Kung Pao

no.. it’s not one of ours, but a very interesting site none the less.

some guys have all the luck, er time.

Not me clearly,

been working on another secret project at the radio station that primarly invovles my development and implementation as well as some things for Billy do to which me’s he’s going to ask me to most of them for him.  This get’s kicked into high gear next week, the week i tried to take vacation.  Tommrow elaine hollar starts her stent here.  Saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday and wednesday.

then tursday Richest of fare show up so i need to have the stage cleared after elain and before they show up to setup a concert type stage.  they play friday night, saturday morning/afternoon workshops, saturday night, sunday morning and sunday night.  And on top of that, an event at the live stock show that saturday, two new satelite shows on saturday that i’m gonig to have to be at the station for at the same time i’m at this night-o-worship at church.

Did a career day thing at my old alma-mater this morning.  it was actually fun.  I took some equiptment to demostrate and let the kids talk “on the radio”.  i was strange being back their.  i never minded school all that much, just all the short little people.

finally over

this was another long week.

worked on finishing a promo video for John Keller, had a new talk show buy some time on one of our stations so i had to get that wired up.  a talk show is not like a normal music show.  tuesday i spent most of the night at the studio wiring that show up, then wednesday night was the show which started at 10 and ended at midnight so another long night, ended up spending thursday in bed most of the day.  today we got some of the details for the new premium content stuff so that’s going to be my next chore.  and what’s worse, i had planned on taking my “vacation” the same week we are deploying the new programing, but i was taking the “vacation” to be at church to run the elaine hollar stuff as well as get ready for the seminars the day after elaine.  argh…

Psalm 139

I was looking up one of my favorite Psalm’s and wondered what it looked like in The Message translation:

1-6 God, investigate my life; get all the facts firsthand.
I’m an open book to you;
even from a distance, you know what I’m thinking.
You know when I leave and when I get back;
I’m never out of your sight.
You know everything I’m going to say
before I start the first sentence.
I look behind me and you’re there,
then up ahead and you’re there, too—
your reassuring presence, coming and going.
This is too much, too wonderful—
I can’t take it all in!

7-12 Is there anyplace I can go to avoid your Spirit?
to be out of your sight?
If I climb to the sky, you’re there!
If I go underground, you’re there!
If I flew on morning’s wings
to the far western horizon,
You’d find me in a minute—
you’re already there waiting!
Then I said to myself, “Oh, he even sees me in the dark!
At night I’m immersed in the light!”
It’s a fact: darkness isn’t dark to you;
night and day, darkness and light, they’re all the same to you.

13-16 Oh yes, you shaped me first inside, then out;
you formed me in my mother’s womb.
I thank you, High God—you’re breathtaking!
Body and soul, I am marvelously made!
I worship in adoration—what a creation!
You know me inside and out,
you know every bone in my body;
You know exactly how I was made, bit by bit,
how I was sculpted from nothing into something.
Like an open book, you watched me grow from conception to birth;
all the stages of my life were spread out before you,
The days of my life all prepared
before I’d even lived one day.

17-22 Your thoughts—how rare, how beautiful!
God, I’ll never comprehend them!
I couldn’t even begin to count them—
any more than I could count the sand of the sea.
Oh, let me rise in the morning and live always with you!
And please, God, do away with wickedness for good!
And you murderers—out of here!—
all the men and women who belittle you, God,
infatuated with cheap god-imitations.
See how I hate those who hate you, God,
see how I loathe all this godless arrogance;
I hate it with pure, unadulterated hatred.
Your enemies are my enemies!

23-24 Investigate my life, O God,
find out everything about me;
Cross-examine and test me,
get a clear picture of what I’m about;
See for yourself whether I’ve done anything wrong—
then guide me on the road to eternal life.

saturday morning

It’s raining outside, i’m still in bed and passing time by watching old Crash Test Dummies Videos.  The kind of morning that you really don’t want to do much more than lie in bed.  Other saturday morning favories include…

Garfield and Friends reruns

Wierd Al videos

sometimes even the memorial of Jim Henson.

just one of those mornings.

Been working on a video for the Keller’s for a few weeks now.  Just sent the 1st review off with them last night.  We’ll get their edits from than and hopefully have the final ready by wednesday.  It’s been a different concept than what i’m used to, but i’m fairly happy with the way it came out.  I’m used to the shock and awe type of approach, this one is much more suttle.

Career Day

I was doing some work in at the radio station in preparation for the George Strait contest they are doing. 100th caller wins tickets to this show. yeah… a little taxing on my system so i need to reallocate some stuff around. Accidentally caused the whole thing to reboot. as it came back up im’ watching the readout on my screen. Mostly for diagnostic purposed but i’m also able to keep tabs on all calls comming in and out of the system. at that same moment, i noticed a call from a San Isidro number dial into irene’s desk. Why would someone from SI be calling promotions? Being the nosey self i am, i asked her about it. They are doing a career day and wanted someone from the radio station to go out there and do a presentation. I mentioned that SI was my old alma mater and volunteered to go out there. Now.. i have to come up with a way to make a presentation that would be interesting talking about what i do. I may just take a mini FM transmitter, a mic and cd player and let the kids “go on the air” Maybe even a HD radio (assuming they can pick it up way out there) This promises to be fun. starts at 9 in the morning though, i wonder if there is a hotel i could stay at over there rather than wake up at some ungodly hour.