i voted, leave me alone now

The day the polls opened for early voting, i was their.  I was number #31 on the list.  I just couldn’t stand another news report, commercial, yard sign or email defaming one of the candidates.  So i made up my mind, i pushed the button.  They can’t sway me any longer. 


I guess i’m a sucker for punishment but it’s so close to church, when i need a quick meal it’s convenient.  And the food isn’t bad at all.  It’s just the service.  and not just this burgerking, just about any burgerking i visit has the same results.  I love the “Frozen Cokes (ICEE)” and the onion rings with the zesty sauce.  But most of the time, the forzen coke doesn’t work, they don’t include the sauce, they include onions in the burger when i ask for none.  Recently they began a national thing on the back of the receipts you could call a number and do an electronic survey.  great!  Now i finally have a chance to tell them how much the valley restaurants suck in service.  (You can’t do it online, i’ve tried.)  The first question in the survey is “what is the store number of the restaurant you visited”  I turned over the receipt, found Store # but after that was blank!  What, they new how much they sucked and so people couldn’t complain they took that off the receipt?  So.. back online, looked up the location and it revealed the store number.  So.. when you call to complain on the survey line about the BK next to church, it’s store# 12431

i just came back from lunch, stopped by BK here in weslaco (store# 13003) and of course they got the order wrong.  Big surprise.

The survey phone number is 1-866-425-4745 and takes about 4 minutes.

check valve

back at the ranch, the water source for our community of houses was back at the ranch, about a mile from the houses.  The well had it’s own sump pump that would pump the water up to a mini water tower.  The pressure from the water tower would then force the water down the 2″ pipe to the houses 1 mile away.  Did you know that for ever 2.31 feet of elevation, 1 PSI (pound per square inch) is produced.  So if you have a water tower that’s 100 feet in the air, 43.3 PSI is produced, usualy more than enough for any city to run on.  Ours was maybe 10 feet up.  never actually measured it.  An important part of keeping the preasure was the use of a check valve.  Several were placed along the road where the water pipe was laid all the way to the houses.  These would keep the water from flowing backwards reversing the flow of presure.  Once one of those went squirly and woudln’t let water flow in either direction.  My dad had to go down the road finding all of them checking each of them.  Soon after that, they were all clearly marked along the road.  You’d be suprised how long a mile is when your digging up check valves. 

I’m greatful for the built in check valve’s we have.  So many times i want to respond to someone’s smart email with a quick relpy to all with some sarcastic responce.  Just this past sunday morning.  Mark (with a K) was running the projection computer.  He can do a great job when everything is setup properly.  but pricilla sent the list.. which meant that she didn’t use a formal song name, or ccli number or author, or any way of properly matching what her list says to what she actually wants.  So the system is preset with the titles she uses.. and quickly into the service it’s obvious that the songs preloaded are wrong.  he’s not skilled enough to find the proper songs to match.  i was able to run in their mid song a few times to load up the proper one but it was a very rough service.  mona took no hesitation to come up to me in the boot and make a remark something like “was I that bad when i ran the computer?”  now.. my first responce would not have been very nice.  Fortuantly for me.. my built in checkvalve saved me from saying something i would have regretted. 

Other times i wish it had kicked in sooner.. right about the time i’m scrambling looking for the “unsend” button.. quickly followed by abusing my rights as an email administrator.

The past weeks

not the way i would have liked to have spent them.  It all started with a small leak.  Amanda called me in and told me about this.  I could tell from the start that it was a small leak but needed immediate attention.  It could easily get bad.  I called several companies to get estimates from.  They never came by.  Finally i got one to come over and they qouted like.. 4 thousand to get it done.  of course they didn’t want to pay that much.  So we found some shade-tree guy who would do it for 1500.  Great.  Yeah.. you get what you pay for.  It rains again.. and i get a call from Hitman, it’s leaking again.  I get to the studio and sure enough.. there are new leaks in new places. after a “new roof” was put on.  He had covered up all the equiptment with tarps.. and put buckets up.  Some of the buckets were on top of equiptment racks and filling up quick.  I had to come up with a way to keep the buckets from willing up.  The guy comes back.. and does some more work. And it rains again.  This time though they don’t put the tarps up.  I get there and as we walk down the hall to the studio you can smell the mildew.  Stuff’s beeping, lights are flashing, speakers are crackling.. i was going to start unpluging things but when i looked at the outlet boxes they were in a puddle of water themselves.  I just went for the breaker after that.  So.. Again with the tarps and buckets.  Did our best to clean up what we could but it was a mess.   They made another movie.. they guy came back and redid his redo of his work.  The morning show took over Billy’s oldies studio.  not without billy totally fliping out about it first though.  We cleaned up most of it today.  It’s starting to resemble some normalicy.

