mac –vs- pc

Home Side By Side Test

So in the new office, they are about 50% Mac, 50% PC.  Being a part of the A&M University, it’s not likely i can convince them to go 100% PC so if you can’t beat them, figure them out.  I got my first Mac last friday and spent the weekend trying to figure this thing out.  So far i’ve learned about the Dock, Time Warp, Finder, Apple Mail, and safari.  I also got to learn about installing the OS.  Then i didn’t know the previous owners password so i found out about Single User Mode (thanks Jonny), come to find out if you boot in Single User Mode you get a linux prompt!  Hey.. i know linux.  So back to a familiar command prompt and a few lines later, we had the user name discovered and the password changed. 

I ran protools on it (because they say it works better on a mac) it does. 

The wifi autodetect is pretty slick. 


the exchange integration only works with 2007,

I imported two videos side by side.  (pictured above) One of a PC and one on a Mac, the mac took longer because it wanted to build tons of thumbnails.  I don’t want thumbnails, i let my editing program do that. 

The updates took a while.  The appear to be coming from akamai and i was about to do a blanket block of akamai at the office only come to find out all of this traffic to akamai was mac updates.

So.. i’m putting in an order for mac server.  See how well these things can be tamed.  I’m curious. 

a long night at the radio station..

and i don’t even work there anymore!  Tuesday evening there was some really bad storms, i was driving to the weekly tuesday evening dinner at the Leals and i was listening to 105.5 just for a change of pace.  When i was about to the 281 interchange i heard the signal go silent.  i was going to flip to the other dials but a few seconds later it was back on.  ok.. that was weird but not really my problem anymore.  a few moments later Milton is calling in a panic. 

Well.. 8 hours later pretty much came to the conclusion that lightening hit the tower and took out all of the video displays in all of the control rooms as well as a few other pieces of electronics including the entire phone system.  Toasted the cpu card.  all that the phones were showing on the display was “major alarm”

iPhone 040

change your world

ok, that title has nothing to do with any of this but that’s kind of how i feel about my new job. I haven’t posted any about it since i left so i better catch you guys up with what’s going on.  from last Thursday through Monday, i was on a mini vacation debriefing from my old job and getting some much needed rest.  Come tuesday i was ready to hit the ground running at my new job.  I am the System Analyst for Agrilife Research a part of the Texas A&M system.  The guy currently taking care of their computers actually knows his stuff pretty well.  I overheard him diagnosing a problem with a dns server over a vpn and another problem with an external smtp server.  So, after spending the morning doing the mandatory sexual harassment training, ethics training, computer saftey training, etc etc..  I got to shadow the current computer guy, repairing hardware in a mac, connecting a pc to a network printer, safari problems.. just liittle things here and there, but the more i got to walk around and see how things were being done, i’m taking this all in and making notes, seeing how can be better.  so by the 2nd day, i’ve got a pretty good size list of things that can keep me busy for a while.  later that day we go into a meeting and they hand me a list of things they could use help with from their system analyst.  pretty much everything on their list was covered by my list previously made.  and almost all under the umbrella of setting up an Active Directory / Open Directory environment.  A&M uses this really extensive LDAP system that i’ll probably need to find a way to integrate into what my thoughts are.  Tomorrow i get to meet with the guys up in college station to see about getting our ideas together and finding out how much we can actually accomplish. 

So all in all.. I’m super excited about this job.  I love the atmosphere and the people.  I have a very spacious office area in the administration part of the building as well as a work area within the data center itself.  The DC is pretty much empty now, just a router, core switch, and a couple of novel servers that don’t seam to be doing anything of any importance that i can tell atleast.  So i have alot of room to grow into.  The electrician guy came by today asking about a cooling system for the DC.  I threw some numbers together and the finall recommendation was something like.. after i get done in there.. your going to need many more AC circuits as well as several tons of cooling in there.  at least for the first phase of upgrades.  The work environment is so much more welcoming too.  Even before i officially started they were asking what computer i wanted, what chair i wanted.. what supplies i needed, shirt size.  On my first day my chair was their waiting for me.. unopened computer boxes, new staff shirt, id badge, keys, everything i need to make a productive first week. 

I went by the old office today to help them with a few things.  It was really strange being back their.  instantly i could feel the difference.  just as instantly, i knew i didn’t have any regrets about my decision to move on.  Now it’s a new adventure.. new accomplishments to make, new things to learn, and many new friends to begin making.