ok there is seriously something wrong here

so i finally get the replacement drive from HP.  after dhl decided to bump my overnight shipment.  not nice.  so i get it.. stick it in the slot where the old one was.. and after the RAID rebuilds for about 4 hours, i get this email…

Event Description: Rebuild complete:

yeah! now i can get to backing up the first server that died.. but wait

Event Description: Logical device is degraded: controller 1, logical device 2 (“Secondary”) Event Type: Warning Event

wha? i just installed a new drive. what could be wrong?

Event Description: Failed drive: controller 1, port 2 Event Type: Error Event

ok now i’m ready to use 4 letter words.  i just installed a new drive in port 3, now the drive in port 2 is in a failed state!  This thing is just waiting until i replace all the drives in it.  Why not tell me that at first.  “This computer has been running to long without any expense.  You need to buy 4 new drives replace them all, and then i’ll be happy, but not until i make you do each one – one at a time.  that way i get the most pain and suffering out of you”

not a good week to be a HardDrive

on top of everything going on this week, this past weekend i got an email from one of our servers, let’s call her File Server #2.

The system has detected the following event:

SNMP Trap: 3036

System URL: http://CCRFS2MFE:2301/

Date time: 02/01/2008 05:08:12 PM

Computer: CCRFS2MFE

Source: Storage Agents

Type: Warning

Category: (4)


A ‘Physical Drive Status Change’ trap signifies that the agent has detected a change in the status of a drive array physical drive.


IDA Physical Drive Status ‘PREDICTIVE FAILURE’

Error Code 0

Drive Bay # 3

Bus # 1

Controller Slot # 1

So i get into the server and notice that FS2, Contoller1 Drive 3 has gone into PFA status.  PFA is means “preventive failure alert”.  A condidtion has occured that indicates that a failure is likely.

So i pull up the warrenty information and sure enough it’s out of warrenty so ordered up a replacment drive.  It came in today.  Before i removed the bad drive and installed the new one, i decided to back up the logicial drive to File Server #3.  All that FS3 does really is backup our music system.. so i removed that backup, and began replacing it with the backup of FS2.  While all that is going on i get another email,

This message was generated by the Adaptec Storage Manager Agent.

Please do not reply to this message.

Event Description: Logical device is degraded: controller 1, logical device 2 (“Secondary”) Event Type: Warning Event Source: CCRFS3MFE

Date: 02/07/2008

Time: 03:23:56 PM CST

What? two failures at once?  not really likely.  so i check it out.. sure enough FS3 decided to take a dump too.  So again i check the warrenty of this machine, sure enough. out of warrenty.  This time i call up HP on the super secret clear channel customer support number.  Gave them my password and talked to them.. they acknowled that the system was out of warrenty but they decided to send me a new HD anyway.  I’m greatfull that i’m getting that addressed.. now i just have to wait for that to get here, fix FS3, backup FS2 to FS3, fix FS2, and then on top of all that, FS1 needs to be restructured.

Looks like i’m going to be planning an all……. nighter repairing all these machines.

Haven’t seen so much trouble since the time one of the file servers at the bank decided to take a dump on the external harddrive rack.  I usually keep one hotspare in the array for just such an occasion.  One drive dies, the hotspare takes over.. but this time, two drives crashed at once.  thank God for RAID.

it’s all fun and games till someone calls the FCC

ok.. so jay’s been watching this website from the fcc that displays the status of pending applications.  As soon as they approve this application, they can begin working on increasing the TRP (total radiated power)  of their signal.  Is a real exciting time for the station to get to be a high power contenders in the market.  So like a ritual, ever time he sat as his desk, he’d open up this link on his favorites to see “application filed” instead of the long awaited “approved”

so today, i got the idea to take that page, redesign it, same look and feel as athe real website, but change “application filed” to something else.  Putting “approved” would just be mean because, you know.. it would just be a let down.  so why not let him down now.. so i rewrote the page, this time it read “DISMISSED”  than changed the link in his favorites from the real page.. to the fake page.

just like clock work, he went and sat at his desk, people are talking to him and stuff.. and then he said something like “it’s changed!” but then he got real quiet…

then he went to tim…

the conversation went something like

TIM: “you know john’s messing with you right?”


Cronicles of Smtotse

ok.. so rather than recapping all the past events, i’ll just show you where you can check them out for yourselves…

Upcoming week.. the drama before the drama

For My Friends an interesting interpretation of the drama

Hazards of S.M.T.O.T.S.E  what can go wrong…. and right

It took me an this long to get past the flesh (no pun intended marty) in the whole thing.   but now that i can sit back through the entire show and just push buttons, i’ve actually gotten to watch the crowd and be amazed at their memorize-ment of the whole thing.  it is a powerfull ministry tool.  i guess i’m just worn out from the whole thing.  can’t wait to see what Patti pulls of next year when they give her the budget they got.

so tired…

it’s been such a stressful week.  I’m so tried of being away from home.  of having to sacrifice my wife’s birthday to be at church.  Last night was the first performance.  I found myself a niche by adding some dynamics to their visual show.  getting to watch the show from their sound booth has given me a new insight to the team.  I remember the first time i saw them perform back in ‘ought and 2 i think?  I was so amazed by their talent and skill.  now it just doesn’t seam to have the same wow effect.  I think the feelings seam to be shared by some of the locals too.  Not to mention the drama that happens off the stage. 

I’ve enjoyed getting to hang out with Jimmy Todd and Jason, that’s been fun.  But it may be easier just to buy them a plane ticket next time without everyone else.  Their is a staff meeting next Monday.  i’m not partially looking forward to it.  Not so much because of the expecting bickering and complaining, but because of the lack of resolve.  i mean, how many times has upper management been warned, dissuaded, dis-encouraged, and flat out told not to bring them back? and this is what.. the 4th time now? 

I’m really looking forward to the valentines banquet.  this promises to be fun.  Mostly because it’s not being billed as a church event.  same goes for patti’s easter programs. 

i’m tired of dealing with time warner.  having a lot of problems with roadrunner at the church and haven’t had any free time to work on it.. or the radio programs..

Melba’s show is coming up in a few days and i think they are expecting me to do sound for them.. and they want me to video it too.  I just don’t see how i can with everything else we’re trying to balance. 

not to mention all the pending projects.  and the redevelopment i’m working on and they guy hasn’t replied to any of my emails…

megan and tori’s birthdays are coming up.. and i still haven’t given patti a proper groundhog day/birthday. 

just want things to go back to normal.. (or is this normal?)

much better now

ok.. apparently they do have some license. if we had that to begin with, things would have been much easier. but anyway.

we got to church around 7 after getting to have lunch with rachel and brice. or dinner actually. we got there and started clearing off the stage. Shortly after they arrived. I felt this huge burden lift off my shoulders when i saw Jason walk in the building. i knew after that, no matter how things went with dean, everything would be ok. i’m actually looking forward to this coming week.

in the back of my mind, i’m still trying to plan things for the Easter programs. I should probably send a note to the host site and give them some updates. frank is working on the poster this weekend and it should be done by Monday. it’s going to be a busy few weeks. and patti wants to throw a groundhog’s day party Saturday. i guess she deserves it. She worked really hard to pull this program off. she’s been so busy trying to keep everything together. she amazes me every day with her ability to multi-task. see.. to me multi-tasking refers to being able to screw up multiple things at once. but she is able to pull it off somehow.

i love her.

on a more somber note, Garfield past away. i remember when he was just born. doesn’t seam all that long ago. he was also such a nice cat.