• A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects.

  • ~ Robert A. Heinlein

a year ago

It’s amazing to think that a year ago today, i was sleep-deprived, staying up till the cows came home getting things ready for the big event. I think we had the building setup mostly by now, and most of the decorations were in place.

Picture1 015

The evening would be the rehearsal. Right before rehearsal, Sandy and Tom wanted to meet with us so we went to my office and did a talk-thru of how things were going to happen. Up to this point it was all mostly in my head. It was the first time i read my vows outloud. When i heard them of course the came out all wrong. Funny how things look good on paper, but that’s all they look good on. It was the first time i got to hear patti’s vows too. after that it was like, wow.. i can’t be out done. I love her more, and i’m going to prove it. After it was all done, we went to the youth building with everyone waiting, and did a quick walk thru of everything. The Leal’s had memorized some scriptures and recited them that night. Those are actually some of our favorite scriptures, even today.Picture1 087
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This time a year ago

we were getting our marriage license. You would think they would give you a test or something.. like are you capable of getting married and carrying on the species. Some of the parents now a days obviously are not.


i’m not sure what’s been most frustrating about today.

You know during that meeting yesterday with that guy from the telco, we sat and talked for about half an hour (or more) waiting for another guy to show up. It was so much fun to sit and talk with someone who actually knew what they were talking about. We talked about work ethic, his company, things he’s seen, all sorts of really cool stuff.

It was just really fun to talk with someone who you didn’t have to dumb yourself down to.. just to communicate with. I mean here in the office, the CE is probably the most tech person here and he’s in his late 60’s.. wouldn’t know a B channel from a D channel. Back then they had paired analog lines for a remote. Now i’m using ip over EVDO.

I’m just frustrated i guess, it’s not for a lack of challenge, but more for the fact of being alone in my own little world out here. And the fact that i’m driving 30 miles every day to and from work isn’t that cool. if the kids have to get picked up or something, Patti is forced to have to do all of that.. it would take me half an hour just to get in town. I woudln’t mind working closer to home. Being able to go home for lunch would be a big cost savings too. I’ve been eating out for 5 years now.

What about sticking it out till the kids are out of school? Another 4 years? I’m always getting emails about other clear channel stations looking for people. I’m just not sure i’m ready to move yet. I mean it’s only been a little over a year since we had this house. Although it looks like Rachel and Brice may be moving on. I have alot here that would be hard to let go. My parents, the Leals… um.. i’m sure there’s more..

Dumb Verizon

This happens about twice a year. I was sitting at my desk and a little popup appeared on the bottom right hand portion of my screen showing that my email was working in “off-line mode” A good indication that our T1 circut is down. tried pinging a router up in the corporate office, “request timed out”

Ran over to the local router, peeked around back, and an orange light on the AL (Alarm Indicator) The first call of action would be to notify corporate so they can get the repair guy on it. picked up the cell phone, no service… hum.. tried the land line, “your request can not be completed at this time”

A senerio we experience here in Weslaco, TX about twice a year. Someone with backhoe pulls up a batch of wires along the side of the road wondering “I wonder if they needed that” In an area surrounded by ATT, Verizion occupies about 4 towns in south texas, and none of them are neighbors. I’m not knocking Verizon. They are doing awesome things in big cities, like NY, they are delivering FIFO, fiber straight to your home with internet, tv, phone.. everything over fiber. Really cool stuff. But here in the valley, it just seams like they don’t care. These little CO’s are like the black-headed step children of the company. There is only one path in and out of verizon weslaco and it’s with that fiber optic line. everyone in the town uses that one circut. If your lucky, you can go out to the road, pick up a stray cell-tower in mercedes or alamo and get coverage their… but you’ll be roaming $$$.

