that was that

well.. got notified yesterday of a list of the people who shouldn’t have access today. They were sopoused to be gone this morning but at 9 am this morning they were coming to me asking for help logging in. Uh… i’ll brb. I went to go hide in the meat locker while everything hit the fan.
I got to catch a little bit of the inaguration today. i have to admit the part i enjoyed the most was the piece by Gershwin that they played during the cermony.

Last night worked in helping the youth run their “new” sound board. then i spent the rest of the evening working in my building. I’ve gotten to lay out most of the what i can for now. Tonight i’m going to move the wiring to the patchpanels. that’s going to be the biggest headache of this entire process. i might end up just working on laying out the looms and hanging them up properly without even wiring it up. So far things are going according to schedule.

Mackie SR40x8 1997-2009

251412 years with this piece of machinery.  It really wasn’t at horrid as i may make it out to be at times.. but it still kept us on our toes.  Signal bleeds, distorted or missing aux sends, mis-grouping, muted intercom… usually a swift bang in the right spot would clear it up.  Last night was the final service with it.  I ran the morning service but Guy ran it’s final .  We moved the console out so the youth could be bestowed with it’s grace tonight.  I’ve also removed the compressors and gates as well as the console’s PS.  Tonight i’m going to pull the EQ’s and processors.  The next day i’m going to move the patch bay to one of the now empty racks.  (have to fill up all this empty space somehow) The new console is more than just a sound board but it incorporates pretty much all the equiptment picutred bellow into one compact 11U system.  The new “board” is smaller than the old one but still impressive enough to show off and listen to the oohhh’s from jellous on-lookers.

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A stay of execution

It looks like the calm wasn’t the end of it, but mearly time to make everyone wait it out. I’m really not worried.  Not that i think i’m imune from the hacket illness going around, or that i’m indespensible, I’m sure Ken could figure out how do do what i do around here.  It’s more a sense of reasurance.  No mater what goes down, we’re going to be able to get through it.  There’s no doubt about that.  January 20th looks like the current date set according to the news:

Wednesday, January 14th 2009

High anxiety around Clear Channel

January 20 Calendar Yep – January 20 sounds like the date Clear Channel’s planning to “do it.”

Yes, that is also Inauguration Day, and I’m again saying that it appears to be the day Clear Channel managers are instructed to take whatever personnel actions they’re going to. That’s what they were told at last week’s managers meetings in Dallas. Now – could that change, with an audible from San Antonio? Sure. But I’m increasingly confident that those personalized jump drives the market managers were handed contain the road map for what they’re supposed to do on January 20. That presumably would mean the RIFs would be taking place while most of the nation is watching the new president get sworn into office. How big are the rumored cuts? Are they really going to affect sales as much as or more than programming? Is there going to be more centralized “national programming” with the new 2009 budgets, and less local talent? I’ve heard and told you all those things, and we’ll just have to wait until next Tuesday, January 20 to start finding out. One former Clear Channel exec tells me “it’s a little sad that it’s dragging on so long there.” It must feel like purgatory.

So..  now it’s just wait and see.  Let’s try and get through this week.  Monday night was rehersal with the worship leader from Lakeland in florida, yesterday was the first service.  started at 7, by 9 they were starting the actual message.  and we have 6 days of this.  It’s going to be a long week.  And they are doing morning services too.  talk about burn out for my team.  after all of this, i’m thinking of postponing the sleep-over, work night.  This WILL be the last performance the mackie see’s in this building.  I’ll be putting in a 24 channel VLZ in it’s place until the Venue get’s here.  I’ve already preconfigured the system on my laptop.  when it does get here, after the physical instlation, all that will be left to do is transfer the config file on a usb drive and we’ll be in bussiness.

Lunch Today

I haven’t had lunch with the group in a while.  Today a bunch of us decided to go out together.  Some of which i’ve never eaten with before.  The topic of discussion was pretty much the uncerentiy of tommrow.

From radio-info..

At Clear Channel – Scared GMs, scared staff.

Are 1,000 people going to be cut? That was one story circulating last night. It sounds like a huge number, and it certainly is a helluva lot of warm bodies. But if you think about the sheer scale of Clear Channel, which has hundreds and hundreds of stations, that’s an average of 1 or 2 per station – though some stations are at skeleton-level now. The two-day managers meeting in Dallas began Tuesday with each GM being handed a thumb drive that presumably held the market-specific data – budgets and cuts? – they’d need going forward. There’s also a story (which I can’t verify) that Tuesday night’s traded-out dinner was pretty skimpy – leading some to go back to their hotel room and hit up room service. As T-R-I said earlier – I don’t know which is worse – to be the manager under the gun in a tough economy and with new owners. Or to be the staff back home, biting their lips and waiting to hear about the fate of their stations and colleagues. More to come.

Our GM returns tommrow.  Everyone around here is just waiting.  One of the ladies was talking about this with her family yesterday.  The kids were asking what they were going to do.  She responded, “When one door closes another opens” The oldest sister responded “then why is [our brother’s] door locked”  Poor guy, we’re always picking on him.

Ghost of Christmas Past?

So.. Patti got her new job. After talking to her today you could hear the smile in her voice.  I love her so much.  And she deserves it.. a good job that is.  I willingly give her my love.  that’s nothing that she’s earned.

Things in my office are not quite as glee.

From radio-info

Clear Channel managers go into today’s Dallas meeting knowing…very little.

“They’ve been told nothing”, is the refrain I hear from several folks, and it’s hard to decide whether it’s better to be a GM in that position – knowing you’ll be handed lists grading your own people drawn up by outsiders – or to be a station employee, anxiously waiting back home. We know at least one Clear Channel GM who won’t be attending John Hogan’s not-so-merry gathering – Providence GM Jim Corwin. He’s now (as the famous phrase goes) “no longer with the company.” Corwin’s been overseeing the cluster that includes classic hits “B101” WWBB and rocker WHJY (94.1) for five years.

So.. the meetings out.. and we haven’t’ heard anything official yet.  Rumors are talking about 20% workforce reduction, other rumors are even larger.  I’m not to worried about it right now.  I mean, what’s the point.  I was able to see the miraculous ways God took care of Patti, and i know he’ll take care of me.  Whether it’s where i am now, or somewhere else.

Order# 8331376

That’s the order number for the new DigiDesgin Venue console.  Got the approval yesterday and put the order in today.  I’ve made several large electronic purchases in my days but it’s always surreal when you sign the dotted line to an order that cost more than i make in a year.  (for now at least) Now it’s just a mater of waiting.  It’s all showing up via freight line since it’s to big to use Fedex or UPS.  I can use the time in-between to load the software on my computer and start learning the in’s and out’s of it. This thing is amazing.