i have the greatest wife in the world

Wednesday was my birthday and it came and went.  it wasn’t bad.  we had a lot going on what with ivan and everything.  usually we celebrate "birthday weekend" later in the month or in a different month all together.  and i didn’t really want to make a big deal about turning *explicit deleted* so i thought the less hoop-la the better.  yesterday i got out of work early so i went to church and worked on the ivan disks.  i came home and there was a great spaghetti and meatball meal made.  i sat down with ozzie and enjoyed this great dinner.  it was really good.  the only thing missing was everyone else.  the house was deserted.  so ozzie and i had dinner. 

later that evening everyone shows up rumbles around in the backyard with something and then come in and greets me.  Come to find out they waited to eat for me to get home.  How awesome is that.  So Randy, Patti, Tori, Megan and Germ all sat down and had dinner and i got to sit and watch.  Afterwards, they said there was something for me in the dining room.  and sure enough, i went inside… and didn’t see anything

yeah, i was obviously confused. i looked around the corner, nothing, then Patti said it was all the way in the back.  so i went over and there was a big box with a bow.  i picked it up (a bit heavy) and brought it back to the table. 

i started to unwrap it.  as it began to unwrap someone said "dude it’s a Dell" but then someone else said "but boxes can be deceiving" and knowing patti, nothing could be closer to the truth.  she has this art form where she can wrap something in the most obscure way to throw you way off of what you think it could be.  i don’t know how she does it.. but she does.  so i’m still unwrapping and i’m looking closer at the box, the security tamper tape on the box is still in tact.  "wow, she even got replacement security tape to put over the box" i was thinking to myself.  so then randy handed me a knife.  i began to open the box and it was getting clearer that either patti outdid herself wrapping or she outdid herself with a really awesome present.  the deeper i went into the box, the more confused i found myself.  dell.. what could i be getting from dell.   a handheld pc? or dell mp3 player?  box way to big.  another monitor? box to small for that or a desktop.. could it be.. a laptop?  i have a laptop.  well.. sorta.  it’s about 8 years old and been to the service dept 6 times.  the lid has to be propped up and the dns only resolves when the pcmcia card is warmed up because there is no built in wireless and the usb is only 1.0 but it does the job.  oh and the c, q, an control keys sometimes quit working but i have two replacement keyboards to replace it with…

A new laptop would be great, and I’ve been thinking about getting one for a while now.. but probably one of the last things i would do for myself.  still i’m digging into the box and pull out a laptop.  A Dell Inspiron 1720.  Duo core, 5 usb slots, firewire slot, dvd writter, bluetooth, AND a full keyboard with 10key pad.  17" wide gloss lcd.  2 gigs of ram and built in wireless

i can’t believe they did this.  she always gives the most awesome presents.  Like my rocking chair that i really liked, the huge monitor on my desk, and now this. 

there could be no doubt in my mind the amount of love that she and the whole family have for me.  not just because of what they do for me.. but because of the way they understand me and what would make me happy, even when i can’t think of these things, they seam to be able to.  i love them all so much. 

Thank you Patti.  I love you further than the moon.

another acomplished week

friday got carey taken caren of, got the councelors taken care of, saturday got everything packed, headed to the civic center at noon with patti and guy.  we got everything installed and running without any flaws.  i was really proud of the work these guys did.  i can’t wait to see the final product.  and what’s even bettter, we don’t have to edit, just dump off the tape.  sunday i got to finished the radio spots for www.kidstalkaboutgod.org church went off without any major hitches.  came home with my wife, we got to rest and take care of things around the house.  she worked on the filing.  i worked on condensing about 8 disks worth of ivan tait into one dvd.  i also got to make one mp3-cd of the entire event too.  now i’m ready for a restfull relaxing week.

stressfull day

well, went to work in the morning

patti took randall to his dr for his pain mangment therapy.  a big needle in your back doesn’t seam much like therapy but ok..

then we took megan to get her wisdome teeth taken away. 

she didn’t feel to well afterwards.  i don’t remember not feeling good.  but i don’t remember much of my experience.

then took patti to her dr. appointment to see the hearing specialist.  and to make a 3 hour long story short, her hearing is fine.  her nose is what was causing the problem.  so that’s fixed now.  but by the end of the day i was just so worn out.  and tonight carey has got some computer problem we have to work on, need to re-record some audio for him, then i have a 7pm meeting i have to run powerpoint on. 

then saturday i have to setup a projector for the civic center at melba’s 50th galla thing.  and on top of all that.. work on the videos from this past week. 

i’m just so tired….

another year older

it still taste the same though.  seams like yesterday i was only 28.  It’s wierd to think that i’m This old.  19 still seams so vivid in my mind.  Life was easy back then.  Of course i’ve been saying that since the begining. 

Day 1: Still tired from the move

Day 2: Everyone talks to me like i’m an idiot

Day 10585: Still tired from the move

 Thanks for all the birthday wishes though.  I was realy suprised at how many people actually remebered.  I used to always be the youngest.  I’ll just have to keep that mentatlty. 


Patti sent this yummy basket.  Notice the big “i love you” balloon included in all of her baskets that she sends.  I love you too sweety!

I love days like this

Just walked outside and got hit by this fresh breeze. 

It’s reading 62 right now and still coming down.  It’s the kind of morning you want to open all the windows and sit on the bed with your wife and cat and just enjoy the weather.

and then to top it off- we’re running ads for some company that promises to fix your computer for you.  So i called them with a problem i was having (and it was a geniune problem, nothing made up) so the guy answered i explained what’s going on.  somewhere between the linux, tty, serial id and halfduplex transmission mode, there was an “uh.. we only work on microsoft products”

yeah it’s been a good morning.

