some parents..

Argh! some parents are so frustrating!

Ok, so khkz is doing this contest right.  From the first day jay was talking about it i could smell trouble.  people would send in their video and the video with the most votes would win jonas brothers stuff.

first problem was acepting movies over the counter rather than only online.  the 2nd problem was having it invove kids.. because for some reason… moms here in the valley act like kids.  we’ve had these ladies calling all week complaining and threating.  i sit back and listen to them rant through the phone across the room and can’t help but wonder what the kids are going to end up like seeing their parents act like that.  grant it.. there we’re some cool parents.. the only ones you ever remember are the ones that leave an impression.  and it’s not just tickets for some dumb concert.  i’m sure you people in the school system know what it’s like to have to face a mom every now and then.  what ever happened to the concept of sh!# happens.  kids your going to have to learn to deal with it.  your parents are not going to be fighting your battles for you forever.  In life your going to be forced to work with people you just don’t like… learn to deal with it now before you get dispointed later.


we patti and i found some series called lost.. the more we watch.. to try and understand what’s going on.. the more lost we find ourselves. er go the title?

we have season 1, then season 3.. pretty soon we’ll need to do something about that…

I was telling jay and amanda about this show and they were like..”hope you have 4 years to spare” apparently they are big fans.

so what’s up with the hatch?  and why is locke so wierd?  and the french lady just gave hurley the battery?  and what’s up with those numbers?  why are they on the hatch?  this is all getting so wierd.

Jonas Brothers Who?

Ok.. so apprently there is this group called the Jonas Brothers. Hotkiss has had a promotion where people can send in there videos and the winner would get backstage passes, front row tickets, dinner and a limo ride to the show here. well.. apprently these guys are kinda of a big deal because today we have been swamped with people, er.. kids flocking the studio trying to get their video to us. most used the website like they were sopoused to.. but still some brought tapes, cd’s dvd’s, thumb drives.. and guess who had to convert them all to load into the web?

yeah.. i don’t think i want to see another jonas video for a while.. but the kids did a fairly decent job. check out their work here.

i want

ok.. this is way cool.  i don’t ask for much.. but if you decide to do something for me for presidents day.. this is it.

That same waste paper from this morning, yea had all these presidents day sales.  i’m sure iin 1880 when it became a federal holiday they were not planning on having a car sale blowout and needed a holiday to celebrate the event.

there goes my weekend plans

so i had these two subborn computers at work. apperently, when you deploy ie7.0, it doesn’t like to be uninstalled more than once. ended up having to nuke one of them and spent the rest of the day reinstalling all the software back on it.. now i have to do the same to another computer. so after a long day at work, i wanted to get away with my wife finally after the week month we’ve had. made the reservations (after almost not getting any) made sure randy was going to be home, got the kids away.. and looking forward to a nice time when i can finaly love on my wife the way she deserves to be loved. we spent valentines day working on the banquet so by the time we got home we were just both so tired…

well.. as you can probably already tell.. murphey happened. some people decided to invite themselves over and well.. that was pretty much that. so now- maybe time for a movie? it’s almost 10… how about shakes instead?

how cheesey.

i need a burst of inspiration. i need some new ideas. seams like all the good themes have been used up and turned into theme parks.

wow.. haven’t thought about that movie in a long time..

You hear about some kid who did something stupid, something desperate; what possessed him? How could he do such a terrible thing? Well, it’s really quite simple, actually. Consider the life of a teenager – you have parents, teachers telling you what to do, you have movies, magazines and TV telling you what to do, but you know what you have to do. Your job, your purpose is to get accepted, get a cute girlfriend, think up something great to do with the rest of your life. What if you’re confused and can’t imagine a career? What if you’re funny looking and can’t get a girlfriend? You see, no-one wants to hear it. But the terrible secret is that being young is sometimes less fun than being dead.

waste paper

or news paper as some people call it. I really don’t see much use for the thing anymore. all my news updates we get through our “barker” channel here at work. We are connected to several news networks, ABC, Fox, and WW1,CBS. When ever breaking news happens, they have someone who announces what’s going on and where to tune in to catch the stories to air. When i’m not in the office, newschannel5 sends me emails with updates… unless of courses they are in the sweeps, then every story is a breaking story.. but anyway…

I was sitting in the bathroom and someone left a piece of the paper behind. This is probably the only time i ever really sit and read the thing so what they way.. as long as it’s not the sports section. “Rio Living” ok i’ll give it a shot. front page was a story about

“The Met Experience”

as local theaters catch up to the rest of the world and start installing digital projectors… they are finding more ways to use them.

a brief history…

  • you’d go to a movie, you’d sit and at the time on the ticket the movie would start, with background music occupying your time as you waited.
  • theaters began using slide projectors before movies to show slides of ads. eventually trivia and movie facts were added. movie began, slide projector turned off.
  • then they swapped out the slide projectors for small high lumen video projectors. all the screens could show the same feed from the same computer in a more elegant fasion with central control over all the screens. Video input controlled by cues embedded in pre-roll film (same cues that trigger the audio type and house lights). now they could show actual commercials before you saw your movie. yeah, you pay good money to be shown commercials.. but hey, not like your goinig anywhere. you can’t change the channel.
  • then they came out with digital audio. ok.. this was wierd. i’m used to the crack and popple of aged film on the big screen. now you can still the film scratches and smudges.. but you don’t heard them. talk about a trip…
  • now.. they’ve begun installing digital projectors. large high lumen Christie projectors mostly. And the film is a thing of the past.. now when movies are delivered.. they are sent over either an OC3 or highbandwidth downlink. Stored on a local video RAID and distributed across the entire network. with that same downlink they can also show live shows.

ok.. so back to the story. they are talking about showing operas from the MET on the big screens. ok.. now if your want to watch the opera.. your going to the opera for the experience. not for the smell of the popcorn, the crying kids, the blaring cellphone and the kids sneaking in the emergency exits. They are also talking about doing broadway shows on here. ok.. so most people in the valley wont’ ever get out of the valley.. this may seam like a good idea, but you can’t ever appericate what these things really are like.. unless your there in person. you can even go see a concert, or a ball game..

when’s the last time you ever left your living room after watching the big game thinking.. wow! that was an awesome experience! i gotta bring my friends over to see this?

ok.. so i continued futher. next page was a story about the cdc worried about kids playing the choking game. ok.. i can see how this could be good news for parents, but why are they giving everyone step by step instructions on how to choke yourself almost-to-death for a high?

the rest of the paper was car ads. really interesting read.

ok.. enough rambling. that was 5 minutes of your life you’ll never get back.