what am i looking for in a president?


all we need is for our president to have one bad mood day and get itchy with that big red button.  “who needs midol, i have 12 nukes of the coast of greenland”

i want someone who has the same moral track record.  I enjoy flapjacks but not flip flops. 

Although Mitt Romney i’m sure is a decent person, and i know lots of really smart Mormans, Glenn Beck for one, given the choice i’d probably give my religious vote to Mike Huckabee.  I appreciate his views on abortion and the family.

My experience vote however hands down belongs to Rudy Giuliani.  I like his tough politics approach.  Not the kind of person to take crap from others.  I like that.

Incentive wise, Barack Obama had some really great things to say about Taxes, welfare and fuel.  His use of the faith card and lack of a faith demonstration does count as a few demirts.

All this of course is dynamic and i’ll be updating this post frequently as i get the urge.

car shopping

not really, but car looking.  Thinking about maybe letting megan have my car and getting myself something else.  Did some research online, looking at the new saturn vue Green line hybrid.  also the tahoe and the yukon.  went to two different dealers.  the first one, cheverlote at Trenton and 281 didn’t even act like i was there.  walked past at least 4 sales persons and none of them even acknowledged i was there.  went across the street to bert odgen and two guys were already chasing down my car.  they actually were helpfull. i told them what i was looking for, they showed me something else that would be more usefull and cheeper too.  i’m not really sure when i might get to get a new one.. but that new car smell does have this certain appealing factor to it.

enough appreciation already…

way back in the day, the church would just have one big appreciation dinner for everyone.  If you did something, you were invited.  They would bring all this food, and sit around for hours as everyone was, well, appreciated.  Pastor being the, shall we say, frugal, gentleman that he is, decided that it was a waste to plan for all these people and only a fraction show up.  So a couple of years ago he started getting bids from local eateries and got certificates to meals that he would hand out.  This year he had a similar plan but i feel the mistake came in asking for input from the rest of us.  Us being the staff.  well, the short of it ended up being that he finally decided to let each dept do it’s own independent appreciation dinner.  there was a “discussion” about letting people who were in multiple depts get to attend multiple appreciation dinners.  but that got taken care of somehow.  So now, there is like 15 different appreciation dinners, all on pastor’s dime.  Patti and i are invited to like 7 dinners so far, all of them seam to be this week.  Today for example is the praise team dinner, tomorrow is the puppet dinner, Saturday is the team dinner, Sunday is the media dept dinner.

I mean it’s nice to be appreciated but i was kind of hoping to get to come home and rest at least one day this week.

Site Updates – Spam yourself.

Because i can’t just leave well-enough alone, i’ve added a function to this site which will allow you to receive an updates each time this site is updated. The system will send out no more than 1 email a day but when do i ever actually make a post more than once a week? I got the idea from Buckles site. Anyway.. if your interested use this form to subject yourself.

Another function added is the ability to email other people recommended post. Why you would want to.. i’m not sure- but you can if you felt so inclined to do so.

more wisdom teeth

i’m getting good at this.  Patti took tori to the dentist.  her jaw had been hurting.  I just heard back from Patti, the verdict is her wisdom teeth have to go.  First it was me, then Megan, now tori.  Poor thing.  But it’s better that they go when they are young.  Lori just had her’s done and it was quite the ordeal because of her age.  The roots were well dug into the bone and took a while to urge them out.  Thank goodness for insurance. 

i know the routine now.  first a referral to the oral surgeon.

Relaxing Weekend

Or a relaxing Sunday at least.  After church Patti, Hannah and I took off to the beach to get away for a little while. 

DinasourFlying BirdsPatti and Hannah

Most of our Christmas shopping is already done so we just did some last gifts while we were out there.  I’m surprised how far ahead we are this year.  Now we can sit back and relax and enjoy the season.

You know me, always fiddling with this site.  Today’s enhancement is the including of an RSS feed from the photo gallery of all the current updates.  You can subscribe to the updates from  here. RSS