Upcoming week..

Heavens Gate’s and Hell’s Flames will be here tonight, er.. i mean Glory and the Fire.  They are showing up a day early.  The company switch i ordered hopefully will be here Friday.  If not then we’re going to have to revisit this in a different way.  It would just be so much easier if we could do it my way. 

Originally these guys weren’t going to be here for another few weeks.  So an order was placed for their consumables in accordance to their rider.  Well, apparently pastor noticed that the “stuff” hadn’t arrived yet so called up G&F to let them know and the response was something like “oh that’s ok.. we have plenty of our own ‘stuff’. ”  Well.. come to find out, they didn’t have enough so we had to put a rush order in.  Being a rush order they just decided to drop-ship to us from the manufacture.  So the manufacture wanted their licence number to ship combustible material.  surely the vendor would be able to provide the licence number he’s be shipping the stuff for G&F with all these years? 

Well.. i’m doing my best to stay out of all that.  The last thing i need is a Class 2 Federal-Felony on my name for receiving hazardous material across state lines without a licence.  Who knows, this years G&F may be a little less firery. 

Rants cont.

My rss reader tattled on this post earlier today

I know your not sopoused to bite the hand that feeds you, but i’ve never been one for censorship. 

he really hit the bullet with the striking pin on this one.  The worship team isn’t what it used to be.  i always find myself remembering a time when there were no pews, no time constraints, the worship would start, diana would be on her knees still playing, the singers (not chior) would be on ther backs with mics still in hand, the chairs would be pushed back and the alter would be any part of the floor opened up.  denise would be laughing, richard would be laughing, even mrs bentley. 

this was back in the late 90’s .  when i was still new to the whole caramastic church thing, but i knew this is what i was looking for.  back then when i could sit in a chair or on the floor or lay on my face without not infront of anyone else, no one cared, they were probably out themselves… but infront of God.  when you finally left sunday night service, 9 or 10 that night, you knew that you were in His presence.

during a recent leadership meeting (i’m in leadership?) all of this was basically reiterated.  the praise team up there, playing their heart out.  “Johnny with his daugher facing surgery but he’s still up there playing the drums with all his heart” just to provide background music for everyone else’s conversation.  Maybe this is the enviorment that has been created.  Even all the way to the top you see people greeting eachother during the worship.  i can’t tell you how many times i’ve seen it from the booth myself.  someone will be standing there arms raised trying to “enter in” and from behind them someone comes up and get there attention to shake there hand and talk. 

i’ve always told patti if Diana ever gets on a worship teams somewhere, if Sonnie joins in, if Pastor James starts up a group, we have to go check it out.  what are we doing here?  are we getting feed what we need?  what our famliy needs?  the kids obviosuly don’t want to be part of this group.  it’s sad when they get ran off by their own peers. 

are we here just to serve?  just to faciliate the facility? 

I know joe has asked this of pastor before, on many occasions.  “What’s the vision of the church”  you know.. where are we headed.  what are you after.  what are we spopoused to be going for?  is it missions?  is it spreading the gospel to people outside of our building?  is it to impact our community.. i mean.. what is our goal?  the responce he got was .. ‘let me get back to you on that’  i think that was sometime around chrismas.  i don’t know if he’s been given a responce since.  so.. in the mean time we just keep doing what we’ve been doing? 

I admire James.  He had a vision.  it was 100000 from laredo to brownsville.  he saw it wasn’t getting done where it was at and he moved to make it happen.  Like that song “lord move, or move me” 

This place could obviously function if i wasn’t around.  i could do without the tax bill at the end of year.  maybe VSF needs to become it’s own entity, apart from the borg. 

i’m just rambling now- i’ll stop.

Freakin’ Wankers: DQ Freak Out

so Hannah and i were driving home and i had a sudden craving for a sundae and she wanted a blizzard so we pulled into the drivethru right by the house.  by now my mouth could already taste the soft-serve with the hard chocolate shell dripping from the sugar cone. 

so we pull up to the inaudible speaker and we place our order.  “oh, i’m sorry” the distorted voice on the other end says.  “we don’t have any ice-cream”

long pause

“uh.. this is dairy qween right?”

“yeah, the machine is messed up, we have chicken fingers, dilly bars, hamburgers…  “the voice rambled on but i’m still there in shock.  interrupting her, “you don’t have any icecream?” i’m waiting for the hidden camera crew to come out and we’d be on the new DQ commercial.  they never came.  put the car in reverse and spent the rest of the drive home in mournful silence.

recession looms

so the fed cut short-term intrest rates by 3/4 point.

congress passes the stimulus package, which is just a rebate check.  People ask, ok, this wont’ go out till may, how will this help the economy now?   well, people don’t necessarily wait till they have money to spend it.  but that’s a whole other problem.

even at work they are feeling the crunch.

are we headed for a recession?  not sure.  the housing market is still slow.  banks are still foreclosing on people who can’t afford their adjusted interest rates anymore?   it’s all a big mess.  what’s the cure?  how about more federal regulation of banking and loans?  or better yet, government ran loans?

watchfull times..

