life back to normal

The holidays are finally over.  Work has been empty the past few days.  everyone taking their vacation, the holidays, and the just overall lack of christmas spririt has made it kind of gloom and creppy to be at.  It’s almost been a ghost town.  Tommrow will be the first full week in a while.  I’m actually kind of looking forward to it. Even at church, their hasn’t been any regular wednesday services.  Hannah’s had her friend over this past week.  He just went home today.  So i’ve been sleeping lightly, listening to every sound in the middle of the night.  Arryn really is a good kid thought.  He wasn’t any trouble at all and even kind of fun.  Doesn’t mean i didn’t stay up at night.  It will be nice to sleep soundly.


So this is 2009.  Still taste the same.

I’m not quite sure how people are are to remember 2008. I guess here it only maters what i thought about it. It was a rough one. or at least it ended rough. I’m going to remember it by the election, the economy, i turned 30, hannah started highschool and tori’s a senior. I guess we can say things can only get better in oh-9.