Happy Thanksgiving

Well, there’s no escaping it. It’s that time of year again…a time we often greet with equal parts joy and tension. Of course, I’m talking about Thanksgiving — the one day where my family gathers ’round to see how much I can actually eat in 24 hours. It’s sort of like a contest where no one can truly be called a “winner”…

But the truth is, I love Thanksgiving. It’s that rare holiday with no gifts to buy or cards to send…a time to simply gather together, catch up, and enjoy one another (and pie — pie never hurts). I hope you have a wonderful day surrounded by all the things and people you love…

Concert annoucment continued…

Sorry i guess i shouldn’t have left you guys hanging like that.

So all night i’m struggling, hoping and praying that verizon get’s on the ball. I called in on the trouble tickets i had opened since 1 when we first when we went down to see if they had an ETA. Something like.. “oh yea, they are almost done” give me some hope. Well. I called and the lady said, “oh yeah, att is on the site and they found a cut fiber cable. ( i could have told you that’s what you find and i’m not even at the dig site) they sent for a splice kit and a fiber technican to come do the work at 6pm central. Obviously their was little chance they would have this up in time for me to do the broadcast the way i’d like to do it. instead we used the cellphone device. as soon as the announcement was over i packed up all my gear and headed out to my car, as i’m packing my car, i hear the ding of my phone with the notification of some email. “that better not be the network saying, Hi i’m back” i thought to myself. i finish loading, get in the car and glace down. sure enough their was 6 simultanious messages all saying the same thing.

From: Akamai Alert [mailto:noreply@akamai.com]
Sent: Fri 11/21/2008 9:12 PM
To: Munoz, John
Subject: Alert Cleared

oh well.. i’m going home. well.. i’m going to get take out from carinos, it sounds like a night for italian nachos.

Dumb Verizon, again..

no kidding…
they did it again. they do it about twice a year.. sometimes more. Being in the city of weslaco, we’re kind of isoloated from the rest of the civilized world. This is one of the few areas that is in Verizon (formly GTE) terroritory. And verzion corporate treats this area as a bastard child sometimes. But- i got a leg up on them this time. I’ve been working here 6 years now.. and so i’ve come to expect these outages. Between satelite backup systems for network access, three other phone carriers in my building and fully re-routeable phone numbers, the most people noticed at the office was the fact that none of their cell-phones worked. We used to spend over $2400 a month to verizon. i have about $900 in credit with them now. I’ve moved so much stuff off their network i have them their just for the sake of not comptlely disconnecting their service from our building. so i have 3 lines left from over 50.
Anyway.. most people didn’t notice. except me. today of all days, we had KHKZ doing live broadcast from the cinemark theater in harligen, they went on at 3pm and aren not getting out till.. maybe now? not really sure. That was hampered nicely by this event. Also i have a big concert annoucment today at the dodge arena. I can’t really say who’s coming down.. at least not yet. ask me when this things over. Remember when garth brooks came down? alan jackson? brad paisley? peanuts compared to this guy.
so my original backup method of (orginal backup) of getting audio from the arena to the studio got fowled up with someone’s backhoe. my original method was to use the tieline with it’s sprint wireless network but that’s over in harligen with HotKiss. So my 2nd choice was to take my laptop and stream the audio back to the studio over the internet. Well.. that posed a whole other logistical nightmare. i finally got the method to work and then some overzelous fiber cutting guy runied that plan. so now i’m calling over a Scoop. It’s basiclaly a fancy cell phone with XLR mic inputs wired up to the house mixer. oh well.. some how or another we’ll get this thing on the air. I’m reminded of the time i had my cell phone on speaker phone on the podium at the L&F conference room.. ha.. good times.

Mcdonalds and a new pasttime

Went to lunch at mcdonalds here in weslaco. They have been doing some remolding behind the counter over the past few weeks. I was curious as to what had changed. It looks like they installed a robot in the drive thru lane. This thing would read the drink order from the POS unit, then dispense the cup, a claw would place the cup in a “cup holder” that would spin around the soda/ice dispenser. The cup would then rotate around to the proper position and it would automatically dispense the ice and drink. the person at the window still had to grab the cup from the holder, put a lid on it and wipe off all the splash that would fall around the cup.
The Lord of Funk shared a game this morning that i have found myself addicted to. He’s also the one who turned me me to Tower Defender. This is basically the same concept only geekeier. (is that even a real word?)
Check out Rack-A-Node for yourself. I’m assuming no responsibly for any lost productivity as a result.


it’s been a fun weekend.  Got to help Randell at the race track for “Nationals”  It twas actually kind of fun.  Watching 28 cars on the track all at once and everyone is tring to be in the top 12.  It’s kind of like watching hockey but instead of sticks the guys have 1/4 tons of weight behind them.  It’s also sort of wierd because your sitting around waiting for the next wreck. 

Also working on a plan to upgrade the main console at the church.  Going from a 14 year old mackie SR40x8 to a DigiDesign Venu D-Show console.  I could go on an on about what this thing can do but it will probably just bore you.  If you need a good nap click the link and read for yourself.  In the mean while i’ll just sit here and drool.

and when the lamb open the 7th seal, silence covered the land

i got home, after an extraordinary long day. We are getting rid of two older storage sheds to make room for a new larger one at the station. So… we spent much of the morning throwing stuff out into a roll-away dumpster. Sometime later that afternoon i was throwing away some old computer and decided to chuck on in their as far as i could. it made it about half way in and even shattered the window i’d been triying to break all morning. (that was already thrown in the dumpster) Shortly after that my shoulder was letting me know that it didn’t appericate the treatment i had given it. Spent the rest of the afternoon taking care of things i’d been putting off here and then. I got a habbit of leaving stuff in my mail’s inbox until it’s done or needs to be seen again soon. otherwise it get’s filed away. nothing ever get thrown away. as of this moment i only have 1 item in my inbox from today.
So anyway… after a long day i get home, the house is empty or appears to be. i got to turn off the tv’s left on, the lights left on.. lift ozzie on my shoulder and sit in the rocking chair. in the quiet, peaceful house. it was so nice to come home to that. the peace probably didn’t last 10 minutes at most but it was 10 minutes well spent. i think i’m going to take something for this shoulder and get to bed early. tomorrow we get to clean out the storage units at the self-storage place.

Die Sauerkraut ist in mein Lederhosen.

Wow, haven’t been out here since October?
I guess i haven’t told you about Pigskin, or about Patti’s Christmas program. This going to be a fun one. It’s with the kids and i know patti has been wanting to do a children’s Christmas program for a while now. You should make an effort to come see it. December 14th at AGCC. Even going to have some guest actors.

It’s not even thanksgiving and their is already christmas stuff in our mist. At work we’re already planning for christmas music. Kind of hard to get into the spirit of the season when it’s 80 degrees outside.