Living vicariously through other kids

_MG_8251You know it’s band season when you get out of your car at work to hear off in the distance a metronome and band director giving orders over an electronic megaphone. 

At first I was thinking to myself, man it’s only been one night and i already have those sounds stuck in my head.  Last night was parents night at McHi along with the 1st band boosters meeting.  For some reason through no cohesion of our own, the McHi Band website was assigned to Patti and I.  Last night we got to officially launch it to the parents.  Over the course of the summer I began constructing the framework for the site, settling on a design and workflow method.  The last few weeks however have been keeping the nightly CVS’s very busy.  Even up to last night i was up until 2am working on a portion of the site after i decided to nuke the photo gallery and replace it with the one i should have started with in the first place.  I did however get to upload photos from the performance last night.  The band did this really neat thing where the parents get to stand in with their kids on the field and work through a few marching drills together with their parents.  It was really fun to watch. 

My childhood band experience was fun, even though it was short-lived.  The school decided to ax the football program my sophomore year.  In middle school i was in the middle of everything as much as i could.  They were great memories.  It still brings chills to me sitting in the stadium watching Hannah and the band perform these awesome shows.  I regret sometimes not having the opportunities that they have.  Getting to help water the kids, do this website, and participate in other band booster activities helps me make up for it though.  What’s best is that it’s for the kids.  People are always coming up to patti and i thanking us for the things we do with the boosters, but it’s all for the kids not for the glory of ourselves.  it’s amazing how much can get done when no body cares about who gets the credit.

So it’s back to php and ajax scripting with the sound of tick, tick, tick at 110 bpm.