We lost two flat panel monitors, a shortcut 360, a getner t216, um.. a IIN-60 board on the console.  about 15 roof tiles and the carpet.  All of which could have been spared if they had gone with the reputable roofer in the first place.

And while i’m on the subject of reputiable vendors, we had this guy sell us this copy machine.  Actually had had already sold us a copy machine.  after about 5 years of service it was starting to quit.  He blamed it on the fact that it wasn’t on a dedicated 20amp breaker.  Ok.. fine.. whatever.. after 5 years it starts acting up because of that but what-ever.  So we install the circut.. he installs a new copy, fax, print, scan(er).  Ok.. done deal.  It copies, but in order to make it scan you have to purchase extra licences for it to make it do that.  Ok.. fine.. we install the licence and it scans.  really fast too.  i’m happy.  until i try and print to it.  It’s not printing.  i spend about two days pulling all my tricks on it.  it won’t work. the vendor is clueless.  he doesn’t know why or makes up reasons why which make no sense.  i call canon, the manufacture.  “i’m sorry, that’s a vendor services piece of equiptment, he can help you” i try and explain, no he can’t.  they just say hire another vendor.  argh.  so i call him back, he sends a computer guy he hires sometimes to fix his problems and he can’t figure it out.  ARGH.  so frustrating.  so today he calls and im’ already upset because of everything else that’ sbeen going on.  He makes up an excuse, uh.. the scan print licence is only a trial one. you’ll need to purchase the full licence.  (Ok, so if w’ere just using a trial version, then i should be atleast about to TRY it) he doesn’t have a clue of course.

The bright side of all this, i can get two (maybe 4) new flat panels for the studio.  the old phone systems in the studios are not even made anymore so we can replace them with some decent equiptment.  i was hoping to replace the console to with a router compatible system but no such luck there.  *sigh*

This was amazing

i think i even shed a quick tear when i was watching this.

The description pretty much sells itself.

Fabled Optimus Maximus Keyboard has Arrived

Yep. Time to take a second mortgage on your home or break into your kid’s college fund. With the singing of angels and a ray of sunlight parting the clouds, the fabled Optimus Maximus Keyboard has descended from Russian design studio Art Lebedev like an orgasm of geekiness. As you should know by now this amazing keyboard features a tiny screen on each key… that’s 113 screens in all. What can you do with these tiny screens, you ask? Well, each key can change its image dynamically depending on what you’re doing. Hold down SHIFT and all keys go uppercase. Run Photoshop and you can set it so each hotkey has an image representing its function. Set a key to monitor your CPU usage or display what iTunes track you are currently playing. You can make a key into a tiny clock with moving hands and play animated gif files or even quicktime movies. Of course all this futuristic technology is going to cost you a pretty penny… but we figure you’ll just expense the Optimus and tout its “incredible increased efficiency when using PowerPoint hotkeys” in your expense report summary.

Complacient? Niave? Just don't care anymore?

So the sky if falling around me and it’s just life as usual around here.  Our economy is going down the toilet, health care cost are skyrocketing, along with fuel prices, and i could have sworn i heard my 401k make an audible thud this morning.  I almost don’t want to watch/listen to the news anymore.  Being a “news junkie” i never thought i’d find myself at this point but i can already tell you what they are talking about.  I just don’t want to hear it anymore.

Perhaps i’ve found myself to distracted and consumed by other things in my life.  Patti is still not back to her normal health.  That on top of the work she does in the real estate industry, stresses on her so much.  And i’m completely helpless to do anything for her to ease her struggles.

Even in our community we’re hearing and seeing the same thing.

The state of mind that I am in is one of little to no tolerance for ignorance (really carelessness is what it is…meaning just not giving a bleep as long as you’re happy and not inconvenienced and being content to not know the truth so you can’t be held accountable) in the body. I am frustrated (not offended as some would like to think) simply frustrated. There is a dire need in this “American way of living” for real conviction, for people who will stand up for what is right at all times, regardless of the loss of respect, friendships, family, jobs or whatever man kind deems important. This is where I am…where I have been. – Sojourner

Am just feeling like a lemming waiting for someone to jump first?  Am i just to distracted worrying about Patti?  It goes without saying that my concentration hasn’t been very.. um.. concentrated?   Maybe we should all just uproot and go to canada.  I don’t know why but that’s actually been on my mind alot lately.  Doesn’t have to be toronto… maybe one of the smaller towns.  Listowell was really nice.  Especially in the winter when everything was white.  You could come home to a fireplace, warm chocolate, basements.. sigh.