A quiet house tonight…

It’s going to be a little quieter around here.  Sabrina, the old queen, took her last breath this afternoon.  She’s been around over 18 years.  She’s always been a scrapper and protected her home.  In her old age she could keep up with even the younger cats of the household.

She’s always been a staple of the Kohrt house.  Everyone always knew of her and remembered her.

She was laid to rest at the residence of Randell Kohrt.  She proceeded Tabatha and is survived by Delilah, Kovu and Ozzie.

We the jury..

With the reading of the verdict today, and everyone giving their two cents, here’s my two cents.. or at least a penny for my thought. It was hard not to watch the trial, with every news station carrying some of it every time i flipped the channel it was hard to avoid. I didn’t know all of the facts but i had seen enough to see what was going on. The verdict didn’t come as a surprise. What did surprise me was the reaction of everyone else. Having gone through my own civl duty experience, I had an understanding of what it’s like to sit in a deliberation room for hours, knowing in your heart that someone was guilty, but according to the law, there just isn’t enough evidence to remove all doubt. Is it a flawed legal system, perhaps. Is it perfect, no. But it sure is alot better than some countries where you have to prove your inocense- not guilt. At least it’s a trial at all. Last night my wife and I found TNG on Netflix. We started with the first episode, “Farpoint Station”  The basic plot was.. Picard and his crew were put on trial for the crimes that humanity has committed.  The stage of the trial was deemed as a fair method of passing judgment.

With all of the unanswered questions, the holes in the stories, the fact that after all of the dirty laundry has been put on the table, everyone has something to be guilty for.  But were they able to find, as the law had written, that guilt?  I don’t see how they could. “Beyond a reasonable doubt. ”  Seams like a simple enough term.  That is until your forced to put it into context.  I find myself full of self-doubt all the time.  There isn’t many things that i don’t doubt.  I don’t envy those 12 who had to sit through all those days in court for their $36 dollars a day.  Next time my name is pulled for jury duty.. i think i’m wearing a confederate t-shirt with the words “fry ’em” on it.