Ironicly, i had a meeting with a seprate telco that serves this area that same day. We are working on switching over to them, and when we do- it will help to alleviate all these troubles. Also, Smartcom is a small business. I met with the Director of Operations and have his email and direct phone number. This is a guy that really knows his stuff and i’m confident- in the event of a problem, he’ll be able to help me out. Rather than calling some call-center, talking to Mohamad in broken English just to try and get to a tech support person.
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it’s a wonderful day in the neighborhood

ever had one of those days when you feel like skipping down the hallway or jumping up and kicking your heals like in the old Toyota commercial?  no.. well.. too bad.  It’s been one of those days.  It’s actually been one of those weekends.  Yesterday i reformatted my vista laptop.  Helped tori work on another video.  She’s been recruited by two different classes to make videos for them.  I think it’s kind of cool that they are asking her rather than the KMAC kids to do this stuff.  She came up with some really cool stuff.   The last load of laundry in the house was in the dryer when i left this morning.  The house is clean, the filing is done.  Even my itunes library is clean! 

This morning went to Hannah’s science class to talk about what i do.  as much of a science freak as i think i am, it was fun.  i tried to keep it all under their heads but there only so much you can do to talk down radio engineering.

and it’s been so fun, greating people with a smile here at work, they hear the chipper in my voice and somehow that transpires to them and now i think i have everyone around here walking around with a bounce in their step.  it’s been a good day.


this morning we got up early to head to weslaco.  There was a strange problem on hotkiss, sounded like the audio was skipping.  but that’s not why we went out there.  Hannah was having a workshop for this photo contest she’s entered in.  Not really sure what to expect, we got there and i saw an old co-worker, who was actually running the contest.  we got to learn about the rules of the contest and how they would be judging.  it was really interesting.  we got to find out what others were doing and we got to get some tips from an actual professional.  I learned alot myself.  it was held at the valley garden center in weslaco.  afterwards we walked around and she got some really great shots.  she’s really getting good at this.

came home and helped tori with a movie she’s making, and then spent the rest of the evening with megan and patti watching a marathon of House.  all in all.. it was a good day.

8th Grade Formal

5-16-08 Formal 028

Wow.. that was so much fun.  I have to admit, i didn’t know what i was getting myself into when i said “ok” but looking back.. i’m glad i didn’t pass up on this oppurnaity.  I can’t begin to tell you how much fun i had.  Patti got to do soldier boy with hannah, and during the father-daughter dance, hannah pulled me up there to dance with her.  That was really cool.  I got to hang out with a few adults, and just as the party was winding down, got to pull off guard duty at the door. 

I really like that kid.  She keeps me feeling young.  and we get to share alot of interest.  She’s a wiz at computers, she likes photography.. oh we have that workshop thing tommrow.  i have to pack a sack lunch.   She’s not a kid anymore, she’s almost out of 8th grade, about to start high-school.  Pretty soon all of the kids will be out of school.  Then what?  AARP?

It was kind of funny seeing the girls stumbling in their high heals, and the guys in their oversized jackets.  after the first few dances the shoes were off and the jackets were on the floor.  We just got home.  My body is tired but i can’t get my mind turned off yet.  oh well.. let’s see what ICHCB has…

As the world turns

these are the days of our lives.

Seams like this past week everything has revolved around the middle school formal.  I remember when we’d have our 8th grade dances.  it was just in the school cafeteria, move the tables out of the way, play some music and that was about it.  Now a days you’d think it was prom.  We took Hannah to get a dress, ended up finding a nice one at David’s Bridal.  Patti and i are sponsors so now we have to get dressed up.  Had to get my jacket altered, get some pants, and of course a shirt and a tie to match hannahs dress.  then patti went dress shopping yesterday.  and of course shoes and all the fixings.  Oh and they are having this thing at the country club.  yeah…

Oh well.. your only 13 once right (Thank God, couldn’t pay me enough to try that one again)

It’s just all kind of a reminder about how fast all the kids are growing up.  She tried on the dress yesterday after i picked it up from the alterations.  She doesn’t look like that kid that used to bounce around the youth building in a walker while patti was doing her puppet things.  *sigh*