am i’m turning into an old person?

i caught myself saying it more and more often, “When I was your age.” 


and it’s not like i’m full of pearls of wisdom or anything.  or that kids now a days are even interested in what things were like back then.  i remember people telling me about days-of-old.  i think i was actually intersted but i was a geek.  and it’s not like i’m all that old either.  (i say that while i’m watching grease on tv remembering the first time i heard their soundtrack thinking it was so cool)  i guess your only as old as you feel.  of course some mornings i feel older than others.

Valley Education

ok it’s probably unfair to knock the whole system, but here are some examples of signs displayed for everyone to see. 

4701 Subway, 10th and Trenton, their AC was out and i guess they wanted you to bare it all?

4704House of China 10th and Nolana.  This restruant always has stupid signs posted.  As long as i’ve ever patroned them, they have always posted signs like this.   They’ve gotten better, but not much. 

ok, i’m a chicken

i admit it.  this whole wisdom teeth thing is really starting to worry me.  not that they hurt now, but that it’s going to hurt afterwards.  and you know me, i’m a wuss when it comes to pain.  I was just reading this blog.. and started freaking out.  I’ve never been under the knife, never broken a bone, never been put down, never even a stich.  and the guys at the dentist office seam to think this is a routine thing!  Like it’s no big deal to have your teeth yanked out from your head. 



well.. had a bunch of stuff lined up to do last night, but Patti and the girls started working on a jig-saw puzzle.  We ended up spending most of the daylight working on this.  I’m not sure what was funner, putting the puzzle together or watching Megan and Tori putting it togther.  They are really cool kids and listeing to them work together only proved the fact.  Sure i had other things to do.. but getting to hang out with the kids and patti spending time with them was more important. 

i love my wife

she’s the greatest.  yesterday i had two cavities filled at the dentist.  it really wasn’t that bad of an experience.  afterwards i couldn’t feel half of my face.  but i was hungry so without even asking Patti brought a shake knowing that i couldn’t chew anything.  she’s so sweet.  so then i went to church for practice and when i got home there was scallop potatoes and sausage waiting for me!  I love scalloped potatoes and sausage.  and then as a treat she even got my favorite snack and drink.  I love her so much.  She always knows hot to turn a yucky and otherwise painfull day into a good one.

felt like a weekend

It was a fun filled pseudo-weekend.  Tuesday I was working on a project in preparation for the hurricane.  They’ve had me write up protocol for using a new backup system so we’ve been field testing all this.  Only taking field to the literal terms.  the KTEX/KBFM transmitter is really in the middle of a field.  The tower company lists all the address of it’s towers on it’s website and the address read something like “cabbage field, La Feria, TX” 

So anyway, as I’m driving up the road and turned into the field i noticed a truck coming down the road.  He was swerving all over the road so i sat and waited for him to get out of the mud.  Then i started driving in and quickly realized that i was really glad i had All Wheel Drive.  I made it in mostly on momentum.  There wasn’t any traction at all.  And it’s not the dirt kind of mud, it was clay with little caliche rocks in it.  Turning the wheel comptlelty in one direction only to have the car slide in another.  So finally got out of there but my tire well was completely filled with clay/mud.  there was just a thin layer of space between the tire and the mud.  Anyway, so i finally got back on the road and as i started going faster than 10mph, i noticed a weird sound from the car and a buring rubber smell.  so i crawled over to the local 4695Tejano Mart and bought about 3 car washes in the middle of the pouring rain.  After that i had most of the mud off the wheels and could move but no faster than 40mph.  good thing it was raining all day and the expressway was slow. 


Wednesday we sat around the house most of the day and just lounged around.  Visited mom in the hospital.  She looked really and and it was a nice visit.  Patti stayed with tuesday night.  We didn’t do much else.  it started raining again so we all went outside and played in the rain.  ended the day watching The Guardian  It was so nice to just sit on the couch and not do anything.