moving up in the world

i was driving to work this morning and just about the time my exit was aproaching something caught my eye.  in the distant, the glow of an LCD sign. but not one of those car dealership signs.  this was a big one.  on a billboard post.  It was a 10×36 at least.  at last the valley is big enough for a digital billboard.  but in weslaco?  I was on the company’s website seeing if they had any others in the valley but that one didn’t even show up on the list.

Christmas Uninstall

Well, for about the past week Patti’s been worried about her office.  They have been laying off jobs left and right.. Another round was coming the monday after Christmas.  We didn’t think she would be included in the cut but that’s not how things ended up being. 

It’s going to be tough with single income but it’s also going to be another test of our faith, another storm to go through and just another oppurnity for us to see how God’s going to pull this one off.  We’ve never been without.  He’s never let us down.   Faith don’t fail me now.

Is this a twinkle in my eye or a twitch?  It’s been doing that for the past week now… really wierd.

Christmas Past

It was a good Christmas.  Got to go to the ranch, got to spend time with the family.  The kids seam to have a good one.  We went over to the Leal’s and had Christmas day with them.  one of hannah’s old friends from okaloma came in to town.  i got one song on my outdoor lightshow done.  All and all. it was a good christmas.

Christmas 2008 015

Christmas Feelings

It’s been a mix of emotions.  We,  er, I spent most of the early part of the month wraped up in the Christmas Program at church. Now that that’s out of the way, it’s time for all of the parties.  tuesday was church staff dinner, dinner for clear channel at the festival of lights, yesterday was our office party, tonight is the worship team dinner, tommrow is sonnie’s graduation party/christmas party.  I made reservations on the calendar already for a day off on sunday.  All of these events have great intentions but it’s just way to much to do.  I found myself being consumed in the motions not being able feel the emotions.  Patti gave me my christmas present early last night and we went to see Glenn Beck’s stage show, “the christmas sweater”  now.. i’ve been a fan of glenns since around the time of 9-11 when we had him on our AM station, KVNS.  He had a sarcastic humor about himself that really made sense.  kind of like arroon, except glenn had convictions.. well not to say that arron doesn’t.. but this guy has really deep convictions.   He’s never been shy about his christianity or letting the rest of the free world know about it.

Anyway back to the show, i’ve seen other christmas shows of his, but this was totally different.  an orchestra, singing, videos, snow… their was a few monents when i was trying to descretly wipe my eyes only to notice everyone else doing the same.  I’m not going to ruin any of it for you.. your just going to have to read it yourself.. but i left their with a different perspective.  a rememerance of my past christmas’.  of the times i’ve had with my family.  of driving to the ranch from bryan.  of the smell of my grandma’s cooking and my grandpa’s aftershave.  even of my dad dressed up in a santa costume for my sister and i.

i have the chance now to have these memories with my own stepkids.  my own wife.. in our own home.  memories that we’re going to have to make together.

Christmas bonus

or lack there of.
I guess i really shouldn’t be complaining. There are lots of people out their who are losing their jobs. Even in patti’s office they are talking about cutting cost. It just kind of stinks when even their isn’t even a church bonus.
It’s just kind of scary thinking of how volatile things are out their… and how quickly things can change. We’re going to have to start thinking of way to cut spending not only here at work but at home too. If things ever do get dicey, at least we can have a new budget planned out.

but is that not exercising faith? saying God, i know you will provide, you always do.. but just incase you don’t pull through the way i think you should, he’s a few alternatives?

btw- the aforementioned link is nsfw.

Fr. Joe

So i was driving home, their was a car fire on the other side of the express way so i called it into the producer of our traffic network.  On the phone he said some lady called in about some mess near the toyota dealershpi on 83 but she had no idea what direction she was going or where she was otherwise.  He asked if i could drive by their and help.  Good thing i did.. their was a big mess WB on 83 at Jackson Rd.  backed up all the way to 2nd street.  i turned off on main to go home when i got the impression to go to compusa to get a part i needed for the christmas program sunday night.  While i was their i ran into Father Joe.  Now.. i’m not catholic.  I was baptised catholic as a baby, went to CCD, grew up next door to a catholic church in Bryan.  but when we moved to the ranch, my parents went to the baptist church, which meant that i went to the baptist chuch.  When Father Joe came to San Isidro we got to know eachother.  He was a computer geek and so was i so we both got along.  I also had the chance to help the church with audio support during their christmas programs.  I also went to the wednesday night classes their.
So anyway.. years past and we lost touch but i always wondered what happened to him.  Well turns out he’s in weslaco, and of all places the church i pass by just about every day when i’m at work.  We exchanged cards.  We’ll have to do lunch some time.

Pat Fleet

You may not recognized the name but you know the voice. Pat Fleet is the voice of AT&T. Recently i’ve been searching for voices for the phone system here at work and i came across these recordings of her’s. I have to say.. she’s got a sense of humor.

Rotary Phone?
All your base are belong to us
for the lyrics to…
to infurate our tech staff..

more funny recordings…

Pat Fleet Pat Fleet’s “AT&T” is one of the most recognized sounds in the United States. Described as a “mega star” of phone voices by Ted Koppel on ABC’s Nightline and affectionately called “Ma Bell” by telephone workers, Pat has been the voice behind literally tens of thousands of telephone recordings since 1981 – speaking to millions of callers daily with coin and credit card requests, explaining services or just thanking them for using AT&T…

The Eric Ryan Corporation

ERC as we have come to know them around here hired company wide to audit our utilities and find ways to save us (the company) some money. Well. All that they were able to find that they could save us on was an old cell phone that was no longer be used but still be charged to us. came up to about $75 buck a month.
Well now they are charging us $25 each month and appear to want to continue billing us for the next three years!

At least with the cell phone charge i was actually getting something for it.