i thought they were for my roof

most bloggers i follow on my rss feed don’t talk about their own health but for me it’s the most exciting thing going on.  remember my wisdom teeth that they barbarically stole from me.  yeah, i got a few weeks worth of stuff to talk about then.  about two weeks ago i noticed this weird rash along my side.  It was red and roundish and about the size of a quarter.  My first thought was that it looked like ring-worm- but i hadn’t been mud wrestling lately.  A few days later i noticed other spots along the same side of my body.  What was strangest is that they were actually painful.  Not like itchy but sore.  For a while i though i had cracked a rib somehow but again, no contact sports lately.  Finally by that Friday i was quite uncomfortable and the spots were spreading.  I gave in and went to see the doctor.  First of all, they schedule me for 9:20.  10 oclock they call my name to weight me and take my temp.  then they send me back to the waiting room.  10 minutes later they put me in a room.  The doctor lady person wasn’t long after that.  i showed her the spots and she took a step back.  “Do they hurt?” yeah.. “is it a stabbing pain? Tingling kind of prickly?” um.. now that i think of it.. yeah it is a stabbing pain.. and it does tingle like a foot fallen asleep.  “Have you ever had chicken pox?” um.. when i was like 6 or 7.

So come to find out.. I have Shingles.  Interesting thing about shingles, it’s the Chicken Pox redux.  When you get the ckicken pox… and it clears up, the virus that causes it, varicella, goes dormant.  Usually when your really old and have a weekend immune system, the virus wakes up again but comes back as shingles.  So i got these huge 1000mg pills and Patti got me some lotion that really helps.  a week later it’s cleared up quite a bit.  After looking at the websites i’m pretty sure i got off easy.

Shingles itself isn’t contagious.  You can’t catch shingles from someone who has shingles, BUT.. if you haven’t had chickenpox you can get it from someone with shingles (since it’s the same virus)

So enough about that-

Apple released it’s much rumored iPad today.  As much as i used to hate the concept of Apple, i’ve really come full circle now.  I carry my macbook around just as much as i carry my dell laptop.  I’ve found my iPhone extremely useful and productive. It’s just so small.. It’s good size for a phone but when i’m using it to VNC or RDP it’s a little hard.  And watching a movie on a 3 inch screen takes something away from the cinematic experience.  Now with the iPad, all that is a thing of the past.  *JOHN’S PREDICTIONS* I could really see one of these in everyone’s home, especially at the starting price of $499.

my new favorite app

The iPhone redbox app is by far my new favorite app.  Last night Patti and i were at HEB and wanted to “redbox” a movie.  So we go to the machine and of course there is a line in front of it with people browsing.  *sigh* so we go inside to shop and while we are shopping i pull out my iPhone, open up the redbox app and start browsing the movies that are loaded into that very machine we were standing in front of.  Found starwars and even though we had both seen it before, it was a good movie and wouldn’t mind getting to see it again.  So i clicked on “Reserve” and while patti was in the checkline, i walked back over to the machine, “clicked” the online reservation button, swiped my card and out popped my movie.

As an added bonus, i got an email confirmation of the reservation and a confirmation when the movie was returned this morning.  now i’m just waiting for the chance try it again!