comic relife on the evening news

last night i wasn’t ready for the normal evening news… and i had heard stories about all the so called “” but never got to see for myself.  so… i decied to see for myself.  Yeah, you heard me right.  KVEO, channel 23 has it’s own evening news cast.  I mean you think of the news of the valley, channel 5, KRGV is in a league all of it’s own.  There is a reason they’ve been #1 in this market forever.  KGBT isn’t news, it’s the fox version of the news.  it’s the stories plus there take on the story.  “Oh that’s just horrible” they compel there listeners by emotion.  not by news worthness.  And technically it’s like watching high school television all over again.  Channel 17 only has news because the network requires it.  But KVEO, oh my.. I was hoping someone had youtube’d it so i could show you.. so i’ll just describe.  To start with, the anchors are all ugly.  I hate to be mean but they really are.  and who ever the producer is isn’t doing a very good job in producing.  Stories that have nothing to do with eachother are back to back.  Not to mention the director.  Cutting before the tallent is cued, and cueing off cutting out the anchor..  And the weather.  that was something.  Patti described it best..  “you know the girl that holds up the sign between boxing rounds holding a big card” ok that’s her.  she was pointing on the green screen covering up half her graphics that she’s tlaking about.  she was wearing a prom dress.  and when she was wraping up she posed.  she actually posed.  the master audio was not normalized at all.  and the ENG audio was horrible.  by the 2nd break patti had had enough..  “can i see the real news now?” back to Letty and Oscar.

that was fun

Tuesday, the boss came up to me.  the main fax machine was dying, or dead or something to that effect.  This was around 4.  I knew of some programs that could emulate a fax machine.  But i wanted to come up with something really snazzy (and affordable)  After toying around with it for a while, i decided that Linux would be the best way to go about with the project.  As far as the software, hylafax was the right price.  Free.  Spent the rest of the day until 3am the next day working on it.  While i was at it i also worked on the MS security updates released that same day.  I didn’t have my linux cd with me so i had to download one, and then had to find all the instructions for hylafax.  and then trying to add a modem to linux.  anyway.. today i finally turned up the service, received a fax, the system picked it up, saved the tiff, converted to a pdf, and emailed it to the faxmaster.  it was really neat to see Tim so pleased.  i think the phrase he used was “this is the happiest i’ve been all day”

no more starbucks

My stomach hasn’t been it’s normal happy self.  I haven’t been to sure why but i think i finally found the culprit.  Every morning on my way to work i was stopping by Starbucks for a Grande Java Chip Frapichino.  I was begining to get suspicious so laid off the cofee this weekend, finally started feeling better monday.  This morning had another and it’s upset again. 

It was lunch time.  The girls have been working budgets for three weeks now so i haven’t had any lunch buddies.  Ocasionaly i’ll pick up fast food for them or something.  I thought i wanted Lubys’ today.  Somewhat back to my normal routine, so i said i would pick up Lubys.  I ordered the meatloaf and mash taters.  I could already envision ketchup all over this mean.  I asked the lady if they had any packets, they didnt.  oh well.. there must be some here in the office.  i looked all over.  couldn’t find any.  and just before i wrote this i looked over to the other desk..


Rachel called patti the other day, saying that something was goign on at the old trailer park where Paula’s trailer lives.  I called manuel who is staying there and he said he just got home.  Ok that must mean that he’s ok and that the trailer is ok.  He then sent me these.


enough already?

after all the post this week i’m suprised your still even reading this thing.  There isn’t much left to say now. 

Tommrow is Aroon and Sephs wedding.  I’m really glad for them.  They have been good friends and helped us out with our wedding.  Now it’s there turn.  I almost feel antsy because i’m expecting all these things that need to be done, but they actually have it all under control.  There isn’t really much for us to do.  I actually get to sit back, relax and sit in the pew with my wife for this one. I’m so excited.