4 years ago today…


Four years ago today I married my best friend.  I stood up in front of my family, friends, co-workers and future family.  I made a promise to do anything for her.  To willingly give her all of my time, efforts, thoughts, talents, trust and prayers.  I want to protect her, care for her, guide her, hold her, comfort her, listen to her, and cry to her and with her. I vowed to share all of my dreams, goals, fears, hopes, and worries.  I promised to be the best for her, to pray for her success and to hope for the fulfillment of all of her endeavors.  I pledged my loyalty and faithfulness to her. I stood up there and promised to cherish her friendship, adore her personality, respect her values and see her for the wonderfull and loving person that she is.  I miss her incredibly when we are apart, no matter what length of time it’s for; and regardless of the distance.  I believe in our relationship and will stand by it through the worst of times; I have faith in our strength as a family together with God and will never ever give up on us.  In front of everyone I promised to love her children as my own.

Those vows are just as much relevant today as they were four years ago.

I know you’ve heard me say these words before
But every time I say I love you the words mean something more

I spoke them as a promise right from the start
I said death would be the only thing that could tear us apart
And now that you are standing on the edge of the unknown
I love you means I’ll be with you wherever you must go

I will take a heart whose nature is to beat for me alone
And fill it up with you – make all your joy and pain my own
No matter how deep a valley you go through

I will go there with you
And I will give myself to love the way Love gave itself for me
And climb with you to mountaintops or swim a raging sea
To the place where one heart is made from two
I will go there with you

I see it in your tears – you wonder where you are
The wind is growing colder and the sky is growing dark
Though it’s something neither of us understands

We can walk through this together if we hold each other’s hand
I said for better or worse I’d be with you
So no matter where you’re going I will go there too

I known sometimes I let you down
But I won’t let you go – we’ll always be together