Hello Dolly

it’s 12:36, i’m at the radio station and wide awake. or mostly.  the radar is showing stuff above us so i decided to go outside.  the wind is kicking up, it’s cooling down and there were a few sprinkles falling on me.  i’m back inside in my office which is my temp bedroom.  my blankie, my pillow, my computers.. now it’s just a wait and see game.


2:40am, still fairly calm.  some steady drizzle but that’s about it.  i’m going to bed now.

The Brass Chair Barbershop

we’re driving around one day and patti pointed out this new babershop close by the house.  I wonder if that was a hint?  The summer is usually my shaggy season.  probably remincinte of my cornerstone days.  something about showing up looking like one of the lost members of the beatles.  So anyway, this morning had to go by melfarts, pick up some stuff for VBS, go by church, install this stuff, come home get changed back to church, do a wedding at 3, then a party at 5, then pratice at 6.. somewhere in between their i thought, i kind of do need a hair cut.  so i stoped by the place.  I haven’t been to a babershop in a while.  Something about the old vinal chairs, the smell of warm shaving cream and barb-i-cide.  Some old man named Veno who could tame that mop in 3 minutes flat.. not a single electric razor.  and if he did have one. it was one of those old one that had a metalic relay starting off the entire thing.  SNAP! it would go when turned on.

So i walk in this place totally expecting that.  Something must have changed since the last time i went to a barbershop.  I thought i had walked into a snazzy hotel.  This place had a hostess, who presented me with a menu of haircuts to chose from.  After filling out a card with my “order” i was then offered a complimentry drink from the bar.  “No thanks, just had lunch”  I then go over to the waiting area and looking over the reading material some guy offers me a shoeshine.  “um.. no thanks”.  There was only two barber so it was a little wait but didn’t seam to long.  The barbers wasn’t some old man named vito, but i had an older lady named dora.

All in all.. it was a good haircut.  i think i may actaully go back (more than twice a year)

Has it really been that long?

I guess it has been a while since my last post.  Over the July 4th weekend the kids wanted to go to Warp Tour so Patti and I packed up both cars and trekked on to San Antonio.  It was raining most of the way over there but stopped when we got there.  I felt so excited that i had chosen to replace my windshield wipers before i left.  How lame is that?  I can remember my dad doing all this car work before we’d go on trips and now i’m finding myself doing that?!  I guess lame isn’t the right word.. just a reminder that i’m not as young and reckless as i’d like to believe i am.  We dropped Megan and Tori off and went on to Spashtown and spent the rest of the day relaxing.  It was fun to get away for a change.  I don’t do as much traveling as i used to… so it was a nice break to be out and about.

Gas is really getting to be a pain.  I’ve been looking at carpooling sites, thinking of getting a smaller car.  just everything i can to help stop the madness somehow.  It’s no secret that i’ve been looking for work closer to home.  30 miles each day is costing me about $200 a month now, not to mention the wear on my car.  Grant it i love what i do, just not where i’m doing it.  Just this week for example, Verizion (or dumb verizion as they have become to be known on this site) put both of our new circuits in Jeopardy status and not scheduled to be completed until july 19th. A saturday? oh well.  So in the mean time i’ve decided to see what i could do to help the end users here.  One of the guys jobs here is to take the weekend shows we air that come in on CD and load them in the automation system, track by track.  1 3-hour show can have 12 tracks that have to loaded.  that can be an all day task.  and there about 15 shows in all.  SO.. i’ve taken it upon my self to help automate most of the process.  not to eliminate his job but to make his job easier.  Now most of the shows are downloading from the provider overnight, he comes in, does a batch convert to match our system and then loads the tracks directly rather than ripping each one-by-one.  i’m sure this is boring you but just another one of those projects i love giving myself to make other’s jobs easier and help the bottom line in the end of the week.  (less overtime) 

So back to this job thing, oh yeah.  got an email from monster.  usually i just ignore most of them but this one seamed interesting.  The starting pay is $10k more than what i’m making now.  And it’s in mcallen which is a big plus.  It would be great to be able to have lunch at home or with my wife or both!  Anyway… at the end of the day i need to do what’s best for me and my family.  I sent over a resume and hopefully will get to talk to them… see what they can offer, benefits etc.  This place got along before without me. 

exciting afternoon

For the past week, i’ve been working on planning the transistion of moving our telephone provider at work from Verizon (yuck) to Smartcom (yea)  This includes adding a PRI circut and a channelbank from Smartcom to provide our CO trunks.  No big deal right?  well.. all of our current CO trunks are comming from a whole other room than where our PBX is.  And the wiring was originally done right, but as things kept getting added and removed and added and removed, well.. it just became unorginized.  So tonight i’m pulling it all out.  After that, i’m going to replace it in a method that makes sense.  and when it comes time to move over finally, then all i have to do is move a few wires and volia!  I’m planning on going back to work after church to start all this fun so i left early today to get some rest while i still could.  I’m driving home and miss my exit and couldn’t get over to the right fast enough to make it.  ok.. fine. i’ll get off on 2nd.. well.. as i’m trying to get off on 2nd/10th street a bang and then a huge clould of white smoke.. so much that i coudln’t see through it.  I figured the car in front of me must have had a blown out.. so that green tahoo moves over off to the side and when the smoke finally cleared, i pulled up behind them only to see this little kid laying on the ground.. everyone is getting out of the car and the dad i guess gets out of the drivers side and scoops up this kid on the pavement.  As i approach the car it’s got flames comming out from the rear of it’s undercarriage.  So i motion for them to get behind my car and ask in my best spanish if there was anyone else in the car.  people were stopping and all of a sudden there must have been about 4 different fire extingishers right there putting out the fire.  there was also an ambulance right there behind us who just happened to be there.  they took the girl who was just scratched up a bit around her face.  Must have freaked out and tried to jump out of the car?  by the time the fire got there and police eventually, all the fun was extinguished and all they had to do was push the car off the ramp.  oh well.. it promises to be an exciting night.