Happy Birthday Risa

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9 years old today!  They really grow up so quickly.  I still remember the day she was born like it was 9 years ago.  It was a Sunday morning, and as soon as church was over we all went over to the hospital to see the new baby.  I got to hold her that same day.  I also got to hold Baby Sally and i think there is even a photo of that floating around somewhere.   

It’s so neat to get to see all these kids grow up.  And exciting to.  Wondering what the upcoming years will be like.  

i just called to say..

we’re getting ready to put a new station on the air, it’s oldies music from ABC.  A lot of people seam to like it because it caters to the older demographic.  So i was listening to it today as i was setting up all the satellite commands and i heard “I just called to say I love you” and i remember hearing this song on the radio back in my day.  then it hit me that i’m not as young as i think i am sometimes.  kind of sad actually.  Oh well, i can still pretend.


john on gaming?

I never understood really why anyone would want to spend good hard earned money on something as silly as a game. i mean a board game.. ok i can understand.. my computer hardly would see past solitare. Untill, Aaron and Steph came by the other day and showed me this game called Peggle. I loaded it that night but didn’t try it right away. finally i decided to give it a shot.. and from that moment i was hooked. patti saw it and came and played some.. by the end of the night we were both totally engaged in it. in less than a weeks time we passed all the first levels, have about 4 pages of the challanges done.. and still wanting more.

another great one was Crayon Physics.

plenty to be thankful for

I woke up the other day with horrible chest pains.  not really sure what was up but it was a pain i had never felt before.  i couldn’t find any position that would alleviate the pain.  The night before i had to go back out to the convention center to get them setup, again.  So all night i was thinking of ways to fix there problems and wanted to go to work to get them done but with this pain, i couldn’t even drive.  Patti convinced me to go see the dr so i went and they did an EKG and chest x-ray and some blood work.  all of a sudden i started wondering if what i was feeling was something more than just sleeping in the wrong position.  Continue reading plenty to be thankful for

thanksgiving again

back before i was a teenager the month of november meant two things 1, we were a month closer to christmas and that was the Sun of the kid universe around with all other things revolved and 2, i would get to see my whole extended family at my grandparents houst at thanksgiving.  when i was a kid the excitment of that holiday started even before we got to the grandparents.  It began on the ride there.  Continue reading thanksgiving again

A break from the normal updates

or just an excuse to not type up anything from this past weekend, i found this and just had to pass on to my audience.

This weekend was busy. Friday, well you probably read all about that already. Saturday morning was angelfood. there was lots of people there to help. and i was finishing carey’s new master dvds. that was actually kind of tough. making custom buttons and masking with the dvd authoring software. I really should read the manual on that. after that went home for a short bit then patti and i went shopping for a bit. then to the silverados. All i was sopoused to do was make sure they get on the air. well.. the changed the placement of the announcers, so i had to run new phone cable, and they were sopoused to bring there own headsets, they didn’t. forseeing such a problem i brought my own. Anyways, got them on the air and we were able to bug out before the game even started.

sunday we went to the ranch after church. it was fun to visit with mom and dad for a while. came home and just rested the rest of the afternoon.

false hope

in lieu of actual updates to this site, i’ve chosen to take the existing framework and just tweak it a bit. After seeing the changes going on at the clog, i got jealous. I’ve added some new header images, getting rid of some older ones. I changed the columns around but most importantly, i’ve removed stale records from the database and done some backend tweaks to increase performance. Today hopefully the silverados will have me go setup their broadcast equipment for the game tomorrow… then this evening carey want’s to completely Easter the Mission Explorers DVD. that’s going to take a while. Saturday is angelfood. I didn’t make it last week with tummy problems but apparently marshall was pretty short staffed and wasn’t shy about letting people know how he felt. After that debbie needs help with a project, and that evening is the actual game. I haven’t tested the genter now that i think about it. i better get that done. i dont’ think i have a spare SP card incase there is a problem.


I’m sure you’ve heard me complain abot the new civic center before. I’m out here setting up the broadcast equiptment for the game tommrow, as far as the old stuff, they stil don’t have dock plates, and they haven’t moved the strobes. Now they have the basketball court in Exhibit Hall B and you’ll never guess what they did this time. Whats funny though is the tech guys who work here, Fred and Bud both didn’t seam suprised when we found these a while ago. i think the comment was “that’s mcallen for you”

The floor is equipted with lots of floor pockets with AC and communications jacks, and they are staggered throughout the building. but… when they laid the court down for the basketball games, the floor pockets were placed to where they woudln’t be covered up.. which is great.. but they can’t be opened. so like today when we discovered that the pigtails were tied off to short to reach the pressbox area, we also discovered the floor pockets coudnl’t be opend to expand the outlets. and Bud had to run telco not from the floor pocket right infront of the press area but from the pocket all the way in the rear of the exhbit hall through a traffic barrier and along the side of the court.

“that’s Mcallen for you”

— later that evening —

So the visiting team showed up they are warming up and asked, Where are the basketballs? Of course no one here had any idea, and so now someone is probably getting all the basketballs over at the local walmart so they can pratice.

— and later still–

this is too funny.. i guess the team got tired of waiting for the wal-mart run so they are running plays with pretend balls.  almost feel sorry for them.

40 days till?

It was a nice cozy 65 today.  i went to taco bell for lunch and just about everyone there has on jackets and coats on.  yeah you know your in the valley.  Last night was a long night.  We’re going to be broadcasting the Silverado’s game which starts Saturday.  Billy wanted to run it out of the old kvns studio which meant wiring it up.  Wasn’t as much work as i was thinking it would be.  Just needed to find the off-air send for that room, wireup the getner hybrid with phone lines, and take the program output from the room back into the ACU for that station (ASERV#3, input#4)

While i was there i needed to apply updates for the MS updates, but none of the win2k machines needed reboots to take the updates so that made things even easier. 

i was driving to work and was listening to KHID and they were playing some Bach coral music.  That’s when it hit me.. Christmas is sneaking up upon me.  I’ve always had a rule that i woudln’t get into the Christmas sprit until after i give thanks.  not that i’m a scrodge, but i don’t want thanks giving getting left out.  so i was listening to this chior and reminencing the christmas coral concerts that they usually hold at our church and i always get to run.  that’s when it really starts to feel like christmas. 

Christmas really is my favorite season.  i love the smells, the sights, the weather… i just wish it wasn’t so early.