we’re back

It was a great trip.  Patti was doing a presentation at the state convention of county and district clerks.  It was in college station so we made a vacation out of it. 

We got to see alot of old family members

Bryan 059

 The George Bush Library

Bryan 049Bryan 051Bryan 055Bryan 058 

The house i grew up in

Bryan 065Bryan 066Bryan 069Bryan 070Bryan 072

The Hosptial i was born in

Bryan 061Bryan 062

the elementry school i attended.

Bryan 075Bryan 076

We got to hang out with my cousins and with Gloria and John.  We got to drive around and just enjoy the time away.  It was fun getting to share part of my childhood with my wife.  And i think she enjoyed the time with my family.  They all love her.  I love her too.  She’s pretty great.

we’ve arived

Patti and i flew in to college station this afternoon.  we got to see Gloria and John and then we saw Dora and got to visit the cemetery and the old house.  Tomorrow even more fun.

i think i'm dying

i’ve been in bed for the past three days.  coughing, sore throat, body aches.  this morning i went to the doctor and began feeling even worse.  he said it was bronchitis and gave me two pills.  i’ve felt so cooped up that i just had to get out today.. so i did.  went to church, worked on a few projects and did some errands.  now i’m feeling pretty worn out but it was nice to actualy get my sea-legs back.  hopefully i can get to work tommrow.  i hate being so useless.

New Community Outreach?

Patti and I have had it on our hearts for about two years now to do an outdoor passion performance.  We have all the pieces we just haven’t had a venue. We finally felt the Lord put in our hearts to do it in San Isidro.  You know, that’s where it all started between Patti and I.  Our church youth group came to Abundant Grace to do a training on Drama and Puppets that Patti was holding.  And well.. the rest is history.  the youth came out there to the church in San Isidro, they did a big bonfire, worship thing on a the back of a cotton trailer.  And i don’t think we’ve been back since.  well.. it’s been to long.  Today we sent an email to them to see if they will host us.  This is really exciting to finally see this dream come to reality.  I’m seeing a combination of Words from the Cross, The Passion, and tos tretos, all in “Patti Style”.   We’ll let you know what they say. 

Well.. we got an email back from the Pastor out there and he’s all for it.  We meet with him tommrow to work out the details.

2007 Where did you go?

this was a year of upgrades for me.  i upgraded from trailer park renter in the outskirts to a home ownership in the city.  It was something i had always dreamed of but never actually did.  There is just something amazing about having a mental list of things you’d want in a home.. and actually finding them. 

this past year i upgraded from fiance’ to wife.  it was something i had always dreamed of but never actually did.  There is just something amazing abotu having a mental list of things you want in a wife.. and actually finding them. 

Looking back at the prophecy Dick Mills gave.. about the whole enchlida.  well.. i think i got it.  That’s what i get for “lighting a fire under it”  It has been a year of action on my part.  I took a lot of steps that i probably would have not taken years past.  i moved forward in wants and desires that i had.  instead of just being a bystander in this life of mine, i decided to take the wheel and have the life i always wanted to have. 

And i haven’t had any regrets since.  I love the life that i’ve created for myself this past year.  I love my wife that i have chosen.  I love the way that she compliments my life in everything that i do.  I love the things we do together.  I love working with her and i love lounging around with her.  I love the home we have made for ourselves.  I love the family she has brought into my life. 

I’m so excited to discover what 2008 has in store for me.  For us.  For our family.

man where did you go?

the past few weeks have been rather quiet around here i know.  and for that i apologize.  i’ve found myself consumed with a few projects.  and it all started because i was bored.  during the holidays things usually slow down around here.  I had that project with the 24 hour Christmas channel, but once that was done and running.. i was sitting around thinking ok now what?

This is the point in time when i usually go out of my cave and socialize with the common folk type.  For example, i’ll watch the sales assistants and see how they are using the equipment, and find better ways for them to use it.  A good example was seeing that they throw away about 90% of the faxes that come into the system or forward the ones that do come in to the apporiate person by hand.  I took this information and converted the fax system to an efax system.  So this time i was watching the sales people again and saw how they were using the phones.  I then decided to make some changes to our phone system.  This upgrade gave me the ability to collect SMDR data.  So now with the SMDR data, i was able to see who’s calling IN, OUT, how long, the cost of the call, what lines are being used etc etc.  i then began takign a closer look at our bills and comparing.  The more i dig into it, the more shocked i became. 

The end result- there’s got to be an better way to do this.  So this has become my current quest.  Getting rid of an entire demark full of POTS lines, converted the copper to a digital PRI, getting a PRI card installed into our system and getting our phone charges under control.  It’s just amazing when we are paying over $1,200 a month for toll free charges and $2,500 for access charges, another 300 for other line charges with a grand total of almost 3,000 a month.  Yeah.. we can fix this. 

Merry New Year

yup.. seams like i was just doing this last year. 

ok.. what happened last year?

KVNS flipped formats

Arron and Steph Got Married

they took my wisdom teeth

housing industry went to poop

internet people


i discovered games

Bought a House

Bought furnature for a new house

I discovered Will it Blend

Had (missed)  my 10 year reunion.

Got Married

Got Harrased

Mom got sick

i found an old  favorite speech

the world turned green

chipmunk turned famous