Nothing better to do

It’s a saturday afternoon, i’m at the church doing sound for a wedding where the bride appears to be missing.  I decided to tickle my brain (thanks marc) and see what was going on in the interwebs.  I found this page on my cousin’s site.  In there somewhere were links to his photo album where their were images of his house at the ranch.  i can count the times my brother and i spent out their.  Strangely though, it all looked so unfamilar.  I can’t ever remember the kitchen looking like that, and i was suprised to see their was a back porch.  I remember the living room and the fact that they had a satelite dish.  Not the fancy Ku-band dish network recievers you have now a days.  This was one of those 3 mettter C-Band dishes with the hydro-drive steering. 

It’s jus so strange how some memories fade.  Or maybe i’m just getting old?  Groom is conversing with the minister, it’s 15 minutes past.  i wonder if i have time for a water break.

the path life leads us down….

it’s going to be another long night at the station tongiht.  doing some upgrades to our music system and finalizing our change of phone providers.  i’m going to be so glad to make the final disconnects.

So in preperation for a long night i wanted to come home early and get to rest before i had to come back.  mr meek called that the AC guy wanted to go by mission and if i would open up for him… sure.  he will be their at 3, i’ll leave at 2 and get their half an hour early.  well.. it’s 3:45 and he still hasn’t show up.  driving up here i could see the mission eagle stadium.  i had a flashback moment of back when i was in highschool.  we had a teacher who lived out here in Mission.  Mr. Long.  He had a story for just about everything and if it all is true, then he had quiet a life.  who am i to question.  His son was a kicker for Mission HS.  Mr long was the teams statistican.  i know i spelled that wrong.  but being up in the pressbox he couldn’t see all that well.  he would drive me after school to the game with them and i would be his spotter up in the pressbox.  now.. i probably know more about football now then i did then.. and coming from a school who got rid of their football program my 8thgrade year, i would not in any way consider myself proficent in football lingo, but i managed.  the trips were always interesting.  the games were neat.  but i think i got the biggest kick out of listening to mr long’s stories the most.

He had 3 other kids.  I ran into the oldest daughter a while back.. had some computer problems.. of course.  that’s been the last i’ve seen of mr. long.  i may just have to drive by the old house and see what ever became of those vague 10 year old memories.

that was fast

well.. vacation has come and gone. we got alot of work done at church during the workday, we are in better shape now then a week ago. i could use some newer equipment but all in good time. they olympics are on right now i think. I haven’t seen but maybe a passing glimps of some swimming. it’s just not what it used to be.

this is much better.

vacation day 1

well.. i got the trampoline back up, patti went into the office this morning, then took hannah to her orthodontist apointment.  i have to run to MEG’s office to deliver a pc that i replaced a power supply on.  the ratings data comes in this morning at noon so i need to load those in the system at work.  if they are not in ther by 12:01 they start to panic and try to do it themselves.  scarry.  last night i also upgrade our billing system.  this morning they probably showed up to work started the program right up and didn’t even notice the change happened.

vacation day -1

Tommrow is the offical start of our vacation.  Patti and I both got the week off.  In typical Patti and John fassion, we’re going to use the time to work on projects.  At church i want to re-wire the youth building.  Monday hannah has an orthdontist apt, tuesday is mchigh registration.  i should order the parts i need and get things lined up for the build-out.  going to install floor pockets on the stage, take them to a punch panel, then to a snake terminated at the booth.  Most of all though, we’re gong to take it easy- wake up late.. and just relax for a change.

goodbye dolly

wow.. after sitting around waiting for something to happen.. something happened.  i never been through a hurricane quite like that before..

things started off slow, kind of dispointing actually.  just sitting around the station waiting.  went to bed around 2am.  woke up at 5:30 when hitman was roaming around the building.  Looked at the radar and it was closer but still not here.  this thing was really moving slow.  the wind hit SPI first.  it got rough fast.  then it started heading our way.  power began flickering and we switched over to generator.  this was the last time we’d be on citiy power for over 2 days.  it was kind of neat walking around outside seeing all the wind blowing around everywhere.

The wind never would let up though.  After a few hours we were were standing by the doors thinking “This isn’t fun anymore”

KVNS was the first to go off the air.  With no generator that was no suprise.  i wish i could have kept it up longer though.. being the only station relaying KRGV it would have been usefull. All the rest stayed on through the storm.  KRGV next door had some power distrubtion issues.  That was really interesting.  Seeing them use car headlights to light the set.  oh well.

The aftermath wasn’t bad like Katrina bad, but it was.. well.. a different landscape for a while.  Fallen trees everywhere.  roofs with missing shingles.  even some with missing roofs.  The mosquitoes were horrible.  Power was an issue for some people.  At home we never lost power.  Didn’t have any water damage either.  The Leals were not as fortunate.  Even to this day they’ve been reconstructing the living room.  I think we are all ready for some normality to return to our lives.

Looking back, if this was a small Cat2 hurricane.. i could not imagine what it would be like being through a 4 or 5. and you know the valley people will freak. Especially after this. I mean valley drivers are bad to begin with. you throw a little wind and water their way and their brain checks out. I had to meet the insurance adjuster at the station at 8:30 this morning so i got in a little earlier to take care of other stuff. Looking at the traffic at the 281/83 interchange and how backed up it was just with the morning commute.. i could not imagine trying to be on the expressway during an evacuation. I’ve already told patti and the girls just to go to the ranch. and to use the back way.

i needed a quick cheep lunch yesterday so i walked into jack in the box. i placed my order and the mexican lady asked me for my name. “um… ok.. xeservacious” that look in her eyes that her brain checked out. i just chuckled to myself and sat down in a booth somewhere. And there is this guy walking around with all this useless junk. You’ve seen the type. Always dressed up like a morman, they have junk like books, garden hoses, this guy had flashlights. they always have the same sales pitch. Put it in their hands. as i sit down i see him gunning for me. he keeps pushing this stuff towards me and i don’t reach for it. you could see his frustration talking about how it’s hurricane season and how i need this flashlight and if i would just try it out and i keep dodging his throws.
it was frustrating yet humerious… i guess you just had to be there.