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  • May 11, 2010
  • By John
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Another common attempt at spreading malware but the reason i wanted to share this one was because of the address it was sent from “Tricking@raymonco.com

Come on guys.. at least let your bots use something a little more meaningful like SERVICE@DHL.COM not Tricking.

  • May 10, 2010
  • By John
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over the river and on the wall…


I got a facebook wall-to-wall from someone i’ve never gotten a face book message from before.  Being the overly suspicious person i am, i queried the domain name,

Domain name:
      BV Dot TK
      Dot TK administrator
      P.O. Box 11774
      1001 GT  Amsterdam
      Phone: +31 20 5315725
      Fax: +31 20 5315721
      E-mail: abuse: , copyright infringement:
   Domain Nameservers:

I then looked at her wall and saw that she posted similar messages to over 20 other people’s wall.. each with a similar message..


with one of these three variants:
This seems like a good deal, what do you think? www.bk9wh.tk
Do you know anyone that has tried this? www.bk9wh.tk
Do you think this stuff works? www.bk9wh.tk

The link takes you to a redirect that then reinfects you with the same bug and on and on it goes. 

Common Sense:  Don’t click on links directly, and especially not suspicious ones from someone you know wouldn't send you one otherwise. 

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