Congrats Tori!

Tori did such an awesome job.  Yesterday was Pigskin.  Tori and the entire band have been working on the performance even before school ever started.   She did a solo through the entire 2nd movement.  The contest last night had to have been the best night yet.  It wasn’t until the end of the show that i realized that i don’t think i’ve ever actually seen the bands movments on the field during the 2nd movement.  I was too transfixed in watching the pit. 

They got a 1… of course.  And they deserved it too.  All the hard work and bandages on Tori’s hands….

Link to videos

she’s such an amazing woman

and yes i’m talking about my wife.  i honestly love her with all my heart and soul.  and not just because i’m married to her.  because of the way she loves me and cares for me.  my friends like her, my family loves her.  even my co-workers like her.  Tim was commenting about somethign i had fogotten, “do i need to call patti and tell her when i need you to remember something?”  Not only is she an amazing mom, able to juggle the hectic lives of three different kids going in three different directions, but she is also able to handle the basketcase that i am not to mention her high stress job and the church responsibilies that i’ve dragged into this relationship.  She has her own struggles too… My biggest prayer is that i can be at least half the spouse to her that she is to me.  I don’t want her to ever feel alone, or unloved.  I want her to know that i will always be beside her.  even if i can’t fix the problem, i’ll go through the problem with her.  because i love her.

Congrats to Aaron and Steph

I totally forgot about the clog.  So the feed is back on the widgets of this site.  I should probably add it to my rss reader to.  You should too you know.  Here’s the feed.  It’s must more interesting than this one.  Anyway.. here are some of the entries from the newly wedded couple.  It’s neat looking back at the photos.  Seams like it was just last week.  It was a fun wedding.  Very laid back.  The kind you can go to and enjoy being at.  Sometimes it’s fun to play dress up.  other times.. it’s fun to just show up.



I wish you guys the best.  I know your going to enjoy married life.  People ask me, “so how do you like being married” my usual responce is “I should have done this a long time ago”  It’s wierd not being bymyself.  Not that i was really ever by myself.  I lived with my sister then in with Rob at dove, then to the house with rob and chris, then i moved back to dove for a short time alone, then jonny moved in, then to las palmas by myself but usually had company, then to the trailer with gaberial and then manuel, then guy, then to my house.  so.. ok.. maybe i never really was actually alone- but you know what i mean. 

well that was nice of someone

shortly after lunch i’m sitting here at my desk tweaking this install of hylafax and i get a craving for a soda.  Mind you, i’ve really be laying off them lately.  Today however i needed something just to get me through this hump.  I dug through my pockets (i picked up change off my desk this morning) put it all in the soda machine and the display indicated 35 cents short of the 85 cents needed for a soda.  ok fine, eject.

a few hours later i’m still sitting here working still on hylafax and i decide to go to the car to see if i can find any change there.  i found about 20 cents, maybe 25.  i decided to try again.  as i’m about to begin feeding my change i notice that somone had been there before me, and left a coin half deposited in the machine, like it didn’t get pushed in far enough.  i put in my coin, pushing in the first coin, continued till all my coins were gone.  looked over at what price i needed, again 85 cents, looked over at the display, and it read 85 cents!  so.. who ever left that coin there, this Dr. Pepper’s on you. 


how lame, all i can think of writing is the joy of getting a soda?  I try and put something on here fairly reguarly, some days just have less inspiration than others.  I keep visiting other friends blogs, like Aaroonn and Seph’s blog.  Wondering what they did for there honey moon, how marriage life is for them? etc etc.  they never write.  oh well.  I did get an email from Guy today.  He found a job that will be taking up his evenings.  Now will be a perfect change to get to start using Joe’s guys who’ve been wanting to run sound for us now that Guy wont’ be able to.  He was also asking about going to Cornerstone.

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  I don’t think i will be going back out there anymore.  The atmosphere isn’t what it used to be. I think i was able to get in at just the right time, went for  afew years, helped out in many capicities, but i also left at the right time.  CStone, like most things has sold out.  it’s a big comercial event full of sponsers and advertisiments.  It used to be about kicking back, getting away to this beautifull ranch in the middle of no where, hours away from a walmart.  No 3 Phase electricity.  Yeah, imagine running 2 huge concert stages, 10 mid size stages, a grocerty store with refers for ice, trailers for artist and office staff, a huge sump well for water not to mention all the travel trailers off one single phase circut.  the 2nd year i was there, rolling blackouts throughout the entire town because of cstone. 

I mean it wasn’t that terrible.  I enjoyed getting to work with all these big bands, getting to run professional sound and lighting equiptment in these venues.  Nothing can beat to rush of sitting in the sound booth middle of the concert (scaffold setup in the back of the tent) with thousands of people obviously enjoying the show, partly because of what your providing.  I guess the artist have something to do with it too.  But camping out was fun too.  I did it one year. I rode the 2 day trip in a church van one year.  I took showers in the, uh.. showers? there one year.  After that i was rental cars, hotel rooms, and air-conditioned hospitialy trailers for me.

home-ownership is such a blessing

if you have the chance, i highly recommend picking one up.

This weekend Patti and i picked up a bunch of furniture and stuff for the house. Lamps, rugs, chairs, etc, outdoor security lights, etc. After all the hard work was done we got some icecream and sat in the living room watching “Surf’s up” one by one the girls came and sat with us. Pretty soon we realized that everyone was watching the movie with us. Ozzie and Covo was even there with us. It was so nice. Earlier that day i asked Patti, “What does home mean to you” right after i asked it, i was wondering what it meant to me. Took a while but after last night, that would be a pretty close definition.