.  did some last minute connections.. got everything as perfect as i could manage.  the decorators put the chair covers, rene came and finsihed the tables.. and the skirting.. it was amazing.  Did NOT look at all like the same youth building.  Remember that wedding years ago that made that place not look like itself? yeah well that was the effect i wanted.. and i think i pulled it off.  ok.. shut up john. you can’t take all the credit for that .. the media boys each pulled it off.  I learned a whole new apperication for these guys. 

(picture from colection 2) Simion, Gideion, Jonahthon.. you three keept me sane.  You never compalined, you just did it.  you guys read my mind just as i was thinking things, you saw my vision, you were just as excited about al this as i was… and you ran with it.  I own the three of you the success of this program.  Joel, Rico, Carlos (?) you guys were the muscle behind this entire thing.  Everyone knows i could not have moved around everything that got moved.  You guys worked like a fine tuned machine to make sure everything was in place and where it needed to be.  Rico even lifted the entire jacobs ladder all by himself.  Guy, you were the voice in my head when everything else in my head was to loud to hear.  You reminded me of what i needed to do, when i needed to do it and even remined me to sleep.  Your help was invaluable.  Even getting my clothes for the actuall event. I guess patti woudldn’t appreicate me getting married in my shorts and hawaian shirt.    I have been overwhelmed by the love, support and geneority that all of you guys have shown me during all this preperation.  I feel a deeper respect and admiration for your gifts and tallents and i owe the success of this wedding to you. 

Saturday day of
4:00 Ok.. finished the tech script, need to finish my vows.  this is all happening.  like now.. and to me!  It’s not just another program.  this is me marrying the woman i love. 


I was totally blow away by the outpouring of love and support shown for us this past week and last night.  All the media boys were outstanding.  There help was invaluable, there tallents shined like pros and there love like the kind hearted people that they are. 

I thougth we would have a few empty seats but i was suprised when it was standing room only.  i was so touched to see all the friends, family, and new family there.  I can’t begin to thank all of you enough for your particpiation.

We are at church this morning making sure things get kicked off ok.. then we are on our way to New York City.  I’m looking forward to the rest and getting to see Jimmy and Carla.  It’s going to be so cool.

bachelor farewells

Friday after work Guy and Manuel and I went to Port Isabel and went fishing.  It was fun just to hang out and not have anything to do.  Didn’t really catch anything to bring home, but that wasn’t the point i guess. other wise it would be called catching. 

Last night Marshall and a bunch of the guys from church took me out to dinner and a movie.  We got to see one of the best movies ever made.  I wont give away which movie but here’s a qoute, “Death awaits you all, with nasty big pointy teeth”

Project Unity Live

Incase your not able to make it to the wedding, here’s where you can still get to snoop in what’s going on.  Bookmark this page and check back in for a live view of what’s going on. 

A video recap will be on here soon, well.. when we get back from the honeymoon.

0 going on 50

I was at Rio Radio this morning getting some supplies for Saturday and guess who i ran into?  Mr. Blue aka, Mr. Rodriguez.  He used to be the business manager at the school i attended back at the ranch.  He is most well known for his height.  Always super nice.  Or was the the superintendent?  I forget.. but anyway- He was dropping off a self supporting reflective projection screen.  Said he just celebrated his 50th anniversary.  One of his grandkids made a powerpoint presentation for them.  Standing there talking to him made me realize that in 50 years i’m going to get to be doing that.  Standing in some video rental store dropping off a screen used to show a presentation that our grandkids will make about us. 

This morning Patti and i went to pick up the marriage licence.  I started setting some of the video equipment in the youth building, going to get out of here a little early to move some more stuff and get things setup properly.  I don’t want to be rushing Thursday and Friday.  tonight Marshall’s got something planned, and then we’re doing that dsp upgrade at oldies around midnight. 


It’s been awhile but they called again.  *sigh* If your getting these calls be sure your phone is listed at here also check with your local state and see if they have a statewide do not call list.  In texas for example you can use this link

Also, file a compliant with the FTC / FCC  here at  I recently sent the FTC a complaint and they forwared it to the FCC and i got a letter back confirming my compalint.   If enough of you guys do the same, hopefully these mexican can quit intruppting our otherwise peacefull lives.

9 days left

Hitman just asked me what today’s date was.  I looked and it said the 17th.  Yikes.  that means that in less than 10 days, 9 to be exact.  I’m going to be married.  It seams like it was just a few months ago i was sitting at the title company buying a house.  now i’m about to tie the knot.  The kind of day you always think about growing up.  One day when i get married…. 

Well.. that one day is 9 days away.  The guys are talking about doing something this weekend, which just means i’m going to have to cram as much as i can into these next few days, getting things ready, finishing touches and somewhere in there say goodbye to my “bachelor to the rapture” philophsy.

tired of hearing me talk about this?

seams like this is all i ever talk about?  well.. i’ve never been married before and i’m excited.  We met with the decorator yesterday, got that all squared away.  the final count is in to the caterer.  now it’s just a matter of getting things squared away with the actual program.  the two big task i have left to do is, well, ok 3 big things are my vows, video about who i am, and how all of this is going to flow together.  I need to make some seams and loops, maybe even play around with after-effects .. see if i can add some motion to some of the static graphics.  anyway.. i’m not going to get that stuff done sitting here talking to you guys. 

Happy Mothers Day

Eventhough my mom didn’t give birth to me, she’s just as much a mom to me as if she was my biological mom. This blog can’t do justice to the admiration and love i have for her. She has loved my sister and i without any condition. Through all the years she has always supported me and been there for me. In school she was always at the banquets, always helping with the bbqs, always taking us to all the different school events i was involved with, and even now- she’s been helping with the wedding. Helping us put things together. And when ever i come home to the ranch she spends more time conversing with Patti than with me sometimes.
I love my mom.