From InsideRadio (a radio industry publication) 

Partners’ proposed $19.5 billion buyout. Among the FCC’s requirements is Clear Channel must sell 42 top 100 market stations and the Commission “strongly” encourages them to be sold to women and minority-run businesses. The FCC is also requiring the two private equity firms to either sell their stake in Cumulus Media Partners, or reduce it to a non-attributable share. CEO Mark Mays says “We’re excited by the unanimous decision of the Commission. We’re on track to close the transaction in the first quarter 2008.” The unanimous ruling included the FCC’s two Democrats, who while voting in favor of allowing the transaction, expressed concerns. Commissioner Michael Copps called it a “close call” saying he has “mixed feelings” about approving the deal, since the FCC has not yet studied the impact of private equity on media ownership. While the FCC rejected allegations of “anticompetitive sales practices” brought by other owners, commissioner Jonathan Adelstein believes the FCC should continue its investigation. The deal still needs DOJ approval.

John’s Note: we’re market #59

peaceful night sounds

not sure where this one all began.  a while back the girls found the cat in the neighborhood.  they brought her in the house and fed her.  she was obviously a tame cat and really sweet.  (and really hungry)  she has since then stuck around the house and never was really a problem. 

While we Patti and I were gone to college station, the palm tree in the backyard finally got cut down, but it took part of the fence along with it.  Now there are all the neighbor cats from the area wanting to spend time with this stray.  So the past few nights have been filled with the wonderfully night sounds of these cats “mingling” outside.  i’ve gotten to scare them away with either tori’s air-soft gun or just chasing them out of the yard, but with a big gapping hole in the fence it’s to easy for them to just come back in.  So yesterday Patti and i were talking about sending her to the humane society in an effort to get rid of all the extras that hang around.  I said i’d do it.  she had me promise not to leave her on the side of the road somewhere.  so this morning i coax her to come to me, then i put her in the cat carrier, and on my way to work we take a field trip.  i get there only to find out that they don’t open until 10am.  so i’m sitting in the parking lot thinking to myself, surely they’ll find her wandering around there parking lot..  but i remembered the promise i made so we make our way back home and i let her lose back in our yard.  tommrow we’ll have to try this again but i know she won’t come as easy next time. 

there’s got to be an easier way.. maybe a .22

Busy Season

now that hunting season is over, it’s time for busy season.  Glory and Aspire is going to be in town shortly.  That’s going to only be 4 days i think.  but after the 4th time here, it’s 4 days to much if i have anything to say about it.  I will take it all back if they bring a different program, but if it’s the same one we’ve seen the past 4 times i’ll keep what i said.  I mean they got a good message but if pastor invested what he has in them, in patti’s group- we could do the same thing with much better results.  That’s just my opinion of course.

a couple of things i am looking forward to is the Easter program patti’s pulling off here at church.  It’s been a while since she’s done something so everyone’s looking forward to seeing what she’s got up her sleave.  She’s also finally going to do her outdoor passion play.  the same one that was pitched here but i think pastor said something about not wanting people to get dirty.  (do we see a pattern here?)

One of the law offices i do work for is in the middle of trial right now so they are scrambling to work around some technical problems they are having.  I just don’t have the time to be out there between 8:30 and 5 when they are there.  And it’s not something i can do remotely either. 

I’m trying to finish off this website for farm and ranch.  I want to have a complete skeleton built by Sunday when i have to go back out there to present this and start doing edits. 

Not to mention things at home, Kovu was sick yesterday.  Had 104 fever and congestion.  The vet gave him two shots and some oral medicine.  This morning he was eating and purring but it was scary there for a while.

February is birthday month.  Patti’s, Megan’s and Tori’s.  Not to mention ground pigs day.  Apparently this is some big deal.. i never quite figured out why. 

Oh and the youth are doing a valentines banquet again this year so we’re going to be involved in that.  I need to start designing set’s for the outdoor thing, the thing here

VTCI woes

argh!.  there is the client of mine who is wanting he’s website chagned.  i  made it for him back when i was in highschool and used his isp for his web hosting.  Out there in the middle of knowwhere, the only ISP is the local LEC.  Being a coop, they were able to provide dsl (a-dsl actually) before any of the large CLEC’s were able to because of the anti-trust laws.  but anyway- So there is this local LEC trying to be larger than they really are.  They go by a few names, VTCI, Grande River, RGVW, VTX-C, VTX-B.  Oh, don’t get me started on vtxb.  this is there internet division.  I was helping my nepehew with his computer, they are using vtxb as their isp over a-dsl.  i noticed that his wan ip address was a 10.x address, which is a reserved private ip address.  So this ISP is spitting out privitate ip address, doing a NAT translation across there router on to twtelcom-.net.  So basically, they are creating a private network between all of there customers. which would be cool if you wanted to share files between you and your neighbor, but also really dumb because, do you really want your neighboor being able to listen to your shared i-tunes list?

anyway- so i finally get an email back from these guys, and they send me the username and password for the ftp site.  Which was NOT the orginal info. they must have migrated there hosting servers without telling the customer.  I’ve asked them for shell access and mysql.  If they aren’t able to provide this then it will be the PERFECT chance to get them onto a real hosting provider.  So as a temp i’m hosting the new site out of my house.  We’ll see how far this can go.